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hey folks, not only does Direct Relief respond with aid for just about every global disaster there is, they also have a perfect score of 100 on Charity Navigator:

that xmas song about wanting Santa to bring the 5 pound box of money is so goddamn relatable

whoever coined the term "slicey boi" should win some sort of award

what's everyone's favorite shoes to wear when dancing on graves?

lmfao this is so macabre and tasteless yet it’s cracking me up. I’m just imagining an anchor reading the headline frantically then going “BWWWAHHHHH??”

toxic masculinity is stored in the balls

I saw this listed in Alexa's list of daily flash briefing news sources and I'm wondering if it's just the noise of a dremel grinding away at something

my favorite Thanksgiving parade time-killing banter is the physical dimensions of the balloons, hell yeah I love to hear those exact measurements baby!

what's your favorite Star Trek?
• Andromeda
• Babylon 5
• Battlestar Galactica
• Buck Rogers
• Cosmos
• Farscape
• Firefly
• Lexx
• Lost in Space
• Muppets in Space
• Mystery Science Theater
• The Orville
• Other Space
• Red Dwarf
• Space 1999
• Stargate
• Star Wars
• Spaceballs
• Aliens

So many Stars Treks!

I love The Onion. Here is a website with no less than three alts ending in "hole" and yet here they are all hornt up on main:

Happy Black Friday Week Month Season brought to you by Prime™️ by Amazon®️

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