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Sending tweets about toots on messenger. Am I doing this right?

So first I found out my health center don't have online booking. That was half a year ago. Then today I found out that they have not activated the "call me"-function. So I have to call them. To book the time for my anxiety. Related to making grownup calls (phones and decisions). The Getting Therapy Time Plan is not going my way...

It's been a long time since I felt so at ease with a deck as I do with 'Kicking and Screaming' on . Just wish I could build my Soulsister-deck, but I guess I'll have to wait.

Apparently I have not used my Spell Attack Bonus. We've played 10 sessions. I am very new to this.

Being a general nerd, what instance to go for? Top communities are: MtG, PUBG, Minecraft (atm at least), DnD, librarianship, positivity, content creation (not my own), cats...

How do when picture of cat wont rotate? (Is solution jus: dpnt take pictures with Mastalab app?)

I have my first pair of Elytra and cant believe how I've ever played without a pair..

This weekend brought
bachelorette party, DnD-session and killing Minecraft-dragon (hopefully later today) Thank god I'll get to go to work tomorrow and chill for a bit

me: Today is the day we kill the dragon!
minecraft server: poops itself and kicks everyone out
me: Today is the day I play more MtG Arena!

Just faced my first Nexus of Fate-deck. Did not read the cards, too much info, not enough care. Yes, this is why I still play Free Play, and I like it here thank you.

On public transport and forgot my heahphones home. This is how I die.

Prolly not, but Id rather not meet my friends and give them the illness, IN CASE I got it

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Better safe than sorry, staying home tonight in case I got stomach illness from my colleague..

I'm sorry, but all this TOOTing have made me sing FROOT FROOT the whole day.

Not following that many accounts yet, so my (quiet) Home timeline stresses me out. Also the Local Timeline passes by very fast, and stresses me out.

A colleague went to work after her child was stomach sick. It's now lunch and the colleague went home. How much hand sanitizer should I use?

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