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EMi @uglymachine@mastodon.social

Every once in a while on Soundcloud a really stupid dubstep song will come on and I'll still have fun with it. I have bad taste.

Hey Mastodon, I asked Twitter if I should have a beer and they said yes and now I've finished the beer and I asked Now What and someone said Ask Mastodon so now here I am

Today I secured a new contract, so I celebrated by spending money like a normal person! I bought myself new heat tech to replace what I already have since it has holes in it, plus shampoo and moisturizer from Lush since I was running low.

I also got myself these treats even though I should have: mastodon.social/media/KDAHayFe

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gonna give a micro post-mortem at GDC about my gay art lol. hunting around for travel fund assistance if possible~~~

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xmas is only days away, do you need a last minute gift for a friend or enemy? consider these tees (and more)

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The problem with dating a programmer is that sometimes you are supposed to go on a ramen dinner date but then he is doing a work thing.

Good thing he's very pretty

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The Vengabus is coming
The Vengabus is coming
The Vengabus is coming

Hey friends, I lost the job that pays my rent and bills on Friday. I have no safety net and I am looking for something new asap!

Things I am good at include social media management and marketing, writing copy, event production, data management, and junior project management. Let me know if you're aware of anything I'd be a good fit for 💕

If you're able to help me with money stuff:

Okay, I am all caught up on Masto from the past couple of days and

*takes a deep breath*

Anyone have recommendations for a good notepad-like writing app for Android? Preferably free, yes I know Google Docs exists, the goal would be to have something to use that works in an offline mode when I don't have access to wifi.

Okay, what are the Mastodon apps everyone likes for Android?

Okay friends. I bought a Kindle Fire because it was $30 but the Fire OS is pretty awful. I have a Mac, how do I root this thing?

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Tonight I will be watching the final episode of The L Word and then moving on to Queer As Folk. Wish me luck!

Last night I went to a comics event, and an older man (who definitely thought I was in my early twenties) who writes about CRYPTO CURRENCY professionally tried to recommend that I give my photos to comics blogs for free.

So anyway, then I unhinged my jaw and

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It’s Black Friday, so why not enjoy the AI entry-level job simulator LOCALHOST. No there’s no deal on it but hey you might enjoy it. sophiapark.itch.io/localhost

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It's the time of year where I have to apply moisturizer over and over so my face doesn't turn to powder, crack, and begin to bleed.

Remember when I was nomadic, skipped winter, and planned to move out of this horrible cold place? I fucked up.

I just realized Game Loop is next weekend, hmm