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I've been through this kinda rigmarole before when I tried using diaspora*, and the end result was that I completely abandoned it because I wasn't getting any meaningful interactions out of it compared to Twitter. Which was a shame, because I really liked diaspora*.

The problem, of course, is that you will inevitably gravitate to whichever platform nets you more interaction. And crossposts really don't engender organic engagement. They feel robotic and distant, largely because they're just that

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ugh i really hope crossposters don't slowly choke mastodon like they did to diaspora*

if you're just crossposting everything you tweet on birdsite then what even is the point of making a mastodon account? that's glorified spam at worst, and a recipe for abandonment.

I'm generally annoyed by the practice of specifying a book to someone else by linking to Amazon.

So if I know what city someone lives in, I like to link to their local public library's record for it, if it exists, instead.

(This is made somewhat more difficult when libraries succumb to WEBAPP DISEASE and don't have pages you can link to because everything is transient pop up overlays.)

hi let's all set up a queer commune on top of a trunk line and be our own isp

@BadWrongFun i mean i could ask her here

hey @eevee have you been here often enough to see shoebills? 'cause we love these wonderful muppet meme birds here <3


1 WAY to DRAMATICALLY improve the performance of your game with ONE WEIRD TRICK

allow me to introduce my new ProofOfBikeshed algorithm

could be because apple is being lazy with creating a text buffer, whereas everyone else explicitly constructs a text buffer

so it's not just telugu, then... crashes also occur in bengali and devanagari

seems the issue is that apple's font renderer can't handle consonant clusters followed by an explicit vowel in indic scripts

but it works fine if you install a font like noto sans, and doesn't occur at all with other font renderers

man, just got my first notification from someone using friendica and boy does it look a bit weird in mastodon. there are no mentions... at all. their profile loads every single post/comment as if it was a public toot.

They're using human beings as robots because there's a large pool of people who will tolerate it because they have no other choice.

A brief thought: I think we need to take a long step back from "irony" culture.

There's a pattern I see repeatedly where people immersed in "irony" seem to not comprehend that other people actually believe what they're saying, because "irony" dictates that THEY don't believe anything they're saying. It's all a joke; it's just "for the lulz", to score laughs and Internet Points.

Being earnest is a completely foreign concept, and so they assume NOBODY is earnest.

i think designing a user interface that does not tempt the user to track down the devs and set fire to their bookshelves is a skill all software developers should have a good grasp of

yknow it's pretty wild that apple devices consistently fail spectacularly at parsing unicode

The Fork Awesome font (a drop-in replacement for Font Awesome version 4.7) contains some interesting icons :-D although the ~friendica icon seems a bit odd.

And it is missing some icons

The internet generation sure is fuckin' something, they finally cracked the secret code of what headlines are for and they're not afraid to let everyone know they figured it out.

what if blender the software ran on a blender send toot