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Are you avid painter? Do you enjoy or ? Maybe is your thing?

Or do you like smaller games like , or ? Maybe naval warfare or ancient battles is what you're interested, or in general?

Join . Post a you're proud of or are currently working. Enjoy banter with other painters and connect with people interested in .

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Introduction: I'm Tuukka, and like tinkering with code and little toy soldiers (mostly 15mm ancients). I try to pick up reading again, preferably something that isn't code related. Currently that something seems to be .

When time permits, I work on Hy (docs.hylang.org/en/stable/) a cool build on top of . It has super friendly community and it was my first step into lisp.

I have a blog (engineersjourney.wordpress.com), where I try to post now and then.

Frosty weather, -22°C. Better put on some winter clothes before heading out.

ack, I completely forgot yesterday, but here's some terrain I have been working on. Mostly cardboard and some newspapers.

Got a window on the tower! Couple more at the lower level, door and maybe some sort of stairs and I'm calling this ready for printing and folding.

I wish Steam Powered Giraffe would make a cover of Chandelier.

I wish had spend more time in Commentaries explaining tribes and their various beliefs and customs. While it's interesting to read about clever tactics and stratagem, reading about people is way more interesting.

I think wrote something like that as he even mentions Finns. Miserable people living way up north, who are happy as they wish nothing more. Or something along those lines.

When I woke up, weather service was showing -19°C outside, but luckily it's only -15°C. That's still good weather for biking.

that set is so old, worn out and painted with gaudy colours. But it's still one of my all time favourite games and I'm super happy our kid loves to play that with us.

@tuturto I have fallen. Two gargoyles and bunch of other monsters were more than I could handle.

instead of morning cartoons, we have Sunday morning Hero Quest session and this time I'm a player and not dungeon master

Been tinkering with papercrafts and Blender a bit. Thought that a simple watch tower would be easy enough to create, but turns out it's pretty difficult when you don't know how blender works.

survived the week, but I'm really tired in the saturday morning already.

tired and it's only noon

@tuturto I'll try do some simple terrain building. That takes just time and not much of mental effort. Add glue, add flock, wait to dry.

And end results often look nice.

spent yesterday evening wondering how I ever got something done in blender. Seems I have forgotten everything.

spent last night not sleeping as kid was having bad night.

somehow I'm thinking I'm not working on anything code related tonight either. I'll be too tired by then.

not going to work on anything anymore tonight. Hopefully tomorrow though.

finished last of the library books I currently have. A trip to library is in order tomorrow then.
goodreads.com/work/editions/12 was decent enough, but goodreads.com/work/editions/14 was terrific (although translation had couple BCs mixed with ADs, but that was easy enough to spot).

gonna be a nerdy master engineer for a chance

hm.. I think I'm going to pick a new avatar

Didn't play anything at all yesterday. Today will hopefully be the same. I'll try and limit playing on weekends now and do something else over the week (like try to clean the basement)

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Hey artists with other jobs to make rent... sometimes we compare ourselves to and our work to folks who do it full time or who can put in more hours... and sometimes we can be unkind to ourselves about it. Maybe it’s the extra time it takes us, the slower speed at which we improve, or the finished result. Maybe it’s the breaks we need or lack of energy.

Your #art matters. Your #painting or #fiberarts or #embroidery or #crossstitch or # quilting or #sketch? You make the world beautiful. Thanks.