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Are you avid painter? Do you enjoy or ? Maybe is your thing?

Or do you like smaller games like , or ? Maybe naval warfare or ancient battles is what you're interested, or in general?

Join . Post a you're proud of or are currently working. Enjoy banter with other painters and connect with people interested in .

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Introduction: I'm Tuukka, and like tinkering with code and little toy soldiers (mostly 15mm ancients). I try to pick up reading again, preferably something that isn't code related. Currently that something seems to be .

When time permits, I work on Hy (docs.hylang.org/en/stable/) a cool build on top of . It has super friendly community and it was my first step into lisp.

I have a blog (engineersjourney.wordpress.com), where I try to post now and then.

Finished chariots for ancient British army for
3 regular ones and one for leader of the army. Too bad the set doesn't have Boudicca, but can always look for suitable later and her at that point.

ooh, I just realized. Because I'm playing with stars, planets and such, I get to write a procedural system to generate them.

currently wondering how to represent ship location in database. They could be on surface of planet or moon, on orbit of planet or moon, traveling somewhere and what not. Maybe even hanging around a jump point. And most of those places don't have sensible coordinates as system is pretty abstract.

it's eight in the morning and I have been up for 4 hours doing stuff (coding, recording, listening podcasts and stuff). I may have to do something about my sleep pattern by the end of the vacation...

I wonder what would be best way to integrate and ? I probably need to invoke elm-make manually and have the output placed in static/js directory. And then include that in Hamlet, with elm.js and sort of starter script that binds component on div.

Sounds a bit of hassle, especially if I end up with several elm components.

it would be fun to see "Teach yourself in 21 days" book. Not that it makes sense, but to see how much they think can be crammed into a beginner programmer in three weeks.

I had Teach yourself C++ in 21 days and it really wasn't possible. Better idea was to treat it as 21 mini courses.

battletech: the table top war game that has rules for processing planted fields with combine (and rules to mount such combine on your 'mech)

trying to tackle some tests and having moderate success. It still feels like rolling a heavy boulder uphill though (and the boulder is square, and hill is full of pits and holes and little goblins keep throwing sticks at you)

Just the way I like to have fun.

@tuturto for my toy simulation, I managed to code food production and consumption for planets and started working on observations. going to tackle local stuff like atmosphere, gravity and such first and later deal with observing stars and other planets.

got stuck in Alien: Isolation and I think it's a bug (computer kind of bug).
But on a bright side I decided to tinker with some code and learned that Persistent explicitly declares if a function is only reading, writing or doing both to database. Which might be useful at some point. Or maybe not. But I find it pretty nifty.

Woke up at 5 and couldn't sleep anymore.
Apparently now I have QuickCheck code for generating planets.
Going to fix another cup of coffee and some breakfast next.

sure, lets use Double for time, what possibly could go wrong :D

me doing C#: I bend the universe to my will
me doing Haskell: uh, um.. why does is do that?

Waiting for paint to dry before starting assembling in the evening. Slowly getting there.

sometimes coding in can be such a uphill battle for me. Spent better part of evening and morning to get redirecting to faction selection working when player without faction tries to access portions of site that require them to be part of faction.

I should spend some time sternly staring at types in order to understand how they mesh with each other.

Still loving though

@NYbill Hi, I just listened the recent episode and wanted to reach out and tell that I really enjoy listening you doing and explaining electronic kits.

today I learned what difference reduce noise plug in really does to audio. I wish I had tried that earlier, but eh. You live, you learn.

There's official document in the European Union's website listing results of each vote, split by group and showing MEPs names. I'll try to dig that up again.

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All you wonderful people, you have helped .

Thank you so much to all of you involved directly and indirectly, supporting this by calling, mailing, talking, or just rooting for the right outcome.

Internet is not to be messed with.

They will now say that we were all paid by Google. They will all say that this was Facebook and Twitter lobbying.

But we know otherwise! We have been there. We've seen it happen.

We made it happen.

This is how you change the world for the better.