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👋 Greetings! Taking @webinista's advice and providing an

I'm VP of Design at Cloud Four, a consultancy that helps folks design and build progressive web apps and responsive design systems. I sometimes design casual games in my spare time.

I'm also a life-long cartoonist, and I'm currently challenging myself to share one new drawing per day of 2018.


Conference call doodle I’ve named Punchy the Dragon. “Watch out, kids, Punchy’s in a punchin’ mood today!”

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, here’s a preview of the accessibility improvements we’re making to Cloud Four’s design system.

Space Ghost is one of my absolute favorite superhero designs. Classic yet otherworldly, mysterious yet optimistic.

We’ve used our own tooling to manage the Cloud Four design system since 2016.

This year, alongside other updates to those patterns, we’ve started moving to Storybook.

I wrote about why, and how it’s going so far… ✍️

I just learned that April 25 is World Penguin Day… as if I needed an excuse to sketch a Humboldt penguin.

He appreciated the eggs and candy but secretly craved a nice crudité platter 🥕

Took a break from geometry to get the lighting set up. Too bad the details are so small on the web! #blender

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Coping with current world events 

Started limiting my news intake for my own sanity. Probably overdue.

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