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I've decided to make some earrings to protest the RvW decision overturning.

The image on the left is a coat hanger earring.

The image on the right is a coat hanger earring with red paint to signify blood.

Pardon the in-ear part of the earring. Most of my earring supplies are still in boxes

Holly fucking shit.

I can't go a single fucking day without some asshole knowing what I meant in a tweet, but still trying to prove me wrong.

Why the fuck are people like this?

Do you really have such low self-esteem that you have to prove everyone else wrong to have an iota of self-worth?

These people will often not respond to any replies you have because they don't want a conversation, only to be right

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If "friends" only interact with you in attempts to prove you wrong, they aren't your "friend". They are using you lift themselves up.

Note that this is not referring to people asking questions or alternative solutions, but when they try to literally just try to prove you wrong even when all you did was share an opinion

I packed 10 boxes today!

They were kinda small boxes, but it was most of my remaining electronics and books so that's good.

Packing/moving takes sooooo many spoons


I am going to take a shot every time they say January. I'm hoping to be passed out by 7

I think I just cooked the first meal for myself in 3 years...

Well, the first time I've done a meal that is more than throwing something in the microwave or take out.

It was only scrambled eggs, but they tasted delicious and I made them myself.

Fuck Bipolar Disord, and Fuck Google.

My computer chair broke grrrr.

But at least now I have an excuse to get a nice one

I'm looking to buy an optical microscope soon.

Any recommendations for a good one?

It doesn't need to be extremely powerful, but I'm going to be working with Spirulina and want to be able to see that at least.

I got the energy to mow my backyard this morning!

This may seem insignificant, but it felt like climbing a mountaint


I can't deal with the bird site today. Every single tweet in my feed is about the genocide of trans people.

Everyone I follow is on the same side of the argument, but it is still a constant reminder that half of the country either wants or is okay with me being killed because I'm trans.

When you're posting hashtags that contain multiple words, it's a good idea to capitalise the first letter of each word. This helps blind people who use screen reader software to know what the hashtag actually says.

For example #DogsOfMastodon is much easier for screen reader users than #dogsofmastodon, even though they're technically the same tag.

This kind of capitalisation is usually known as "CamelCase". CamelCase doesn't just help blind people, it also makes hashtags clearer for sighted people too!

Using CamelCase won't affect your post's visibility (because searches ignore capitalisation) but it will improve the post's accessibility, so you'll get more people reading it.

Thank you to @martyn for raising this topic 👍

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y

I really miss having someone to cuddle up with for a movie or TV show.

I miss having intimate human contact :/

I bought another lego kit!!

This one is Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night.

He is one of my favorite painters of all time.


Focused hatred/suicide 

I just really need to say this.

Fuck you Irenes.

Fuck you and fuck that piece of shit friend of yours who called me a rapist for saying having a pet wasn’t slavery.

Fuck you for praising them afterwards. No they don’t have a “gentle soul” they are a hateful angry person.

Fuck you for making the one community I felt welcome in toxic and unwelcoming

I nearly killed myself a year ago because of you.


For fucks sake, if you’re a COVID denier or anti-vaxxer get out of my timeline

Cold night. Hot bath. All it’s missing is cuddles during a movie.

Suicidal ideation 

I really want to be dead today.

No plans so please don’t call 911 on me. That wouldn’t help

I can't wait to get the study in my new house set up.

I really really really want to start working on a book I've been wanting to write for the last 5 years

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