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Hey new users! A few suggestions for better homes: 

- Are you a leftist?
- Love gameing, but hate GG?
- Into technology?
- Generalistic, but want a less noisy public timeline?
- Cyberpunk?
- Artist?
- Photographer?
- Mathematician?

Feel free to tell me your interests for more suggestions!

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Heeeeeere's the new Mastodon Flat CSS (MFC) theme!


You can now select either "Midnight Blue" or "Clean Slate", OR create your own custom palette!

new gmail accounts have imap disabled by default wtf

ok teamviewer is borked but somehow chrome remote desktop works and i managed to talk her through that

and it only took 3 hours :-)))

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Twitter solved the problem by blocking verified accounts from posting. Just one step left: Block all other accounts from posting too.

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the twitter dot com web site, real events, not a shitpost 

verified accounts are banned from posting

if u think about it, most bitcoins are made in china

tech support hell 

trying to guide my aunt to install the latest teamviewer is somehow harder than doing so from scratch. she keeps opening the old version somehow or not finishing the installation and idk what to tell her to get her to do things in the right order 😩

explaining the different between a:


to a customer when we had "New" and "Used" version of both

i stg took years off my life

@steph hey gamers make sure to dress your pc components in masks so that your computer doesnt catch covid and your fps wont drop

shit! fuck!!!! if you make a webring of sites that are only accessible through tor, that's an onion ring!!!!!!

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@jk you can tell how old someone is by whether they spell it nVidia, Nvidia, NVidia or NVIDIA

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