I played 0ad last weekend. Seems like an excellent free software replacement for Age of Empires II. A lot more development effort is required of course, but it is already very playable.

(Post 1/2) Election expense report (to be submitted today) for my candidacy for House of People Constituency, Kannur.

Total donations -> +47,700
Loans -> +50,000
Fund from last campaign -> +5,296
Fee deducted by OurDemocracy.in -> -6,118 (They have a minimum fee of -5,000 to discourage smaller fund raising campaigns).

This comes to 96,878 as income.

(Post 2/2) Election deposit -> 25,000
Posters and other expenses -> 10,105
Debit card fee -> 177
Loans repaid -> 25,000
Bank balance -> 31,700
Cash in hand -> 4895

This comes to 96, 877 as expense (rounding off caused the mismatch of 1 rupees).

Out of 31,700 in bank account, after paying back 25,000 remaining loans, we have 6,700 in bank + 4895 in cash. This did not include stamp paper and notary fee of 1050.

So final balance we have to use in future campaigns is 10,545 rupees.

We are organizing an all kerala mapping campaign.The primary agenda is to add more content to OSM in the light of last flood It will be organized in 10+ phases.On each phase we will focus only on one set of parameter. The first phase will focus only on relief points like hospitals, schools and major buildings.
We are planning for 1000+ contributors. We will run a distributed call centre network to coordinate the activity. We have done the same call centre setup during last flood time.

I'm really loving the "single column" Mastodon layout. If you haven't tried it out head to Preferences > Appearance and uncheck the 'enable advanced web interface'. :mastodon: ❤️

Next week is #HackWeek and if you are interested in participating, there are a few projects that might catch your attention at hackweek.suse.com Just contact the person for the project if you want to help out. @opensuse

கணைகொடிது யாழ்கோடு செவ்விதுஆங் கன்ன
வினைபடு பாலால் கொளல்.

நேராகத் தோன்றும் அம்பு, கொலைச் செயல் புரியும். வளைந்து தோன்றும் யாழ், இசை, இன்பம் பயக்கும். அது போலவே மக்களின் பண்புகளையும் அவர்களது செயலால் மட்டுமே உணர்ந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

English translation:

Cruel is the arrow straight, the crooked lute is sweet,
Judge by their deeds the many forms of men you meet.

Community Network பற்றி அறிந்து கொள்ள, அதை உங்கள் பகுதியில் Setup செய்ய, FSFTN-ஐ தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்

கூட்டுறவிற்கான படிப்பினையும், கல்வியும். blog.cooponscitech.in/prashere

Additionally, the seemingly simple task of installing scientific packages used to be a nightmare with #python. But the conda package manager seems to finally become stable, and quick enough to be usable. #CondaForge is a blessing also.

SpyDERஎன சுருக்கமாக அழைக்கப்படும் அறிவியல் ஆய்விற்கான பைத்தான் மேம்படுத்திடும் சூழல் ஒருஅறிமுகம்


Open hardware for musicians and music lovers: Headphone, amps, and more

The world is full of great open source music players, but why stop at using open source just to play music? You can also use open source hardware to make music. All of the instruments described in this article are certified by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA). That means you are free to build upon them, remix them, or do anything else with them.
From 3D-printed instruments to devices that pull sound out of the air, there are plenty of ways to create music with open hardware projects.
See #^opensource.com/article/19/6/ha hardware for musicians and music lovers: Headphone, amps, and more squeet.me/objects/962c3e1036ae

will be participating in the OMR Book Fair putting forward various activities around the arena.

Some of them are,
1. Setting up a Local Network in the Arena
2. Serving Contents over the Network as assist the Public to participate in the Network
3. Serving Free E-Books with Creative Commons Licenses to download and share
4. And Much More

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