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On Jan 1st the new season of Tea Jay's Garden begins. Be sure to subscribe @ so you dont miss the new episodes. There is plenty of content already there to tide you over, but 2020 is all about Gardening with kids, both for fun and as a learning activity. Stay tuned for , , , and

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Hello, my names Tea Jay, host of Tea Jay's , a where I try to share the art and of in a way that makes it accessible and approachable. Listen at

Before and after montage. Beginning of march to present. Me and my assistant head are working wonders. We had germination issues with the compost so I had to turn it and replant around May. should have a pretty great Fall .

Had to leave the Plant Identification group on Facebook, not because the mods shouldn't remove off topic civil rights discussions (they should) but because the comments revealed the sort of people I was sharing space with...

my girlfriend is still selling some pride pins/keychains/necklaces if anyone is interested.

facebook Gardening Group
OP: Whats happening to my fruit?

You need Eggshells!

Its almost never Calcium...

Lynika Strozier, Who Researched Early Plant DNA, Dies at 35

She overcame a severe learning disability to become a scientist with “golden hands” and most recently a college instructor. She died of Covid-19.

So crushing to see the world robbed of a person who was starting a lifetime of fostering diversity in a field that sorely needs it.

every time i wonder why OpenSocial/Mastodon hasn't beat out twitter i click on the federated timeline and clutch my purse.

groups are strait up disinformation mills. A woman made several strait up wrong claims about the alkaloids in Datura "Moon " they are super toxic, but only when consumed, honey from them is also toxic. There are some accidents, but most consumption is voluntary, its a mild but very dangerous hallucinogen. Shes claiming the toxins will accumulate in nearby plants and that bees can transfer the pollen and it'll somehow get into fruit. Her sources said none of this...

Since I've been laid off and stuck at home I've been building up a little plot at home to keep me sane. Also thinking about reviving the podcast....

Anybody using the Fediverse for kids content? I'm thinking of pivoting my podcast but the fediverse seems a little too wild for that.

LaTeX is definitely the "I know I can bend you to my will, but you're going to make me have to work for it, aren't you" kind of program.

Thinking about rebranding. Tea Jay's Garden doesn't really say anything about the and nobody knows who I am yet. Thinking of either the "Garden Based Learning" podcast or "The Schoolgardening Podcast" what do you think?

Still looking for , , child care professionals, and interested in coming on to discuss their .

Chronic Bronchitis for a month has been killing my ...

If you are involved in , gardening with kids, or I'd love to have you on the show. Teachers, educators, homeschoolers, gardeners and parents please share your stories. please boost.

Hello. I know I have alot of among my followers, and a few . Could you give this episode of my a listen and tell me what you think? I'm a father of two and I am the "garden guru" of a local afterschool program so I've decided to lean into gardening with kids, garden based learning, , and . Thanks

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