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Samuel Lloyd @troubleMoney

...We're still doing Ed Balls Day?


This is a picture of Buzz Aldrin wearing three watches at the same time, as well as various bracelets and rings

I will never be this baller, but I'm okay with that. After all, I haven't been to the fucking Moon.

Actually, no, it would be better to invite GCHQ over for tea because at least then you don't have to pay TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for the privilege. Just a few teabags and some biscuits.

Have it on good authority that GCHQ people prefer custard creams, bear that in mind.

Okay, I know I'm not exactly the target market for this being a paranoid son of a bitch but that new Amazon Echo Look thing...

"Hey! You know that thing you put in your house that listens to everything you say? We added a camera to it so it can watch you as well! That'll be $200 please"

I mean seriously, what the hell? Might as well just invite GCHQ over for a cup of tea.

Saw a little hedgehog snuffling around the garden last night.

We're far to good to them really, we give them food and hay and built little houses for them the adorable little critters.

@lmorchard Might be simpler to add a small amount of coffee into your whisky with the way things are

@Elizafox I'd expect K2 to smell like a massive lack of oxygen. Bloody tall hill that is.

@Elizafox I wish I got those. Would make a nice change from "Hello I am from the windows company tech support department your computer is telling us you have viruses"

In addition to Theresa May's hard-brexit rhetoric, she's also said that "We want to lead the world in preventing tourism"

Yep, from May herself "forriners out, even them visiting!"

(Pretty sure she misspoke and she meant to say "terrorism" but this is funnier)

@jellydiver Nope, just a feature of Arch, use a nice distro, like Debian

@jellydiver Then you'll update and everything will be broken again

@Elizafox Only thing you can do (even with physical security) is to make sure the cost of getting at something is higher than the payoff.

If some TLA wanted to get my browsing history then they could, but luckily I'm currently boring enough to not be worth the effort.

Treason, like literal treason, like wow Show more

Treason, like literal treason, like wow Show more

Oh hey, the FAA approved 3D printed titanium for use as aircraft parts. That's pretty damn neat.

I've been on the periphery of the occasional "men are awful" conversation. When the participants notice I can hear it they say "You don't count".

Still not entirely sure how to take that but I'll provisionally take it as a compliment.

@wogan Before actually looking at it I was prepared to be so in favour of that campaign