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unfa @unfa@mastodon.social

Net neutrality is gone - and YouTube is blocking all Blender Foundation videos. What is going on?

nVidia - a horror story:

Here's a positive breakbeat song from my "Static" album called "Eternal Message":

Come see me live, in the Internet this Friday :)

During and after the previous livestream people were asking for the next one - so here it comes!

Here's a TeamFortress2-inspired track from my album "Drum & Bass Payload":

Yesterday I have made a spontaneous livestream on YouTube with Combustible Lemonade:

Part 1: youtu.be/zbiZYwgsAdc
Part 2: youtu.be/0R_OooY4fW4 (rebooting)
Part 3: youtu.be/AzpExk0JpTQ

A new polished* video about my approach to working on music:

I also talk there about the history of one of tracks from my recent album "Suppressed".


*there's an easter egg for this word inside.

Here's a quick video about driving a synthesized drumkit with a single MIDI track in Ardour:

Playing around with a recent version of Blender 2.8 Beta. Rendered in 44 seconds on an Intel iGPU.

Here's some CC-BY licensed explosion sound effects for you that I made with ZynAddSubFX some time ago: freesound.org/people/unfa/soun

Any opinions on the service?