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Hey,,,, I will not buy any more books from you until you stop harassing the Internet Archive with lawsuits, and I will advice everyone I know to do the same.

RT "We need to take action now or 1.5ºC will become out of reach, it will be physically impossible to get there." – Working Group III Co-Chair Jim Skea at today’s press conference for the release of the latest on the mitigation of .

RT UN secretary general Antonio Guterres: "Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing production of fossil fuels.

Investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure is moral and economic madness."

The Pinecil soldering iron is excellent! I really thought this was some silly over engineered product but it's actually a great quality iron with some extra features for a ridiculously low price, thumbs up Pine64 :)

If you live in the UK please consider signing this petition to protect and restore Britain’s rainforests (yes! there are rainforests in the British Isles and they are amazingly beautiful :)

RT Meduza is publishing the following editorial, ahead of what we expect to be the Russian authorities’ decision to block us and the rest of the independent news media.

RT Russian users, you can defeat Tor censorship by getting a Tor bridge from our official Telegram bot: Or use Snowflake. ❄️
We wrote a step-by-step guide for you. 👇

RT ⚠️ Confirmed: Live metrics show that Twitter has been restricted on multiple providers in as of 9:00 a.m. UTC; the incident comes as the government clashes with social media platforms over policy in relation to the conflict 📉

📰 Report:

RT Telegram is the most popular messenger in urban Ukraine. After a decade of misleading marketing and press, most ppl there believe it’s an “encrypted app”

The reality is the opposite-TG is by default a cloud database w/ a plaintext copy of every msg everyone has ever sent/recvd.

Just wanna give a big FUCK YOU to all the assholes justifying in any way Putin's invasion of Ukraine, specially those who call themselves "progressives": You are not better than any other pro-imperialist piece of shit.

RT A much bigger cross-linguistic analysis (331 spoken languages, 84 families) confirms that /r/ is probabilistically associated with words meaning 'rough' as opposed to 'smooth' across the globe. This analysis controls for language family and area.⬇️

Two days ago the Washington state Department of Licensing announced a serious security incident - now I received an e-mail from my credit monitoring service alerting they found my Social Security Number being sold in the dark web for the first time ever 😑

RT I wrote up why the reintroduced is worse than ever. There are links to my many, many previous writings on this topic. There's a run-down of why it's so harmful. There's a table of the ways it doesn't help.

RT 's team from - including Prof. Andrea Morello, Dr Asaad Serwan and Dr Mateusz Madzik - led research that paves the way for large silicon-based processors for real-world manufacturing and application.

RT Take vaccines… EU & UK leaders say - and many in the EU & UK believe - that mRNA vaccines are so complicated that no one in the "developing" world could possibly manufacture them.

Truth is, there are over 100 firms that could - if they were allowed to

RT 🚨⚠️⚡ Criminals LOVE Priti Patel’s plan to break !

We've released a new video in response to Government's £500K PR blitz. If the government weakens encryption, it'll only help predators, criminals, blackmailers & scammers.

Please WATCH & SHARE our new video now!

RT The was asked for "the cost of the upcoming ad campaign directed at Facebook's end-to-end encryption proposal”. Response: "Under current plans, c.£534,000 is allocated for this campaign”. h/t

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