Nextcloud Hub II is now available on UBOS for one-command install and upgrade.

A new UBOS release is available for your self-hosting needs. Updates include much better support for Docker-based development with pre-configured containers, IPv6, and hundreds of package updates.

There was a UBOS update last week. Forgot to post about it here. Release notes:

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Demo of Nextcloud and UBOSbox, the home server to keep your personal data private. Presenting at MyData 2020 in demo lounge #3. Tomorrow Thu, Dec. 10, 4:30pm pacific. #privacy #nextcloud #mydata

UBOS was updated over the weekend. Now supports XU4 and HC2 home cloud devices for self-hosting, and more.

UBOS now supports the . Even smarter dependency management. And more improvements that make day-to-day even easier.

A new UBOS apps update is available. This update contains new versions of Nextcloud, Matomo, Mediawiki, and WordPress. Webtrees ...

Other app updates: , , , and : install any one of them, or all of them, in a single command.

Hub now natively supported on UBOS. Google Docs-like document collaboration, without any overlord watching your every keystroke. And many other features. Install and configure in just one command.


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