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@travis 🌌 @travis@mastodon.social

Hey Elon if you don't like being called a billionaire I have a uhhhh fool-proof strategy for fixing that :thinkhappy:


whipped up some Creative Commons emoji for mastodon! Images taken from the CC downloads page here > creativecommons.org/about/down

:cc: the Creative Commons icon
:cc_by: Attribute work
:cc_sa: Share Alike
:cc_remix: Allow remixing
:cc_share: Share
:cc_nd: No Derivatives
:cc_ncus: Non-Commercial Dollar
:cc_nceu: Non-Commercial Euro
:cc_ncjp: Non-Commercial Yen
:cc_pd: Public Domain
:cc_zero: Creative Commons Zero

Learn how to use the licenses here! creativecommons.org/licenses/

regex, bird site Show more

_especially_ the ones unnecessarily truncated with ellipses

are RTs from the bird site annoying to anyone else? I should see if there's a way to mute them...

the thrashing boy on the right is 13 human years old, and he wants pets and a walk asap

🎢 the worst part of waking up 🎢
🎢 is nausea in my gut 🎢

Ooh glitch.com has come out of beta. It’s a very hackable type-stuff-and-it-runs-it-for-you-instantly-on-a-server thing with a DIY aesthetic and some interesting ideas.


I like that the elephant site only rounds the corners of an avatar, the full circle crop is a bit much

G Gonah Garfeson wants those lasagna pictures on his desk by the end of the day or YOU'RE FIRED ARBUCKLE!!

thinking about changing my avi to one that's much lower res

reading the wikipedia for boxer dogs and 1: i really wanna see a false, treacherous old dog
2: big if true

Satan: the song has to be about… *spins wheel* CATS!
Satan: …and it has to use a word… *rolls die* 81 TIMES!
Satan: …and the word is… *stabs dictionary* JELLICLE!
Andrew Lloyd Webber: *cracks knuckles*
*several strings on Satans golden fiddle spontaneously snap*