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I was always believing in argumentation. I had already understood since 2015 that it's a big asset of humans...
But, day by day I 've been realizing that;
> our means of prose communication are ancient especially when it comes to an argumentation and/or a debate.
> a chaotic system built upon the increasing maximize of revenue has crippled the ability of humans to make a progressive argumentation.
Then, I have come up to a solution called "Reasoning-Efficient Argumentation Platform".

Oftentimes, one can become like the monster he tried to fight against to in order to chase an ambition. You know when you have become a monster when you go against your principles, or do things that monsters do. The soldier became a berserker who doesn't look back to think. He forgot for what he fights for, and all he cares is for a war to keep going in order to give meaning to his life. This is a great opportunity for the soldier to reclaim his soul and return home to find himself again.

The voices (content) -- in quality and quantity -- that need to be heard have been multiplied. Thanks for your trust all this time. It's my turn to trust you.

On the 8-9 June 2021 the TRIPS Council of the WTO – which decides issues of the global intellectual property regime – will conduct a crucial meeting in Geneva, and the EU negotiators have their official position. So, what is it and how was it decided? 

Under complete secrecy. The EU Council must be held accountable to the EU parliament and the EU commission for its secrecy.

"Public and Parliaments kept in the dark on EU role in global COVID patent struggle" ~

This is a pivotal moment for humans to reconsider the influence that opaque organizations and committees (closed meetings, conflict of interest) have on countries to an extent of undermining their sovereignty, the constitution and democracy itself.

Ενώ η συνωμοσιολογία απειλεί την πορεία του εμβολιασμού, επιστημονική μελέτη του ΕΚΠΑ δημιουργεί υπόνοιες ότι μεροληπτεί υπέρ μιας εταιρείας και εναντίον μιας άλλης: Συγκρίνει τα δύο εμβόλια μετρώντας την αποτελεσματικότητα του ενός μετά από δύο δόσεις, αλλά του άλλου μετά από μία. Σε δεύτερο χρόνο, τα ΜΜΕ αναπαράγουν αστόχαστα και αλόγιστα την άνιση σύγκριση. 

«Pfizer vs AstraZeneca»: Μην τηλεφωνείτε άλλο, έχουμε νικητή!

The panopticon can always get worse.. and when the devices are in your body, it will be too late for a protest. Because the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and/or improve software may be considered as an act of terrorism.

There is a widely held belief that because math is involved, algorithms are automatically neutral. This widespread misconception allows bias to go unchecked, and allows companies and organizations to avoid responsibility by hiding behind algorithms. 

The uncertainty of whether or not an individual is being constantly watched induces obedience in that individual, allowing only a few to control the many. ~

"We believe your phone should be your castle and that you should be in control of your own computer, not us and not any other vendor." #privacy #librem5 #librem5usa

To avoid an acquaintance with spies like me in your computer, trust the FSF. Not me.

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(: If you have already accomplished whatever you had dreamed of, it would be wise to think of what you'll do next long before the days of accomplishment :) 

Live Long and Prosper,
a retired magician

The #UNSC Res 2396 in 2017 accelerated the use of biometric technologies as a response to combating terrorism, but as these case studies illustrate, biometrics isn’t only about ‘identifying terrorists: it’s also about controlling populations. 2/6

Polish university student Wojciech Kosior shares his story of how he managed to graduate without being forced to use Zoom, Skype, or other nonfree programs:

11-12/06/2021 - Η Εκπαίδευση σε ένα κόσμο που αλλάζει: Ζητήματα Τεχνολογίας, Πολιτισμού και Δημοκρατίας στη Διδακτική Πράξη και Μάθηση (Διαδίκτυο)

EFF was proud to welcome NSA whistleblower @snowden for a chat about surveillance, privacy, and the concrete ways we can improve our digital world, as part of our EFF30 Fireside Chat series. If you missed the chat, watch it here:

The Netherlands is becoming increasingly dependent on a digital infrastructure that is dominated by just a small number of monopolistic companies.

The consequent security risk is recognised by the Dutch Cyber Security Council.

The FSFE calls on the Dutch government to stand firm and get a grip on their digital security & autonomy by adhering to and , in line with their earlier commitment to use Free Software by Default.

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