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¡Buenas a todos, mastodontes de habla hispana! Somos Detuned, quizá alguno nos recuerde de Twitter antes de que nos suspendiesen la cuenta sin aviso previo gracias a las multicuentas de un spammer. Nuestras redes se pueden encontrar en para quien esté interesado en ver lo que escribimos, grabamos y decimos. Seguramente nos veamos pronto en Raiders of the Broken Planet de MercurySteam ¡Un saludo a todos y happy tooting!

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A study shows that 3 people in a conference room can result in a CO2 levels that can impair cognitive functioning in just 2 hours.

Any decisions made at the end of the meeting are made in a mentally deficient state.

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Been studying arms today. Long overdue to strengthen my anatomy skills.

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I have asked some months ago, but I think it is time to try again: I am looking for a native American/English partner to translate my novels & texts in English.Ofc, we would share the income from English patronage.
I am fluent enough to check the work but not to do it myself.
My work is based upon Crusade history, murder mysteries & short stories.
Everything under BY-SA licence.
Check the French content there :

Retoot welcome


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A week ago, I had the honor of being invited at Creative Commons France. 😉 Blog post:

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Terrorism, New Zealand Show more

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And the award for the cover of the week goes to … Bloomberg!

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Holy crap, #DwarfFortress is getting a tileset/UI overhaul and being sold on By the folks who made Moon Hunters.

:blobaww: OH MY GOD IT'S SO SHINY.

#gaming #procgen

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Hace tiempo hice esta pequeña guía para gente que está en las tuyas, espero te sirva :)

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¿Os sabéis la historia de que la NASA gastó 1M $ (o 10M $, existen ambas versiones) en fabricar un bolígrafo que funcionara en gravedad cero y que los rusos utilizaron un lápiz?

Pues es puta mentira cochina, capitán de la sardina ¿os lo cuento?

Va tontos, si os gusta. Empieza un

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Apex Legends players that have linked their steam accounts to the origin account have had all of their security info gathered and stored by Respawn and has been publicly available & easy to read. There has also been a discovery in vulnerabilities in the apex legends store.
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Admin Announcment; Instance Block Show more

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Hello World! This is the official #Mastodon account of the #Libravatar project, a decentral and open source alternative to #Gravatar. You can sign up for free at or set up a Libravatar server for your own email server. This account will inform you about all important updates and provide support. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. This is *not* a Twitter crossposter/bot. #introductions

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New reference pack! Launching the Sylvan Princess pack today over on our site.

644 high res pictures you can use for all of your personal or commercial projects.

Thanks for your support. ❤

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Hey, please help keeping @Gargron and all the other instances being able to host without implementing by calling your member of the European parliament and convincing them stand against in the upcoming vote for the reform.

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So many exciting things happening with ActivityPub projects recently!

- mastodon adds registration api
- pleroma stable release, tons of updates
- prismo has a new logo and version
- anfora has a surge of recent development
- florence gaining traction
- fedilab adds support for non-masto projects
- funkwhale hosts sync meetings to coordinate project dev
- WriteAs announces WriteAs Labs
- Spritely releases Golem demo

And lots more!

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