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Are you avid painter? Do you enjoy or ? Maybe is your thing?

Or do you like smaller games like , or ? Maybe naval warfare or ancient battles is what you're interested, or in general?

Join . Post a you're proud of or are currently working. Enjoy banter with other painters and connect with people interested in .

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Introduction: I'm Tuukka, and like tinkering with code and little toy soldiers (mostly 15mm ancients). I try to pick up reading again, preferably something that isn't code related. Currently that something seems to be .

When time permits, I work on Hy ( a cool build on top of . It has super friendly community and it was my first step into lisp.

I have a blog (, where I try to post now and then.

I have always had problems with my attention. There's either too little or too much of it. Finally admitted that to myself and went to talk a psychologist about it. Now I wish I had done that years ago and avoided lot of hassle and heartache.

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The witches eyed the newest member of their coven.

"Galadriel, was it?"

"Yes," she responded, in a nervous, husky voice.

"Welcome, sister Galadriel!" chirped Tammy and her familiar in unison.

"Wouldn't brother Legolas be more appropriate?" spat Dyannea.

"Right. You aren't welcome here," nodded the lead witch.

Dyannea smirked.

"Begone, Dyannea," the leader continued, "A true sister would never exclude another from this coven."

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Airbrushed background, mix of airbrush and brush in the foreground

There's something satisfying in writing bunch of QuickCheck code and watching it to compile and run.

Want to learn why I'm trying to learn ? Have a listen at on episode where I try to explain it.

kid was having hard time focusing on getting ready in the morning. So we laid clothes on bed in line, set a d10 on the table and told that every time they get one article on, they can turn the die to next higher number. They arrived in kitchen, fully dressed in no time.

one of our cats hates vacuum cleaners and sound they make. So when I'm cleaning a room cat happens to be in, I first take vacuum there, vacate the room and watch as the cat sneaks out and hides somewhere else. Only after that I'll start vacuuming. There's plenty of room for both of us here after all.

long night between Friday and Monday, perfect for catching up with sleep not done during the week.

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you: hey cat what gender are you
cat: what is gender
you: well it's--
cat: can I eat it
you: uh, no
cat: can it sharpen my claws
you: no...
cat: can I chase it around
you: no. look, gender is--
cat: then I don't care
you: but do you identify as-- hey, wait
*cat walks away*

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Hackers, Freedonians and Everyone Else...

You may not know me but I produce and edit a Free Software podcast called Libre Lounge. I want to take the podcast in some new directions, either LL itself, or a new podcast with a similar aim, but to do that, I'm going to need some help- production and editing especially. If you have those kinds of skills and can help, please send me a direct message or email me at!

played one night, hot springs in the morning before leaving to work and now I have bundle of questions I don't know how to form or internalize.

it's going to be one of those days where I sit looking sternly at the code, furrowing brow and think everything else but code.

made a double ponytail (starts high on head, connects again right top of naps of neck and then continues normally). Got told that it looks just like handle on coffee pot and that it's really good. So I guess that's what counts.

going to stop coding for now and see if I can lure kid to the beach and swimming

Me? Oh, nothing special, just tinkering with people, relationships and intel.

I'm starting to think this game will end up being about piles and piles of reports, uncertainties and mishaps.

it's summer and rhodorendons are blooming. This is some sort of experimental area where plants suitable for finnish climate are tested.

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"I don't understand, why would my son want this? He is strong, skilled with a sword, an excellent rider, a cunning diplomat, and a mountain of a man!"howled the King.

The court was silent. The Court Jester disliked silence, "Doesn't that mostly describe our dear departed Queen, m'lord?"

"What's your point, Fool?" the King glowered.

"Your child is every bit her mother's daughter, wouldn't you say?"


"Exceptional indeed!"

kid is really slow at getting morning chores done, but then we figured that writing them down helps. Now they read the list by themselves and cross out to finished things!

not sure how long this lasts, but every little thing helps.

can't wait until I get people in my game and start building events, plots, families and such.

It's not going to be "Wife, in honour of our marriage, in addition to this morsel, I give you a vast prize. My love, I give you Capellan Confederation." level of epicness, but that's where I'm aiming in any case.

People are what make space operas interesting.

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siblings, ace stuff 

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