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👋 Greetings! Taking @webinista's advice and providing an

I'm VP of Design at Cloud Four, a consultancy that helps folks design and build progressive web apps and responsive design systems. I sometimes design casual games in my spare time.

I'm also a life-long cartoonist, and I'm currently challenging myself to share one new drawing per day of 2018.


Are "medium" breakpoint layouts (like ~ 480-960px) inherently more challenging to design, or do we all just kind of forget about them while we're busy ping-ponging between "small" and "large" screens?

Wow this is really cool. It seems HTML has been waiting years to do this without JavaScript!
Ordering a table with CSS Custom Properties and the order: property. Mind. Blowing. by @kizmarh / cc: @MikeRiethmuller @LeaVerou @SaraSoueidan

Web designers need to know of this exchange between my parents:

Father: Ah - they've updated their web site!

Mother: Oh no.

Father: It looks good ...

Mother: Can you find the things we need?

... (long pause) ...

Father: No ...

I feel bad pointing it out, but the hardest mailing lists to unsubscribe from are (in my personal experience) those of non-profits I've donated to. 😥

@tylersticka Free hosts were getting hard to find even back when we taught at the Art Institute. Thankfully, Zeit’s Now ( exists and I recommend it for free hosting. The free OSS plan allows others to read your source code, so a premium plan is needed for closed source work, but I think of it as a terrific GeoCities successor (which I used to build my first Final Fantasy VIII fan site).

I know a lot of web designers that got their start making freely hosted fan-sites, tricking out their MySpace profile or theming their LiveJournal. They weren't trying to become web designers, it just happened through remixing and play.

Where does that happen today?

Excited to finally break my writer's block 🙌 with this short post about some advice I'm glad I ignored

In the past two months I went from a general disinterest in the Yakuza series to "omg I want to play all the Yakuza games." They're just so beautifully *weird* in the same way my favorite Dreamcast games were.

Hi all, If anyone is looking for a freelance product or web designer, who can code, let me know. I'm looking for work.

Here's my updated website/portfolio:

I usually don't care about super hero/comic book movies, but I'm very excited about "Black Panther."

Common conversation I've had (happily)…

😶 "It's very important for our audience that the redesign is pixel perfect in [old browser with low usage]."

🤔 *Pulls up live site* "It looks like your current site doesn't work in that browser..?"

😅 "Oh! Then I guess it's not that important."

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