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hey folks, not only does Direct Relief respond with aid for just about every global disaster there is, they also have a perfect score of 100 on Charity Navigator:

(someone on TV says something about halloween)
Me: did you hear halloween is gonna be on friday the 13th this year? :coolcat:
Spouse: I thought it was last year
Me: ... :welp:

Regular Brain: this sucks and is depressing as hell
Lizard Brain: "Taken Alive" is the coolest last name

you can always count on yummly to put the absolute worst recipes at the top of your search results, like this one for chili

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my condolences to his surviving sons Mario and Luigi

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crazy that Christopher Plummer could survive that ordeal where the Nazis tried to force him to enlist, only to be betrayed by nearly his entire family when he died in that documentary about knives

fox news 

RIP Lou Dobbs. He died on a shit-filled toilet while masturbating to one of Ben Garrison's comics that showed off Trump's washboard abs

"That's my secret, cap... I'm always anxious"
* breaks into a cold-sweat & curls up into a fetal position *

I keep thinking of the ending theme song to Steven Universe and gettin sad

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guitar-shredding national anthem should be the only version

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