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hey folks, not only does Direct Relief respond with aid for just about every global disaster there is, they also have a perfect score of 100 on Charity Navigator:

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had some rando request $1 from me in keybase, so I did the logical thing of requesting $2 from them

the thing about games... is that there's only one winner and all the rest are losers
* puts on cool medieval sunglasses which are just solid metal and walks directly into a tree *

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damn it, every time I see a blur now, I hesitate:
is this just gonna be piss and shit in a bowl again?

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You can say any kind of gibberish as long as you first say “give em the old-”.

Give em the old rub and stubble.

Give me the old corny gambit

Give me the old happy Healyn

Works every time.

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there was an old lady who swallowed two wolves
i don't know why she swallowed those wolves
i guess she'll dolves

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rip YTMND 😢

not even doom music can make it less sad

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every Santa Clause sequel should start with a new dad killing the current santa and having to take his place

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people that memorize what the back of their hand looks like can go fuck off into a volcano

I keep thinking about this parody of that shitty Delta ad:

I'm on a big conf call reviewing a web design, and every now and then the audio breaks up in a robotic star warsy style, and someone just said "we added the video here to make the design more HUMAN" and it was perfect

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