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Heeeeeere's the new Mastodon Flat CSS (MFC) theme!


You can now select either "Midnight Blue" or "Clean Slate", OR create your own custom palette!

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ugh i really hope crossposters don't slowly choke mastodon like they did to diaspora*

if you're just crossposting everything you tweet on birdsite then what even is the point of making a mastodon account? that's glorified spam at worst, and a recipe for abandonment.


"To equate dissent with subversion, as intelligence officials do, is to deny that the demand for change is based on real social, economic, or political conditions. A familiar example of this is the almost paranoid obsession with the 'agitator.'"


Our Enemies in Blue - state repression Show more

follow friday #f @codl follow me this friday (its not friday) #fridaty

American Association of Retired Pirates

Dungeons & Dragons is in the business of selling fantasy. Not the stuff with the magic and monsters -- the part where you *actually believe* that you and several other likeminded adults will be able to coordinate your schedules on a regular basis.

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Band: Wang Jian'an
Album Title: Silent about things that matter

Band: Jakarta Marathon
Album Title: Do not do to others

Band: Football Federation of Chile
Album Title: For a very long time

so when are they gonna opensource runescape oldschool already

Alright, which one of you did this?

#define false'nt true;
#define true'nt false;
#define if'nt else;
#define continue'nt break;
#define continue'st've continue;