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Hey new users! A few suggestions for better homes: 

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Heeeeeere's the new Mastodon Flat CSS (MFC) theme!


You can now select either "Midnight Blue" or "Clean Slate", OR create your own custom palette!

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ugh i really hope crossposters don't slowly choke mastodon like they did to diaspora*

if you're just crossposting everything you tweet on birdsite then what even is the point of making a mastodon account? that's glorified spam at worst, and a recipe for abandonment.

@nolan AMP's rewriting of stuff to be hosted by Google specifically in a way that increases their surveillance, with *pressure* to do so in exchange for a boost in traffic that will absolutely go away anyway once they've forced the entire ecosystem to move over to it, is a sure sign of monopolistic behavior that Google deserves to get hit with an antitrust lawsuit for more than anything else I've seen so far.

Is there anything more frustrating than having a complete image in your head and being utterly unable to translate it to paper

The three Rs: Reading, writing (?), and Really Reaching by calling these the three Rs

I'm not a fan of shilling myself but I'm in a situation now where I have to do so.

The person I was living with just got arrested, I don't start my job until Friday, and I need to start saving some money and looking for apartments in NWA else I'm stuck in a tiny room at a family member's house with most of my stuff sitting in boxes.

If you can spare any cash I'd highly appreciate it, will go towards keeping up, helping me find a place, etc.

Thank you all <3

Amazon rainforest, Google, Amazon (as in the shitty anti-labor, mass surveillance company) 

What if we all just started LARPing a new society the way we want it twenty-four seven and just see what happens

🌶️ : Im going to stop buying into the industry narrative about ad blockers. They are not ad blockers, they are content blockers. The content I am choosing to control happens to come from advertising networks that have proven to be vectors for malware infections and misbehaviour for years. I'm not blocking ads, I'm not stealing from you, I'm protecting my systems just like I would with an anti-virus program.

This is still my favorite meme in the "pastel vaporwave-looking stuff with slime font" category.

"fuck jobs fuck america" is an incredible phrase because it somehow carries all-caps energy despite being entirely lowercase

Solving scheduling fairness by applying market principles, allowing threads to bid on the next execution interval
The computer science concept of NaN was invented by Alan Turing to represent Not all Nazis. Any expression with NaN always evaluates to false.

imagine if rob zombie said that babymetal rolled harder than you. delete your account, BITCH

this is worrying.

Who favorited a toot should only be visible from the toot author IMO.

my love for babymetal is 60% the fact that their music bangs and 40% how mad metal elitists get about their existence

Recaptcha's audio challenges are a fucking copout. Even if you always solve them successfully, they'll start assuming you're a robot and lock you out of them after a few times. Because no HUMAN BEING would be unable to solve the visual challenge, right?

(Implication: the visually impaired aren't human, I guess.)

A 1997 British official Nintendo promotional leaflet included with Nintendo 64 game purchases lists Yoshi's Story as "Yoshi's Island 64" and includes a preliminary logo as well as the tagline "Green psycho power for dino freaks!"

Organizers are dying or falling ill left and right and it doesn’t get spoken about. We’re not justice machines cranking out resistance. This level of stress, anxiety, and police/systematic brutality has a heavy price on the human body and mind. Activists are not consumables to be used up, thrown away, and be replaced with a younger model.

fascinating look at the transition between myspace and facebook in american high schools, and the stereotypes that developed at the time

I have pleroma installed on my phone and was talking about Matrix 4 today and now I see all these posts about Matrix 4.

Stop recording me Pleroma

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