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👋 Greetings! Taking @webinista's advice and providing an

I'm VP of Design at Cloud Four, a consultancy that helps folks design and build progressive web apps and responsive design systems. I sometimes design casual games in my spare time.

I'm also a life-long cartoonist, and I'm currently challenging myself to share one new drawing per day of 2018.


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I swear it was like my brain and drawing hand weren’t on speaking terms today! 😝 mastodon.social/media/sagYI_uT

Fez is one of my favorite games, so it’s long overdue that I draw its protagonist, Gomez. mastodon.social/media/CuTYh5ar

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Icon font rendering tips (without modifying font files):

1️⃣ Don’t use Icon Fonts
2️⃣ Icon too bold? Use font-smooth zachleat.com/web/font-smooth/
3️⃣ Icon too light? Faux bold it: `@​font-face {font-weight: 400;} .icon {font-weight: 700;}` zachleat.com/web/webfont-gloss
4️⃣ Don’t use Icon Fonts

Super Mario Sunshine frustrated the heck out of me as a kid, so it's one of my favorite games to see annihilated by speedrunners.

Only had time today for a quick elaboration on a conference call doodle. (I kinda like the doodle more… 🤔) mastodon.social/media/1RPlp9Rk

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What's a good name for a HTML/CSS/JS component that manages the position and scroll of page content relative to multiple navigation elements that may be hidden or shown? Show more

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“You can absolutely give up on projects without giving up on yourself.” — zacgorman.com/2018/01/10/losin