as time goes by i have fewer and fewer regrets but it isn't making me any happier. probably a good time to announce that this is basically going to be my depression journal. happy belated birthday i got you ian samuel's self-exile from public life

good news: i still don't understand this place but i had the password saved

i've heard tell of a new mic dicta but i dare not say more since it is almost a whole day old now

enjoy two of worst uniforms i've ever seen and they are in the same game

none of you are cwing your dune tweets and i am getting muad

this is not going to sound credible because it's a meme and everything but i once saw a regular horse in real life

finally a place where i can relax despite my crippling phobia of horse-related banter

look away on twitter and you miss a firehose of bad news look away on mastodon and you miss a firehose of the dankest memes

oh man i've been all over the place emotionally the last few weeks but today has me giddy and we're taping an episode this weekend and i feel so alive

if only a legal podcast had cogently explained the campaign finance troubles michael cohen was in when the stormy daniels story first broke 💅 💅

i am not disengaged from twitter enough to toot with any conviction

thinking about maybe migrating only my forlorn baseball tweeting to tooting wait come back i'll talk about preliminary injunctions

boost if you've lived in brooklyn so long that seeing an apple gives you a sense memory of bacalao

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