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i refuse to actually ever post an introduction. instead, i will simply appear in your life one day, and act like i've always been a part of it, and you won't question it

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Random thought that crossed my mind: every project NEEDS a document somewhere explaining the design decisions that were made along its development.

Instead of having people constantly ask, "why is everything a certain way?", you can point to your reasoning for why.

It also helps you figure out your *own* reasoning, and makes it easier to question or challenge the assumptions that might not be optimal.

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Heeeeeere's the new Mastodon Flat CSS (MFC) theme!


You can now select either "Midnight Blue" or "Clean Slate", OR create your own custom palette!

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I've been through this kinda rigmarole before when I tried using diaspora*, and the end result was that I completely abandoned it because I wasn't getting any meaningful interactions out of it compared to Twitter. Which was a shame, because I really liked diaspora*.

The problem, of course, is that you will inevitably gravitate to whichever platform nets you more interaction. And crossposts really don't engender organic engagement. They feel robotic and distant, largely because they're just that

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ugh i really hope crossposters don't slowly choke mastodon like they did to diaspora*

if you're just crossposting everything you tweet on birdsite then what even is the point of making a mastodon account? that's glorified spam at worst, and a recipe for abandonment.

I wish I had the financial status to be angry instead of terrified.

if anyone is wondering what my display name means
1) i'm a huge fan of circa survive, and that's how they used to sign their newsletter emails
2) i have an infinite capacity for loving y'all and want to share as much love as possible

oh hey, all y'all coming in from the facebook badness: the reason facebook is bad is because capitalism, in case that wasn't clear.

"We have never had 'Ford only' freeways or 'Verizon only' phones. Why should we accept 'Facebook only' instant messaging or 'Skype only' video chat?"

this seems to be my least controversial post to date

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After two years of writing code in PHP I still think this meme is funny as fuck

"it's not a bug, it's a feature" - brian eno

Have as a nice week as possible!

MASTODON: The Mastodon New User Jortacular Is In Full Swing! All The Mastorati Are Out Tonight And Dressed To The Elevens! See Photos At The Article [click here]

I have a feeling more than a few are considering running their own mastodon instance suddenly.

If you're looking to run an instance but don't want the technical overhead you may be interested in run by @hugo

Quality hosting, good support and no technical overhead.


do not disturb the C O L O R S they are dreaming thank you

After all this time away, it's comforting to see @vantablack is still the same surreal TV show

warning. you are broadcasting an ip address

It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary. ~ Mandy Hale

All the mistakes I made made me the person I am.

If I could turn the clock back, I wouldn't.

(also i want full data portability, and outside of, again, hubzilla's "nomadic identity", no one network even comes close to this)

eat the rich
punch the nazis
burn the techbros
destroy the TERFs
boop the snoots
boost the toots