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. My main areas of interest are:

- fermentation (bread, kombucha, pickles)
- baseball (the non-exciting parts of the game are very meditative)
- curling (the game on the ice)
- guitar (I own guitars and in theory I play guitar)
- learning French (been doing this sort of intensively for several months, feel free to message me in simple French and je vais essayer de vous répondre)
- I'm a computer programmer but don't message me about that, I hate computers, sorry

so winscp doesn't have a "-r" command line option to copy recursively?

ok so somehow the Orioles took 2 out of 3 from the Rays this weekend so happily my prediction didn't pan out. Thank you Orange Birds.

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I could cash out my bet for $3.70 but I'm going to let it ride

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it was looking pretty grim for a while there mais les garçons commencent peut-être à réussir pour moi

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as a Father's Day gift to myself I just bet $2 on the

Kikuchi hasn't been pitching great lately but he is always my Yankee Killer (60% of the time this works every time)

clearly the NY Yankees need to get a catcher with the last name Watson


I checked this morning at breakfast: $20k
at lunch time: $19k
now: just under $18k

lololol what is the fundamental floor of this thing? Oh, it's zero? lol

prediction: the will be in third place in the AL East on Monday, sad

The new Purple Motion "Artificial Love" reminds me of the Blade Runner score

I was listening to radio yesterday and it took me a while to figure out that they were talking about sourdough bread.

I know that it's "le pain au levain" but for several minutes I thought they were saying "le pain ou le vin" (bread or wine).

Queen Victoria died in 1901 so it's possible that she once watched a professional game and drank a beer (as I am doing right now). She died 6 days before the American League was founded, though.

recement, chacune fois que je regarde les blue jays sur la télé, ils font quelque chose de stupide en defense

je pourrais regarder le match de de Toronto ce soir. je ne suis un fan mais il faut que je voies ce qui se passera.

Arcade Fire - WE
Tragically Hip - saskadelphia
Kurt Vile - childish prodigy
Kurt Vile - god is saying this to you

#xml #ComputersAreBad 

the shocking 3rd act twist this week is that now I am looking up libraries to... parse... X... M... L...

je suis en train de télécharger les nouvelles épisodes de "kids in the hall", j'ai hâte de les regarder!!

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