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hey do you buy from amazon? you probably shouldn't if you can avoid it, but if you can't, then please consider bookmarking/loading amazon through this link that makes them pay me a bit of money and thus reduces their profits

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i just found out misskey will delete your replies if the parent post is deleted, which is really interesting

like, you make a post, a misskey user replies, if you delete your post then misskey will also delete the reply without any user input

The #honkstore does not publish monthly active user counts because time is an illusion. All users are both active and inactive, always have been and always will be.

I dont inderstand ppl who go “twitter is unhealthy for me. The algorithm hides my friends posts and makes it hard for my art to get seen.” And then they decide to move to INSTAGRAM of all alternatives

Insta hid my friends posts from me for so long that i didnt know some of them had KIDS.

there was a big controversy back in the day

because tootdon sent every post it saw to like their servers

for the search function, which was way more robust than what's even available now

it was my first mastodon app

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FUN FACT: i've said in the past that my avatar is pulsating because it's alive and that's the heartbeat

but have you ever wondered where it came from?

the original still image was made by me in like june 2017 with the gnu image manipulation program

but how did the animation get added?

there used to be a thingy in tootdon, an old mastodon mobile app from back in the day, that would change your avatar to different things by adding filters and animations and such

and like the ones that were available would rotate periodically

anyway yeah i put it through one of those and this was the result

and now tootdon isn't even an app anymore so it's impossible to reproduce lmao

There are actually only three #videogames in the world: "Press the right button at the right time", "Watch numbers go up" and "This should have been a movie".

wait is this true does an @ everyone in really huge discords just DDoS everything accidentally

awesome discord technology

(screenshot from the fall guys discord)


Glenn Greenwald is there to remind me personally to make sure my politics doesn't become nothing more than hating liberals

what's the weirdest body part you could compliment

thinking about dusting off and/or for purposes other than tumblr

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sometimes i kinda want a domain/username that isnt 5 random consonants to most people

@trwnh ah yes, noctua keycaps with noctua fans and OG Sennheiser HD598, best color scheme ever

"i shitpost on twitter because twitter is the better toilet"
"but fedi knows how to flush"

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