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@geekbeatradio festeja su 10º aniversario con una transmisión especial de 3 días, con el mejor
No te lo pierdas!
Geekbeat radio will celebrate its 10º Anniversary with a special 3 day showcase of the best chiptune and vgm, don't miss out!

The videoclip of my latest track will be up in less than an hour! I invite you to watch the premiere.
El videoclip de mi último tema va a estar disponible en menos de una hora! Te invito a que mires la premiere.

Today is , when fees are waived in favor of all musicians. It's a good day if you want to buy one of my albums!

I made a visualization for the .it module I presented at the 2020 edition of @flashparty

Today 6 PM (UTC) don't miss night show !
No se pierdan el show chiptune night hoy a las 15hs (Argentina)!

Horarios del show chiptune de mañana. Primera emisión 11 AM (Buenos Aires), segunda emisión 22hs (Buenos Aires).
These are the times of the @IOChipmusic chiptune stream tomorrow for different cities. at
You can catch the showing that is most convenient for you.

This sunday 17:00 UTC check Chiptune night! Dan Butler hosts this great chiptune show featuring the newest chiptune music selection from all over the globe. And he'll play my latest track :)
Este domingo a las 14hs Argentina podés escuchar Chiptune night! Un show con una gran selección de lo último del chiptune internacional. Podrán también escuchar mi último sencillo :) en

Next saturday check out this great open mic stream with and visuals artists from all over the world!!

My latest single is out on various platforms (more to come soon) and also for free download! Get it here

Check my set from july 22 at Latin Chip!
Also today bandcamp will waive their fees on any album(s) you buy from me, check

El set con mi música y las visuales por Kali ya está subido a youtube!
My music set and glsl shader visuals by Kali is up on youtube!

Este miércoles voy a estar con mi set muy ochobitero y ultra-mega-archi en el evento @baratunes8bit del ciclo @latinchiptune !
This wednesday check out my C64 set!

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Cuarentenauta Commodore 64 demo por PVM ! Presentada en Flashparty 2020 online. ENGLISH VERSION INCLUDED IN THE PACK.
Link de descarga en el video de youtube / Download link on youtube video.

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Re-live yesterday's stream from Flaspharty 2020 online while we wait for the stream today starting at 16:00 (AR) - 19:00 (UTC)
#demoscene #demoparty #chiptune #livesets

12 de julio se conmemora el nacimiento de Juana Azurduy, esta es mi versión para Commodore 64 del tema en su honor que crearan Feliz Luna y Ariel Ramirez y que supo interpretar Mercedes Sosa.
Pueden encontrarlo en el Cancionero Argentino vol. 1 de @pvm64k y en el album Clasicos Argentinos I en
Juana Azurduy, a female warrior for the independence of Bolivia and Argentina, was born on july 12th.

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El viernes 17 de julio comenzaremos Flashparty con un line-up de artistas en modalidad Flashparty en concierto!
A partir de las 21hs (Argentina) por
#chiptune #demoparty #demoscene

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Friday 17 Flashparty starts off with Flashparty IN CONCERT. A line-up of chiptune artists to get you in the right mood!
Starts at 23:59 UTC at
#chiptune #demoparty #demoscene

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