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Loving my current i3 rice (using pywal, polybar, cmus). For people interested:

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Something different for today since I wanted to do a Hollow Knight fanart for a while
I'm not really happy with it but well
#art #mastoart #inktober

For those not aware, great humble bundle this month with one of my favourite games: Hollow Knight.

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@Mastodon If I can group them together, it's the friends I've met here. #MastodonMemory

How do you guys backup your Linux installation (including /home files)?

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Linux gaming: Friday Livestream with Samsai!

Playing Linux (native) games again, right now. Tonight we delve into space capitalism in Helium Rain and Star Traders: Frontiers.

After that we'll pop back into the dungeons of Arx Fatalis to continue our adventure.

See you there!

#gaming #Linux #Samsai #gamingonlinux #Twitch #LinuxGamers #LinuxStreamers

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@codythedragonrude Perhaps instead of posting toots like this, we should engage with such people to find out why they keep Windows, what their blockers for switching are and educate them on alternatives.

Even with i3, the touchpad/mouse is quite useful every now and then, especially when browsing the web and qutebrowser doesn't do it's job on a complex page.

I figured out why my laptop only supported tapping on the touchpad when I wasn't using my nvidia card. I use nvidia-xrun to launch a seperate X session with the card enabled, and I accidentally found out it has seperate configuration files. This is so much better :)

with neovim in the background, to show off colors and neofetch in the bottom right.

Got neovim mostly figured out now, went with deoplete as completion engine. Now I only need a C# completion source and I'm all set :)

Currently trying to set up neovim with plugins. Have been trying some code completion engines, but man, some are a pain in the ass to install.

What fonts do you guys use in the terminal? I used to use Source Code Pro all the time, but since a few months I'm using Tamzen.

I noticed that most of the time when I go check out the reviews under a Steam game, there are a lot of other Linux users reviewing the game and mentioning their OS. Does Steam automatically show more reviews from other Linux gamers when you're on Linux yourself?

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