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hey do you buy from amazon? you probably shouldn't if you can avoid it, but if you can't, then please consider bookmarking/loading amazon through this link that makes them pay me a bit of money and thus reduces their profits

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The human version of cat meowing to go outside then immediately meowing to come back inside is feeling lonely when you don't have anyone around you and then immediately overwhelmed and anxious when you have a human encounter

the sky is actually purple but this iphone se isn't picking that up :(

my mother has trusted me with digitizing the last known copy of a 1998 student film about her coworkers and her. only a dozen or so copies were ever made. the tape is old of course so i expect some signal degradation. the Instructional Technologist at my school digitizes vhs tapes for professors sometimes so i plan to use her equipment and supervision to do it as safely as possible. if any of you are vhs/archival nerds i would appreciate advice.

i have decided that suburban hell is just not good scenery for me. i'd rather be in a city

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im walking rn and so bored and mentally understimulated, i wish i could be content

elon musk is the modern day thomas edison in that he is not only known today as an inventor, he will be remembered in the future as an inventor, despite not actually being an inventor

Something a bit different from my usual, yet as some of you may know landscapes were my first art affair and I still really enjoy doing them.

This is for a submission, half way done so far, wish me luck! 🙏🏼 😊

#mastoart #art #landscape #acrylic

they say they're from software but actually the software is from them

what made me feel old this morning 

the register calling "Kim Dotcom's old cloud file locker"

what they mean is "it's not his anymore" but what i heard is "it's older than megaupload was when it was shut down," which is both true and fucked up

me, being dragged away having commit Crimes: okay but it was super based though

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