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Just brought pamrel.lu back up :) pamrel.lu/ I plan to get TLS support in the coming weeks for it.

@mmn I feel like my problem wasn't social. I just sometimes misspell words or make typos. I just didn't want to clutter up the conversation with lots of typos.

@dnel :P there is more round the back and we have the lawn on the otherside of the drive to maintain too!

It's crossed our minds a few times :P we're using our trusty Klippo mower at the moment :)

Just mowed the grass for the first time this year. Feels good to be back out in the garden :)

@maloki Do you use Oatly? It's not relevant to coffee but they make a great chocolate milk and chai milk.

@TexJoachim I wouldn't say no to version control ;)

Editing posts would be rad. Is it planned?

@dick_turpin @twistedLucidity @xvilo @followthesam

Leaving the EU *does* involve a lot of serious legal and relationship issues which would take years to resolve. Yes scotland has closer ties to us than we do the UK but both are serious and both had and have a real chance of happening in all of our life times.

@dick_turpin @twistedLucidity @xvilo @followthesam

The first indy ref was quite close and one of the big convincing remain arguments was "you're risking your place in the EU". I think with the argument now being "be independent and have a shot at the EU" indyref2 will definitely happen, regardless of who's in number 10.

@dick_turpin @twistedLucidity @xvilo @followthesam

I think Scotland are leaving regardless and with Scotland gone, I imagine NI will go too.

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Struggling to decide who to vote for on 8th June? Keep an eye on this site:

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UK General Election called for June 8th \o/

Seems the UK is having another GE - theguardian.com/politics/blog/)

Anyone know the deadline for overseas voters to register? I just sent my renewal form yesterday. Not sure if I should be rushing to call my electoral office to check everything's in order.

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So I have a Patreon page now: patreon.com/cwebber

Will write more soon about why I'm asking for your help, but I've been working on ActivityPub, MediaGoblin, etc full time for the last number of years, trying to make federated networks and decentralized systems happen. It's really hard to fund this stuff, but I think it's too important not to do. If you think so too, consider supporting. Thanks! I appreciate all the help I can get. <3

Spring didn't seem to last long, it's snowing >.<

@kevinmarks pretty well :) I think the anti abuse stuff discussed was pretty interesting too. Always a fan of twig!