Today #FreeBSD #stable/13 was branched off, and main is now 14!

I'm following suit, and a stable #PkgBase build will soon be available at

Following riots at an iPhone factory in India Apple has suspend business with the supplier.

The riots were caused by severe worker's rights violations. Many workers claimed they had gone unpaid for multiple months and were forced to work unpaid overtime. The riots caused $7.1 million (US) worth of damage, proving again that proprety damage is seemingly one of the only things that will actually get the attention of people in power.

New evidence in a class action lawsuit against YouTube shows that the organization who sued YouTube for "not preventing piracy" are the ones who uploaded the illegal material to the service in the first place.

You can't make this stuff up.

Consumer debt is the lifeblood of our economy. All modern nation states are built on deficit spending. Debt has come to be the central issue of international politics. But nobody seems to know exactly what it is, or how to think about it.
-- David Graeber

#anarchism #quote #bot

I've been working on connectivity for the storage container which is in a location with no permanent uplink.

It's with 2 LTE uplinks and I've documented how so I never have to figure out how to use AT commands and PPP again Enjoy! :)

Back of the envelope: So, according to a more or less randomly picked internet source [0], 1 mink causes about 10 kg of CO2eq emissions over its lifetime. So, culling 15 million of them will save us about 150000 tons CO2eq per year (not counting production of whatever people will wear instead). Compare that with the Danish target of reducing emissions by 20 million tons CO2 per year by 2030. Did we just get about 1% closer to that target?


After a few failed attempts I finally have a very nice, fast and stable wall-mounted display for Grafana use.

It runs on an Intel NUC8I7BEH and I've documented the journey (including the failures):

the "file formats wiki", which explains file formats, used to be hosted on wikia. but then wikia rebranded itself to "fandom", so it's now the official wiki of the file formats fandom

relationship advice no one asked for, but its good advice, and applicable to all types of loving relationships 

the person that loves you isn't the one that's super involved in all of your passions and hobbies, the person who shares your tastes, the one that knows every detail of your obscure aesthetic

the person that loves you is the one that's excited because YOU are excited, even if they don't understand a single fucking word you are saying. they are the people who send you something completely random outside of your realm of knowledge and crossed over into theirs because they see little bits of you in their world.

it doesn't matter if this is friendship or romance or platonic life stuff. that's a person that loves you.

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