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Jackson Palmer @ummjackson

So Twitter is throwing internal server errors huh.

@uranther It didn't implode entirely - just the tipping! :(

Having wildly unpredictable food intolerances sucks 😞Imodium plz save me

@BlackPlaid It's probably worth a lot more than $700k, we rent it and no it does not. Most apartments in SF do not have A/C.

@acw that's kinda cool! i have a distaste for hot weather so i'm honestly fine with a sub zero a/c running 24/7 though 😂

Installing a window air conditioner tonight... wish me luck

@TonyNof That's odd, I'd try stopping the docker container, stopping nginx and then booting both back up again

@wonderfall As long as they don't break our merge mining I'm excited for them :) I've been promised things should go smoothly.

"Add boop sounds in Vorbis format" good PR

Good morning tooters 🌞😊

weather in SF is on point. shame i'm stuck inside!

@Gargron yo if you'd only used the one with a doggo on it.

@Admin That's what I did... gave it all away for fun instead of hoarding it.

@Admin haha I need to stop beating myself up for not being a scammy cryptolord.