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Damn. So folks in my local are having a tough time, right now. I feel you. If you’re have a shit week, I hope things pick up for you soon.* Be well. ✌️

* Unless you’re a racist, bigot, or trophy hunter - in that case I hope you choke on a rancid sack of maggots.

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Just because it feels like the whole world is crashing down on your head doesn't mean you're wrong.

Ho-o-o-ly shit have I wanted to get druuuunk, lately. Crawled out of a serious month of depression, and *gestures everywhere* all THIS!

Anyway…bottom line: did not drink.
Day 875 today.

Hope you’re well. If you’re struggling, please reach out (not to me of course, I’m just some random internet dipshit - find someone smart). ✌️

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One of the things I miss about the Google plus interface was how easy it was to search for/find & create small communities of interest.

I wish there was a way to do that more simply in the fediverse.

Would love to find more #writers, especially #specfic (#sciencefiction & #fantasy) writers.

There are some hashtags that can help us find one another - #amwriting & #amwritingscifi for example, but I don't thing many folks use them.

So, where are my spec fic writers at???

(Boosts welcome!)

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Bully comedians can be very talented at crafting their jokes, but they are ultimately cowards. Cowards punch down at those they think can get away with hitting. They’re not challenging their audience to think, nor themselves to empathize with their targets

Chappelle is a coward

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In the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man was played by actor Jack Haley. However, Haley replaced another actor who had to back out of the role due to illness. That actor was:

These are all real actors. No made up names.

No cheating. This is a 1 day poll. Check back for the correct answer. Boost for more replies, please.

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If you're trying to move the country backwards, you're not conserving you're regressing, by definition. Name them as such.

TFW you’re not sure if you’re in a good (decent) mood, or if—after having clawed your way up out of the “pit of self”—you’re simply too weary to rage.

What a truly bizarre time to be alive.

I don’t need to catalogue the list of reasons. You know what I’m talking about (he said to everyone around the globe).


Abandoning traditional tins, American manufacturers have started pressing baby formula into bullets in order gain Republican support.

Friday's First Four:

John Coltrane, Giant Steps (1960)
Lee Morgan, Cornbread (1967)
Mastodon, Blood Mountain (2006)
Imperial Triumphant, Alphaville (2020)

❤️ 🎵 🤘
What are you folks listening to, today?

To the lovely folks following me, rn: hello!

Also…whom do you recommend as a good follow? Although Mastodon is better for my blood pressure, I’m finding it a little slow going. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks. Hope y’all have a great day! ✌️

Took a gander at the bird site for the first time in a while. Holy hell what a…I don’t know….

Dumpster fire is played out.

What a hellscape? A pit of impotent fury and tepid bile? I don’t know. It was ugly, whatever it was.

Am I just burying my head in the sand over here?

How often do you bother with the Federated timeline? How about your local?

Why do I want to punch most of the people who make that heart symbol with their hands? 🤔

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