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Hi, I'm Sam

I toot things. Very occasionally they're good, interesting, or otherwise worthwhile

Some day I might do something useful

So, with Trump's twitter account apparently removed, which masto instance should we wall him off in?

mild rant 

mild rant 

Sean Hannity just called Hillary Clinton "President Clinton" on Fox News

Are they... they're literally in a different reality right now




As a cis person on mastodon (yes, we walk among you) I'm learning all kinds of fun names for hrt meds

Like anticistamines and femme&m's

Hi all you in the #fediverse
I'm actually not @trustroots but @paulfree14

I just love the idea of #trustroots

It's a +28.000 members large traveler community sharing free accommodation and connecting nice people via an #opensource nonprofit plattform

I really want them to join us here

They have different "tribes"

Some are:

I made a bet to motivate them

"The first toot will get more interactions/boosts then your fb grab"

I asked them to leave fb/t and join us. But they were like no one is using #mastodon

Can you help to proof them wrong?
We could get a fediverse tribe, if we do 😜

Has anyone promoted Mastodon to any of the cast and/or crew of any Star Trek series with the phrase "William Shatner can't find you there" yet?

If anyone doesn't feel like giving Ginny money they can give money to me instead

Phone discourse 

Turn on the LED candles and then chop the head off the rubber chicken while chanting something that sounds vaguely like latin

After that, pick up all your stuff, plug in the equipment, and wander off

People will be talking about your dark magicks for the rest of the year


Free Halloween idea for IT people:

Dress as a cultist, bring a bag containing a rubber chicken, salt, a large cleaver, a chopping board, and 5 LED candles to work

First call of the day that can be fixed by turning something off then on again take your bag of gear to the equipment

With the salt, draw a pentagram on the floor, set the LED candles at the points, unplug the offending equipment and put it in the centre, put the chopping board, rubber chicken, and cleaver at one of the points


What would have massively improved it was the robots being faster and more brawly

Maybe the action looking something like this

And then it being scored on the classic style, control, damage, and aggression with, I dunno, Henry Rollins or someone like that commentating

And get rid of the script

Just got around to watching that giant robot fight

Less exciting than I'd hoped and the announcers can fuck off but shows some promise at least

tired: progressive websites
wired: going back to gopher because fuck the web

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