Application updates come and go, often they provide your business with added value, but sometimes an update isn’t what is needed or wanted for a legacy application. Choosing not to update an application can cause issues. tweeted by @ubuntu

19.04 Ubuntu Budgie daily builds are now being created ... ...

...only for the brave and fearless...

If you want to help out by developing/testing/artwork/support etc join us on and let us know what your interests are. tweeted by @UbuntuBudgie

RT @A_Dobbie11: @dougpete @Flipboard I recommend that you try @Xubuntu on your old computer first to extend the usefulness of the device fo… tweeted by @Xubuntu

RT @DrkGrn1: @JoeRessington Don't let anyone stop you from (g)repping @xfceofficial @Xubuntu ... it's still the best! tweeted by @Xubuntu

RT @yazicivo: ++ Thanks so much to @bluesabredavis, @simonsteinbeiss, and all the rest of the @Xubuntu and @xfceofficial community for such… tweeted by @Xubuntu

RT @yazicivo: ++ I got in touch with @bluesabredavis (@Xubuntu tech lead) to find a dev to overhaul multi-screen support in @xfceofficial,… tweeted by @Xubuntu

RT @shamilchoudhury: Once in a while, I do love to show off my @Xubuntu customizations 😃 Althoug I am a distro-hopper, but I make sure to u… tweeted by @Xubuntu

RT @Karthik_SHR: @bluesabredavis @Xubuntu @Actipt17 @elementary @ubuntu I just installed Xubuntu 18.10 (manually and not an update from 18.… tweeted by @Xubuntu

RT @troymius: @Xubuntu Xubuntu has been my OS of choice for many years. Thank you for making the distro so great. tweeted by @Xubuntu

RT @m1geo: @CodeX1X @Xubuntu @ubuntu Undoubtedly. I've been using @Xubuntu for years. Probably around 8 now. tweeted by @Xubuntu

Weekly status for the week of the 5th to the 11th of November. tweeted by @ubuntu

RT @OpenStack: Upgrades, from Icehouse to Rocky, without one second of downtime. @ubuntu tweeted by @ubuntu

Looking for a step by step tutorial on how to install Ubuntu Server? Look no further! tweeted by @ubuntu

has kicked off! Come and say hello at booth B10. Who is looking forward to our keynote tomorrow? tweeted by @ubuntu

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