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There's a new PeerTube channel where you can watch my videos!

Huge thanks to @gcrkrause for setting it up and maintaining the video mirroring!

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There's now an official unfa Rocket.Chat!

Huge thanks to @gcrkrause who has dedicated his time to sit down with me and make it work! I'm not a sysadmin, so without his help this would be held together with nasty pile of duct tape! But it isn't!

Next step: bridge this with Discord (somehow) so it's one community in two places, and not two separate ones - if anyone has expeience or ideas how to do this - let me know!

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Past Sunday's I've given a short live drum&bass performance with Linux and FOSS. If you missed that, enjoy:

Please let me know if you'd like to see more of this kind of live music work on my side!

Though the project seems to have not been updated since 2017.

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Quetoo (Q2) is an open-source multiplayer AFPS based on idTech2 engine (form Quake 2):

Imogen is an upcoming open-source vocal pitchshifter and harmonizer plug-in designed for live usage.
Keep an eye out!

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Fairphone is the only smartphone maker that has fair wages with safe working conditions, minimum environmental impact, and modular hardware that the user can easily fix/upgrade themselves (they even include a screwdriver in the box!).

You can follow them at:

➡️ @Fairphone

Their site is at

You can buy a Fairphone with degoogled Android preinstalled at

#Fairphone #Smartphones #Fairtrade #Android #Hardware #Business #NGOs #Environment #DeGoogle

Ardour 6.6 is the worst version I've seen in a long time. For every fixed bug there seems to be 2 new ones, screwing me over in unseen ways.
I hope the Ardour team will manage to weed these new problems out for the 6.7 release.

I wonder if someone could extract frames of the surroundings behind the windows and use something Like MeshRoom to create a 3D reconstruction of the environment they drove through?
I'd try this but I don't have an Nvidia GPU to work with :/

@gbryant I thought you might enjoy this little skit I made:
Warning: strong language!

Strong profanity while joking about the Linux Community 

Thank you all for coming! This was amazing! My live act worked great, nothing crashed, and music submission were stellar!

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I'm streaming in less than 1 hour!
I will play a little live act and show you how you can make your own using nothing but FOSS!

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Oh my...
Listen to all these tracks made with Drops, Ninjas2 and samples of @unfa beatboxing.
:blobaww: :blobhearteyes:

The endless hours beating my head against the wall while fighting c++... totally worth it.

My open-source audio production community is doing these monthly challenges. This month they've decided to take a 20-minute long live beatboxing session I've done some time ago, and base all tracks around sampling that. Here's the results. I am impressed - they've even made a cover art using frames from my beatboxing livestream!

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