The US and China are dominating the AI and tech space, and this has strategic implications on Southeast Asia.

In the first of this two-part series, researcher Jun-E Tan looks at China’s and the US’ strategies for asserting dominance in the AI and tech space, including the potential risks that each poses to the world at large.


We Oppose the Beijing Winter Olympics
We protested last year’s Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, opposing them as a disaster for Japan and the world, and also called for the end of all Olympics anywhere. On the eve of yet another edition, we are once again voicing our opposition: we demand the cancellation of the upcoming Winter Games in China and the abolition of the entire institution of the Olympics.

In July 2021, JR East, Japanese largest railway company, announced install of over 30000 biometrics surveillance cameras under the agreement with the Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) . we filed a request for disclosure of related information. Most of the documents disclosed were blacked out and did not disclose any of the specifics we wanted to
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Only end-to-end encryption offers true privacy. Check here how end-to-end encryption works and why it matters! 😎👇

We're glad! Our security education companion is a resource for people teaching digital security to their friends and neighbors--even if they are new to digital security:

Over 125 academics and organizations are urging the UN Ad Hoc Committee to protect human rights when developing any potential cybercrime convention. From a human rights perspective, it is essential to keep the scope of any convention on cybercrime narrow.

“Portraits of a Pandemic” holds space for stories that portray with care and nuance the effects of the COVID-19 crisis in the Asia-Pacific.

The featured films cover stories on human rights abuses stemming from lockdown measures.

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Please take 2 mins to join the #ManagedByBots campaign, to fight for the rights of #gigeconomy workers at the mercy of opaque 'algorithmic management'.

To get a SIM card in insurgency-hit southern , you have to have your face scanned. Because of this, thousands of Malay Muslims are forgoing mobile communications and becoming biosecurity rebels against the state.

“Pattani Calling” is a story of a community being forced by state digital policies into exile from modern communication.

Watch the FULL version on Cinemata until December 18:



Vaccine Nationalism

The world’s richest countries have undermined the international cooperation we need to end this pandemic.
Stephanie DeGooyer and Srinivas Murthy ▪ December 1, 2021

Malaysia’s internet freedom is under threat. Filmmaker Yihwen Chen says her film, "The Offensive Internet", aims to interrogate how the Malaysian government uses Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act to silence or intimidate critical voices in the country’s democratic space.

Reflect on how you relate to the Malaysian experience by watching the film:

Streaming on @cinemata for a limited time from December 10 to 18.

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