If anyone wants to but a used MSI GTX 1060 6 GB in perfect condition - I think I can bring it with me to Sonoj Convention 2019 :D

ACER Aspire ES1: you have to remove the entire freaking motherboard to access the RAM. What an awful design!

My new DnB track.

Created with Vital, Ardour 5, Manjaro Linux and a bunch of open-source plug-ins.

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Finally got a new audio interface that works flawlessly out-of-the-box in Linux, Behringer UMC404HD. Thanks @unfa for the recommendation!

Very new, very random, and very funny video from Technology Connections:

The computer system of Voyager space mission - a talk by Aaron Cummings.
Engineered to last forever...

Microsoft has a Linux distribution, even though the word 'Linux' appears nowhere on it's page:

I've missed the new album by Infected Mushroom! First one released under the Monstercat label. "Head of NASA and the 2 Amish boys".
I wonder what's the story behind this title...

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Holy smokes.

LibreOffice runs on the Librem 5!


Saving files, opening files, typing... the UI is a bit cramped (it's a desktop app on a phone)... but hot-diggity! It works!

I'm gonna install new Manajro on my laptop using Btrfs + full disk encryption this time. Never tried that before, but I guess that's a good idea when flying with your sensitive data on it (coming to in two weeks).

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