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unfa @unfa@mastodon.social

It won't. I'll have to use Blender VSE for that - loaded it without batting an eye though!

First attempt failed. I'm not giving up!

Will Kdenlive import a 100000-frame PNG sequence? :D

Windows 10 installation gives no way to test the keyboard layout. Every desktop Linux distro I've installed in my life does.

Horray! I've contacted Dell support because if the disk is good, then the laptop is faulty. They asked me if I tried updating the BIOS - I didn't. I only tried reverting to default configuration. So I did update it and... a fresh installation of Linux Mint booted from the hard disk fine! Yay! I can do things now! So BIOS can randomly go bad in the middle of a night. The more you know...

I really like the sound of this plugin. I've gotta make some new track with it!

Argh. Back to square one. I had a WD 1TB laptop HDD fail on me. In one minute my OS crashed and it never booted up again. I sent it back for replacement. The service said they see no problems despite I have told them I made surface tests and detected problems, which S.M.A.R.T reported. Looks like they have just ignored that. Now I need to get that laptop working and guess what - it will not boot anything from that drive, but boots from a USB drive just fine. What gives? Running badblocks again.

Obxd seems to have an updated user interface!

Fresh video about making electronic music on Linux:

Goo.gl is going down. I don't actually see how Firebase is going to replace that for me...
Anyone can recommend a nice URL shortener with analytics?

Can you recommend me a reliable dual-band WiFi router for a small network?

Just install the zynaddsubfx-git package and you're set :)

Zyn-Fusion is now available for free in KX Studio repositories! Linux music makers - rejoice!