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In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

Made a blog post about my experiences hacking on VPP (another userspace networking framework) for the last few months: tsyesika.se/posts/an-excursion

Slept over 12 hours and finally feel somewhat myself after 3 days of exhaustion

I feel very self conscious waiting for my flight trying to periodically stifle laughter whilst listening to a podcast.

Getting some strange looks >.<


Morning folks from a train in Brussels. Time to head home I think. has been good :)

people are awesome. I had lost my purse/wallet and @fayred found it and handed it into lost & found. Kindness of fosdem folks should not be underestimated. ^_^

Still sat on the plane at the gate. Apparently despite the plane scheduled to depart at 15:15 they only have a “slot” to take off at 15:55 to try and reduce air congestion or something >.<

Welp - stuck on motorway. There’s a car crash, hope I make my train

Hm. What have i forgotten to pack for before I leave... There's always something.

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Woo! I passed my driving test. I now have a Swedish driving licence ^_____^😀 🎉

Snowing here in Stockholm, first time this winter here I think :) I love snow! 🌨 ❄️ ☃️

Tried switching over to letsencrypt's automatic renewal thingy but it seemed broke apache and I had no idea >.< unconvinced about leaving stuff like this to software.

I think I'm about ready to set off on my trip up to Stockholm! Not looking forward to the drive in the grey rainy weather but hey ho.🐙

When I left Sweden last Wednesday it was cold and rather drab. It's like summer again, what happened?

On a train to Copenhagen airport to catch my plane to Spain for the igalia summit. Got lots of reading material printed out about distributed identities :) @cwebber

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