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hey do you buy from amazon? you probably shouldn't if you can avoid it, but if you can't, then please consider bookmarking/loading amazon through this link that makes them pay me a bit of money and thus reduces their profits

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whomst wanna scream w me. lets have a screamoff.

Love to have a thought and not be able to fully articulate it in any meaningful manner outside of my own head

circles were such an obviously good feature. it's kinda wild to me that you would implement a new social network without them.

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hiiiiiiii holds up spork i'm ayn RANDOM, but you can call me teh ancap of D00M!!

has anyone made a fedi <-> smtp bridge

you may think this is a cursed idea, and you'd be right. but i actually have a use-case, and might build it if nobody has

Lmao my girlfriend is doing a cybersecurity training at work and the hacker character is a furry wearing a collar and arm warmers

i've been thinking of amazon recently less as an online retailer and more as a shipping / logistics company

they operate at such an efficient scale in those areas it's insane


the best comment i found was some guy commenting on walmart rat poison, that said of a product that the rats liked it so much that they decided to become his pets, the next morning were all out there waiting for breakfast

i actually tried it to see if was bull, and had same results, more than rat poison, gourmet rat food

thats a good customer comment

because i am unbearably cool, i've created a tool to register accounts on misskey given a pleroma account, which allows for closed instances to provide accounts on either service

IHBA members can now register at

source code at

whenever twitch tuvalu buffers you have to remember that it's all hosted on a small island with satellite internet

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is it praxis to pronounce all .tv domains as "dot tuvalu"?

(This actually happened to me once with two guys from Halliburton. I wish I hadn’t asked them why their badges were covered because they were already ashamed and embarrassed about working there and knew how people felt about them.)

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concluding all my incident reports with "root cause: 'out of such crooked timber as humanity is made from, nothing quite straight can be built.'"

Brand new succinct but powerful Nature Energy article that simply asks that climate modellers also include scenarios where the economy doesn't grow. That can not be too much to ask.

possible the award winner in the "graphic design is my passion" award

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