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I am a walking-talking infohazard and am probably dangerous to your wellbeing. I vacillates between curiosity/playfulness, but even IRL I have trouble with signaling intent.

Subverting the way we model the world can break walls we build to protect ourselves. Breaking my own walls is how I overcome my own fears.

This may enhance triggers in those who have differing fear/disgust responses.

Knowing your emotional limits is not a weakness.

I won't be mad if you unfollow.

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Things I've been absolutely fascinated with: and , , , systems and mechanism / , anything, organizational , theory, , , , theory, , , and , risk reward processing, and the nature of in living systems.

Basically I wanna put sentient robotic ants on mars.

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Stress eating shitpost until I smile with a shit eating grin.


I wonder if Ben & Jerry's situation will make more pressure for Vermont to secede.

I have a really long thread on propaganda on birdsite that is actually a collection of quote tweets to many of my other content threads.

I wish I could engineer this kind of thing on mastodon.

Child murder 

Headline: Carbohydrate malabsorption causing Necrotizing enterocolitis in infants driven by gut bacteria.

*read read read*

A formula of corn syrup and...

oh fucking hek.

Combing my hair with a dinglehopper and eating food with a wooden comb.

Building good communities is more important then enforcing rules

Helping someone understand why rules exist is more important then telling them what the rules are

You don't have to build your communities like you're a company. You can just TALK to people.

DO be explicit about your community norms. DO use your moderation tools to enforce them where necessary. But for the love of god, don't mistake rules lawyering for an actual community.

word soup
word smoothie
word salad
word cereal
word gumbo
seared idea fillets drizzled with a lexiconic reduction
word jimmies (candy word sprinkles)


Incel theorizing about virgin/Chad dynamics...

"That means that when there are many potential partners in the population, a top male – in our study, the largest and heaviest – enjoys a disproportionately high payout, fertilizing a large number of females at the expense of smaller males, who may not reproduce at all."

They seem to be right. Imagine that.

I wanna create a scala based DSL for a smarthouse and call it "yesMan"

Because it would be based loosely on my experiences talking to MisterHouse via a phone back in 2004.

I am a fucking nerd.

It's been 6 months and I finally feel like I can take a piss without stumbling or falling.

Life sucks right now, but its better than it was, and I am able to recover from not being able to walk.

Trying to maintain this inertia.

"The pharmaceutical products could act as [endocrine disrupting chemicals] when they get discharged directly from pharmaceutical industries into environment through untreated wastewater."

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Nocodb is fantastic looking,
and AGPL!

>Turns any MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite & MariaDB into a smart-spreadsheet.

Looks like they will be implementing an app store over the top of it as a way to make an income.

This is something I've literally been dreaming of since 2004

I saw a painted turtle today. Couldn't get a picture cuz of the wind (didn't wanna drop camera), but still really happy.

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