Just booked tickets and hotel for San Diego at end of January beg of Feb for next year! Excited. Hoping to get some nice warm winter hiking in!

Coworker got me wanting to watch Sailor Moon, so I downloaded some. Just watched first episode.. this show is very dated.

Remind me never to live in Florida. I hate old people. Everything is old people crap.

Won my 3rd escape room last night. I'm 3 for 3 now!

"to be fair, who could have predicted that applying to a job could yield an interview. it's almost like they're correlated somehow" - @shazow

Hey friends, I’ve been thinking that it’s time to get a job. I’m looking at UI/UX designer, front-end dev, and product manager-type positions, remote or Toronto. Any help/recommendations appreciated!

From Tidelift:

If you are an application developer using open source components, please. take a few minutes and help us understand your world 🌏. We'll make a donation to the Outreachy internship program in return! bit.ly/2B54zCS

Boston Globe website is such a piece of trash. Paywalls are horrible.

🏃 Today I ran 3.10 miles. strava.com/activities/19554084

⌚ 0:28:13 (9:05/mi) 161sm cadence
🔥 438 calories
❤️ ??? bpm
🌡️ 48°F 67% rh
⛰️ 164ft elevation gain

fastest 5k in a year
fastest run in 6 months
fastest mile split in 6 months
fastest km split in a month

🏃 Today I ran 3.13 miles. strava.com/activities/19521041

⌚ 0:29:49 (9:31/mi)
🔥 441 calories
❤️ ??? bpm
🌡️ 60°F

Come work with me, I want to work with you!

boosting Keenan Szulik, @kmszu@twitter.com

I'm super excited for RubyConf rubyconf.org/ next month, but couldn't get a ticket in time! Looking for 1 if anyone has extra 🙂

You know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic.

Talked to a customer for the first time since 2012 today. It didn't go badly! I'm still awkward tho.

if anyone wants to be switch friends: SW-1711-7753-4901

It's been almost two weeks since I've been in the office at work. Two weeks without having to ride on the MBTA is a blessing.
Monday I'll be back in the office, I bet the commute will be horrible.

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