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Are you avid painter? Do you enjoy or ? Maybe is your thing?

Or do you like smaller games like , or ? Maybe naval warfare or ancient battles is what you're interested, or in general?

Join . Post a you're proud of or are currently working. Enjoy banter with other painters and connect with people interested in .

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Introduction: I'm Tuukka, and like tinkering with code and little toy soldiers (mostly 15mm ancients). I try to pick up reading again, preferably something that isn't code related. Currently that something seems to be .

When time permits, I work on Hy ( a cool build on top of . It has super friendly community and it was my first step into lisp.

I have a blog (, where I try to post now and then.

if I were to be stranded on a desert island, first thing I would figure out would be coffee.

3 hours on the move and only now chance for the first cup of coffee.
this is going to work miracles on me, I bet.

learning lesson by reverting two days worth of code.

toots count as paper notes too, right?

weekend. Going to be sort of busy one again, so I'll barricade myself inside the study for evenings and communicate via paper notes that I slip under door.

I'll have to rewrite news section of the code first. And then I can add news/events that offer choice of how to react to the player. Like, a group of alien worms have invested fields, do you drive them off or try to work out something else?

Been pushing types and little pieces of code around and generally experimenting. I think I have found a setup that I'm happy with and hopefully will have time to start working on that over weekend.

fuel for the day, hot black coffee
weather outside is very gloomy and wet, but it doesn't matter a bit inside.

like Crusader Kings 2, but in Spaaaaceeee

*swoosh* (sound of rocket flying past)

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the autumn lisp game jam starts on friday! the world needs more games made with lisp so join in if you are interested. #gamedev

ugh, mental overload. Gonna have quiet evening with something easy to read and coffee.

I ended up not doing inktober this year, but here's one of my favourites couple years ago.

day was a bit dull, so I decided to have some fun and enabled pragma: {-# LANGUAGE fundeps #-}

now I can have fun, but have no clue what I'm doing.

Still stuck with code. I read pretty good tutorial on type level programming, but I think it isn't applicable in this case. Will have to continue playing with the proverbial LEGO bricks and see how they can snap together.

Or just pass around strings and be done with it.

in other words, I'll get back to the problem in a week or two.

ran into a problem I have no idea how to solve. As a blind guess, I'll see what type level programming can do and hope for the best.

Sunday morning, cup of coffee and Simon Peyton Jones on a podcast. Not a bad way to spend some quiet time.

Number Devil (Der Zahlenteufel) is such a fun book. Have been reading that as a bed time story for a while now and it's something that both of us seem to appreciate. I like how it introduces the more playful side of .

Doofus x 2, just chilling. These always look like they smoked some herbal stuff, even when their eyes are open.

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