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Loving my current i3 rice (using pywal, polybar, cmus). For people interested:

So I fucked my (old) laptop keyboard today, there's likely some water in it and some buttons now activate at the same time when pressing one. First I'll let it dry a bit, otherwise I guess I'll replace it with a new one.

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Has anybody experienced this problem with obs studio? The layout of the app is totally messed up in full screen mode, but fine otherwise. It happens in Manjaro i3 and Kubuntu as well. It works perfectly in Fedora KDE. is a great site to check prices by the way. No g2a garbage sites either.

I wish Dead Cells would go on sale already, tempting to buy it.

Dutch stream btw, but really an incredible performance.

A former professional swimmer (Maarten van der Weijden) is swimming 200 km to collect money for cancer patients. He's been swimming for about a day now. Live here:

Tip for Arch based distro users: edit /etc/makepkg.conf and make sure you have set the amount of threads to use when compiling, I have MAKEFLAGS="-j5" because I want my CPU to use 5 threads :)

It's a basic one but a lot of people miss it

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Another tip: This in your bashrc file makes for easy archive extraction

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Shell tips: alias "rm -vi" to "rm". Verbose output that requires interaction for less chance of a catastrophic error

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Reminder that the excellent game, Insurgency, is currently free on Steam. The pacing and immersive audio in the game actually makes you feel like you're in a real war zone with bullets whizzing past your head. No other shooter that I have played has achieved that feel

Oh, and I would also recommend syncthing-gtk, so you can theme it and it's lighter :)

Shoutout to Syncthing, open source decentralized program that lets you synchronize files between devices. I personally sync my Music between all devices, Pictures between my phone and PC and a website I'm working on between my PC and laptop.


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Going to go live on again in 15 minutes to play some Linux games. Going to have another go at RUINER and try out Valheim. We are also picking another game to play through during for our Livestream Project.

They also have "First on Discord" where they prevent indie devs from releasing their games on other platforms for 90 days, if they want to release on Discord. Fuck that.

So apparently Discord wants to start selling games. Not sure how I fee about that, it's good to get some competition for Valve going but honestly I trust Valve a lot more.

Any suggestions for good and open source Android launchers? I'm using Nova right now, but I want to try something else and it isn't open source.

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Das Keyboard is now BANNING users from their forum (5Q) if you mention Linux alternatives to their Spydows only software.

"One user asked if there was anything that was supported on Mac or Linux. I pasted a link to the open source project and was immediately banned."

On to the blacklist they go.
#boycott #deleteDasKeyboard #censorship #DasKeyboard

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Further improvements made to #Budgie's upcoming sound mixer functionality in Raven. You'll be able to mute / unmute apps right from it! #Solus

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