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hey folks, not only does Direct Relief respond with aid for just about every global disaster there is, they also have a perfect score of 100 on Charity Navigator:

it's SeptemBEARD folks you know what that means?
* everybody groans*
That's right, once you stop shaving for awhile a beard really grows on y-
*cut-off by loud disgusted groaning*

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Serious Question; Please Boost; Ghosts and Creepy Shit 

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sis, you said he’s an eeyore, with rabbit rising? cancel that date...

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me when i am drinking a tall glass of water and someone reveals a surprising twist in the plot

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Every time you log on to post you are creating an album. You can spend time and effort making thoughtful and funny and interesting posts or you can drop 2 jokes and 10 stinkers onto the timeline. It is up to you as the artist.

lol ok, but that's still 100% more touchscreen than I'll ever use

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Being offline is different from being not online. If you don’t understand this you are not online.

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I keep thinking about a thread I saw on the birdsite, where folks posted pictures of their old white-faced dogs, but I can't remember the details about it and my favs are a mess, it was good though, good dogs

shout out to colorado and wyoming for just being a couple of bigass rectangles right next to each other

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You can now follow accounts from other Pixelfed instances! πŸŽ‰ πŸš€

when I was a kid,once in a blue moon my sister and I could talk my mom into letting us put chocolate ice cream through the play-doh spaghetti-maker device and eat it, ice cream spaghetti was great

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