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Zoé @uint8_t@mastodon.social

RT @em_aytch@twitter.com: we’re at a bookstore

Why no one is selling pink ESD mats? Think of the nerd girls!

RT @transscribe@twitter.com: Developers should be asking “What would the most depraved, unfeeling monsters on the planet do with this feature?” before rolling it out.

RT @glitch@twitter.com: "Write code you don’t know how to write, tackle problems you don’t know how to solve. More importantly, learn things you don’t want to learn. If it looks boring or if it looks too hard, study it" - Dusty Phillips, Director of Engineering at Dataquest

RT @Senficon@twitter.com: Article 11, the , has just been adopted by @EP_Legal@twitter.com with a 13:12 majority. We will take this fight to plenary and still hope to overturn the plan.

RT @GuildingLilly@twitter.com: I have a few suggestions.
-never hire Singal to write a column on trans stuff again.
-better yet, only have trans ppl write about trans subjects. Would you have a white author write about black culture?
-hire @JuliaSerano@twitter.com to write a rebuttal to be published next edition.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sucked me into Hyrule so much that I can do grocery shopping only if I see it as a quest...

RT @annamaria_at@twitter.com: "It is time to begin and finish the regime change and to eliminate the left-liberal nests hiding behind scientific independence." This is in 2018, not the 1930s or 40s. twitter.com/esbalogh/status/10

RT @almodozo@twitter.com: Bypassing those pesky indept arbiters of high academia, 's govt can now "reshape the entire landscape" to match both its politics and its sole focus on applied, practical, economic research - "if it depended on them, Hungary would be one huge factory floor".

RT @seemstobeaverb@twitter.com: ✨

RT @c3o@twitter.com: Happy ! For queer people, truly loving & standing up for yourself still means coming in conflict with heteronormative society. Always prioritize like this: Love yourself & fuck the system. 🏳️‍🌈💛✊

Regenbogen Parade Wien
Rainbow Parade Vienna
♥ 🌈

RT @tinyrobin420@twitter.com: Can we please please please not say normies? It was started by the alt right, so why would we wanna use it? Also it sounds ableist to a lot of people. I beg of you big lefties, please 😭😭!

I spent 4 days on migrating an old website from joomla 2.5 to the latest version and this reinforced me in my decision that I don't want to do anything near joomla, php, or alike.

Also, UPC has disabled the port forward feature in their natbox, so screw them, but ngrok for the rescue!

RT @yonatanzunger@twitter.com: @Noahpinion@twitter.com It's rarely good to ask "how could things get any worse?" around an engineer, because they can think of a lot of really good answers to that.

RT @HMAesq@twitter.com: Say it with me:

Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.
Asylum is legal immigration.

RT @triketora@twitter.com: remember when you wanted what you have now

RT @sternbergh@twitter.com: there's LOTS of competition but "abandoned Walmart is turned into a containment center for immigrant children with walls covered by murals of President Donald Trump" may win prize for Dystopian Novel Plotline That Definitely Would Have Gotten You Laughed Out Of Publishing In 1995

RT @Senficon@twitter.com: “Article 13 will lead to excessive filtering & deletion of content and limit the freedom to impart & receive information”, say 57 civil liberties NGOs incl. @hrw@twitter.com & @rsf_inter@twitter.com – by calling your MEP now and confronting them with this quote: saveyourinternet.eu

How can this party still be member of the @EPP@twitter.com ???
RT @andraslederer@twitter.com Fidesz started placing stickers "organisation supporting migration" 2 days ago at @AmnestyHungary@twitter.com. Today, they visited the offices of Menedék (Asylum) that provides integration services. Same building was a yellow-star house in 1944.