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There's a new PeerTube channel where you can watch my videos!

Huge thanks to @gcrkrause for setting it up and maintaining the video mirroring!

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There's now an official unfa Rocket.Chat!

Huge thanks to @gcrkrause who has dedicated his time to sit down with me and make it work! I'm not a sysadmin, so without his help this would be held together with nasty pile of duct tape! But it isn't!

Next step: bridge this with Discord (somehow) so it's one community in two places, and not two separate ones - if anyone has expeience or ideas how to do this - let me know!

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If you've missed my Ardour Quickstart tutorial - it covers all the basics to get you up and running in 30 minutes!

Taken with Lumix GH5 in 3 exposure brackets. Aligned with `align_image_stack`. Edited in Darktable. unfortunately there's a it of ghosting due to trees moving between different exposures.
Playing with funny colors.

Today I've finally managed to record a video I've been preparing this week. I've got over 1.5 hours of footage. It's gonna be an in-depth tutorial about looping sounds seamlessly using Audacity and Ardour.
Now it's all down to editing! (Or recording some extra bits if need be).

@BrodieOnLinux is livestreaming a very weird kung-fu bunny action game, which was open-sourced in 2010. Also it was made by one guy :D

If you have trouble understanding what does dynamic range compression do, I have a two part series covering it from absolute basics to advanced specialized types of compression:

I am looking for an open-source app for Android that will watch videos in a Cardboard VR headset. I have found one years ago but I don't remember what it was and I can't find it. Help!

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A new version of the #FOSS #sound effect sequencer #LV2 plugin #BOops is just out now. With new features:

* Faster
* New effects:
* Reverb (from ACE)
* Galactic reverb (from #Airwindows)
* Infinity reverb (from Airwindows)
* Tremolo
* Waveshaper
* Tesla coil (experimental)
* Tooltips for buttons
* Tooltips for pads property toolbox
* Show probability values on pads
* Pattern preview in pattern file chooser

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