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I am a walking-talking infohazard and am probably dangerous to your wellbeing. I vacillates between curiosity/playfulness, but even IRL I have trouble with signaling intent.

Subverting the way we model the world can break walls we build to protect ourselves. Breaking my own walls is how I overcome my own fears.

This may enhance triggers in those who have differing fear/disgust responses.

Knowing your emotional limits is not a weakness.

I won't be mad if you unfollow.

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Things I've been absolutely fascinated with: and , , , systems and mechanism / , anything, organizational , theory, , , , theory, , , and , risk reward processing, and the nature of in living systems.

Basically I wanna put sentient robotic ants on mars.

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My employer has been putting finishing touches on a health tracking app that I'm indirectly connected to. Been helping consult on it as part of my role at

We're looking to crowdfund & release it for free!

I care a lot about data privacy + ownership. I have a strong opinions against centralized tracking. I am happy w/ direction we're going with the app and am looking forward to where this heads in the future.

Beans Beans!
the fruit of music.

The more you eat,
the more you choose it.

The more you choose it,
the more you consume.

Time to eat another legume!

Woo, ain't there nothin' you can do?
I say, woo, to relieve your belly ache
You say, well woo, ain't there nothin' I can do?
I say woo, woo, to relieve your belly ache
You say ya, ain't there nothin' I can do?

Put a lime in the coconut and throw them together.
Put the lime in the coconut, then you'll feel better
Put the lime in the coconut, throw them down the road
Put the lime in your coconut, and gamble till the morning

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Now lemme get this straight
They put the lime in the coconut, and throw them down the road?
Put the lime in the coconut, and throw them down the road?
Put the lime in the coconut, and throw them down the road?
They put the lime in the coconut, you call your policeman, woke 'I'm up?

Singing, "Roll up, bowl a ball, a dime a pitch!"
Singing, "Roll up, bowl a ball, a dime a pitch!"
Roll up, bowl a ball
Roll up, bowl a ball
Singing, "Roll up, bowl a ball, a dime a pitch!"

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I've got a lovely bunch of limes,
So I put them in coconuts, while standing in the road.

Sweet ones, sour ones, some so acidic it'd wake the dead.

And they say "policeman! Ain't their nothing you can do?"
And they say "policeman! To stop this illegal gambling poo."

"Normally, toys tied to major film franchises are among the most popular products headed into the holidays, but studios have delayed the release of major new movies because of coronavirus. So classic products are experiencing a mini-renaissance."

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Clone my workstation! Update of my guide to install my 100% Free/Libre and Open-Source operating system and tools. "Kubuntu Linux 20.04 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide":
#kubuntu #kde #linux #krita #digitalart

@djsundog "this minecraft server has a browser-based minimap that exposes the entire world's block data through a publicly accessible API. i make posts by modifying the layout of blocks in these specific chunks..."

"a randomized, controlled trial where patients were either given insulin coma treatment or identical treatment but with unconsciousness produced by barbiturates. There was no difference in outcome between the groups and the authors concluded that, whatever the benefits of the coma regimen, insulin was not the specific therapeutic agent."

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Don't know if a HSP is causal of seizure, or if it's just a marker.

But I find it interesting that insulin overdose can cause sizures and sizures are a common issue in diabetes type 1 when blood sugar is bad.

Just watched an episode of Dr. house where he tried insulin shock to fix an hallucination. Almost killed him.

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Someone asked "can melatonin make you trip" on Reddit. And I figured out it could atleast induce a fever dream and possibly a seizure.

Other possible causal chains include a weird cyclic issue around serotonin->melatonin & metabolic weirdness.

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Lastly, as mentioned by @wolfie in the replies, there's a way to export all your subscriptions at once.

However, YouTube has hidden it from their pages. it still exists, but you aren't gonna find a link to it on any of their main pages.

We looked up more details, though, so all you need to do is go here, scroll to the bottom, and click the "Export Subscriptions" button:

Then you can import the resulting opml file into your RSS app.

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Random reminder that you can get RSS feeds for any YouTube channel and that these feeds are updated more reliably than YouTube's own "Subscribe" notifications and without the extra spam that comes from YouTube's other "Recommended" notifications and whatnot.

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