The Coal Industry Extracted a Steep Price From West Virginia. Now Natural Gas Is Leading the State Down the Same Path

Well said:

"Apparently, Christians should be allowed to violate the district’s dress code in a way that no atheist, Satanists, or Muslim ever could."

"The administrators handled this perfectly. Burrell doesn’t understand the rules and chose to make it a public matter by whining about it on Facebook. She’s not a martyr, and the world isn’t out to get her."

Hi, rm. I'm -rf. Wanna get together some time and have some fun?

Genealogy websites identify rape suspect who eluded police for 40 years

I think I'm finally coming out from under that dark cloud that's been looming overhead for some time. Let's see how this plays out together, shall we?

No. There's no particular reason I'm looking into options for encoding voice commands at 17.4kHz+ audio range. Shut up. Leave me alone.

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