From Focus on the Global South;
‘Big Tech’ & the Global Economy: A Primer
Global economic development has been going through a process of rising polarisation. Countries in the global South are far from being able to catch up with the global North, where digital technology companies are the new corporate giants...

Life Is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara

Great movie, must watch!

先ほど、私は "日本初認定!「辺野古・大浦湾 ホープスポット」〜 のサポーターになろう!〜 " というオンライン署名に賛同しました。あなたも賛同しませんか?



U.S. regulators’ recent actions threaten to undermine the privacy and civil liberties protections afforded by peer-to-peer technologies. This proposed rulemaking shouldn't fly under the radar.

Through lawsuits, legal support, education, and analysis, EFF spent 2020 standing up for your right to protest free from high-tech snooping.

Whistleblower Edward @snowden's revelations opened the world’s eyes to a new level of government misconduct, and reinvigorated EFF’s work in the courts and with lawmakers to end unlawful mass surveillance. We need your help to keep up the fight.

CellHawk helps law enforcement visualize large quantities of information collected by cellular towers and providers.

From Accessnow

Check out 50 key victories for digital rights in 2020:

Ten years ago today, Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in protest over injustice, igniting uprisings that became the Arab Spring movement. Tech platforms took credit at the time, but continue to silence voices in the region.

EFF joins dozens of human rights and civil liberties organizations in calling on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to end the arbitrary censorship of communities across the region, which has become dangerously common.

Concrete steps must be taken to ensure that platforms promote human rights. It is not enough to provide lip service to the importance of connecting people.

The status quo of ignoring voices in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Global South cannot continue. Social media can be critical for helping people connect, organize, and document human rights abuses. But platforms must listen, and take action.

It really important action for people's freedom;
Open Letter to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube: Stop silencing critical voices from the Middle East and North Africa
17 DECEMBER 2020 | 10:00 AM

Read EFF’s new whitepaper exploring the dangers of copyright filters, which features such reviews of YouTube’s Content ID as:
“The only thing that matters is are you smarter than a robot” - @thelindsayellis

Advancing Human Rights with Tor
host: Edward Snowden speakers: Alison Macrina, Berhan Taye, Ramy Raoof

Nuke Info Tokyo(Nov/Dec 2020)

METI and NUMO’s Fiasco Applications by two municipalities in Hokkaido to host a nuclear dump actually highlight a massive failure by the Japanese government.

CNIC Statement: We condemn the hasty decision to restart Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2

Cultivation trials using contaminated soil with no soil cover Demonstration Project to compare cultivation with and without soil cover in Nagadoro District, Iitate Village.

Universities should strike any app mandates from their existing student commitments, and should pledge to not include them in future student commitments.

Looking for security training resources? Security Education Companion, a sister site to Surveillance Self-Defense, offers lesson plans for teaching users how to increase their personal security.

"Exposure to Radiation: Post X Years" Film Screening
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now through December 15, 2020

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