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úlfur @ulfur@mastodon.social

For some older models of Cisco products, the company said “no fixes will be made available.”

This sort of thing annoys the hell out of me. Cisco (and many other companies) sell a product, then abandon it, leaving users few options.

Yes, users should upgrade hardware, firmware as often as possible; but, how about OEMs standing by their products and helping to ensure consumer confidence and trust (and keeping users safe)?

I know, I know... 'Cost, blah, blah, blah.'

Judge: MalwareTech is no longer under curfew, GPS monitoring

Axon wants you (yes, you!) to submit photos, videos to police

I want to know Ricardo Rosselló's grade. For real.

Trump gives Puerto Rico response a grade of 10 out of 10

EU Approves Data Transfer Arrangement, But Seeks Stronger U.S. Privacy Protections