I'm happy to speak at #bornHack - bornhack.dk/bornhack-2020/prog

I would have loved to join in person, but it will have to be remote this time.

If you did have a Danish corona test taken and have NemID, having the material destroyed is easy enough:

1. Go to your e-Boks at e-boks.dk, click "Ny besked", choose "Statens Serum Institut" and "Hovedpostkassen"

2. Write something like "Jeg vil med henvisning til databeskyttelsesforordningen samt sundhedsloven anmode om, at alle personoplysninger, herunder biologisk materiale, fra min COVID-19-test af {{DATO}}, destrueres."

Do I have a freelance iphone IOS dev in my network who can make an app for me on short notice?

The program for 2020 is slowly coming together at bornhack.dk/bornhack-2020/prog - we are still looking for talks, workshops, and music acts! Our CfP with information on how to submit is available at bornhack.dk/bornhack-2020/prog

Here is an Android app I appreciate a lot. It's living its life totally in the background, doing its deed every day without a sound. It allows to me to synchronise my calendars and todo lists with other parties through my nextcloud instance, enabling necessary coordination with my family and others without resorting to Google.

Let me present DAVx⁵! davx5.com/

Now you can drive safely high voltage loads up to 3500W (230VAC/16A) with any microcontroller, Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi. PWR-SWITCH is CE certified, 1500V optoisolated switch working with voltages from 3 up to 24VDC. olimex.wordpress.com/2020/07/1

I am installing qubes on my new laptop, very exciting! :)

What the internet was like in the old days for a .

Also important to understand where the "pull requests" comes from ;)


I have two pkg repos enabled, they have different versions of the same package, repo A has a newer package and higher priority, repo B has older package and lower prio.

"pkg search" sees both versions, but "pkg upgrade" does not upgrade :( help!


Hello fediverse,
this is an attempt to create a presence of #Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) within the your beloved federated network.

read more about it in this post:

(Tails is a live operating system that aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity.)

😺 :tor: 😍
#tor #foss #privacy #journalism #activism #humanrights

The #Jitsi meet app in F-Droid should be updated to the latest version by tomorrow!


Good luck to everyone doing remote work at this time.

If your company or organisation has critical computer system issues which are not being handled due to covid-19 sickness I am offering my assistance (pro bono).

My expertise is FreeBSD administration (and some Linux), IP networks, infosec, and development in Python / Django.


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