ICANN Refuses to Accredit Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Due to His 'Background' * TorrentFreak ift.tt/2PlohDY

Brave buys a search engine, promises no tracking, no profiling ift.tt/3bdnugZ

thegreatsuspender-notrack: A chrome extension for suspending all tabs to free up memory, privacy-oriented with no analytics tracking. ift.tt/38RPEvA

TsukiZombina starred aciidic/thegreatsuspender-notrack ift.tt/38RPEvA

Ditch 'The Great Suspender' Before It Becomes a Security Risk ift.tt/38hqveJ

Setting a Lock Screen Is the a way to set a lock screen? My company's G-suite policy requires a device password. (I'm the admin, but I'd prefer not to reduce security.)

A Cephalopod Has Passed a Cognitive Test Designed For Human Children ift.tt/3qdQ06i

Lab grown meat from tissue culture of animal cells is sustainable, using cells without killing livestock, with lower land use and water footprint. Japanese scientists succeeded in culturing chunks of meat, using electrical stimulation to cause muscle cel… ift.tt/3bUij4x

All About Heatmaps. The Comprehensive Guide | by Shrashti Singhal ift.tt/3b7WvTW

NASA Sent a Secret Message to Mars. Meet the People Who Decoded It. ift.tt/3dJkACo

Understanding Feature Importance and How to Implement it in Python | by Terence Shin | Feb, 2021 | Towards Data Science ift.tt/2P7hT34

Containerized Python Development - Part 1 - Docker Blog ift.tt/3h3GkHy

Illustration Chess Board Pieces Perspective Opening Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 129190682 ift.tt/3031lvt

The Mars Helicopter is Online and Getting Ready to Fly ift.tt/2Miizli

Judge in Google case disturbed that even 'Incognito' users are tracked - BNN Bloomberg ift.tt/3pXY4Im

Sir Kazuo Ishiguro warns of young authors self-censoring out of 'fear' ift.tt/2NLsUGY

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