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hey do you buy from amazon? you probably shouldn't if you can avoid it, but if you can't, then please consider bookmarking/loading amazon through this link that makes them pay me a bit of money and thus reduces their profits

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the only mental state i can stand these days is hypnagogia because wow it's nice to have a shut off brain

it is kind of weird how youtube end screens have normalised having 5 seconds of nothing at the end of a video

One of the best improvements I've ever had was I went from "damn, why can't I draw like that" to "wow, I should learn to draw like that"

It's amazing what a change in perspective does to art and mindset

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Why did they bring back Animaniacs when they could have brought back Freakazoid: a regular nerd who, by extended exposure to the internet, became an irritating pedant and force of absolute chaos by way of surreal memes and goofy pranks (the only thing he uses his superempowerment to do)

i can't make this bs up (workpostin') 

i just delivered to someone as they were being arrested. $3 tip.

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multilingual pun

what does a cow say?
nothing (mu)

i think a lot about things. im a philospher. pay me.
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how 2 stop thinking about things that make me feel bad

the four genders:
- harder
- better
- faster
- stronger

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