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There's now an official unfa Rocket.Chat!

Huge thanks to @gcrkrause who has dedicated his time to sit down with me and make it work! I'm not a sysadmin, so without his help this would be held together with nasty pile of duct tape! But it isn't!

Next step: bridge this with Discord (somehow) so it's one community in two places, and not two separate ones - if anyone has expeience or ideas how to do this - let me know!

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If someone could figure out a way to port AirWindows LinuxVST plug-ins to LV2 - we could have them working on MOD Duo / MOD Duo X!

Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated is out.
I haven't watched it yet.

Did you know that AirWindows audio plug-ins are all MIT-licensed?
These amazing plug-ins are FOSS, and the author even provides LinuxVST versions!
Someone port them to LV2! :D

After reloading an session, some regions might become empty. This bug is so old I had to re-report it, because I can't find the first report in the sea of issues I've filed...

BTW, I've installed ToS;Didn't Read add-on for Brave and it lets me quickly see how Facebook offends my privacy! Yay!

Mid-roll ads are going to get auto-enabled on all videos longer than 8 minutes.

These numbers have already changed twice today, so a video I released earlier is already outdated!

Thank you :)

Looks like Windows 10 by default is not going to detect or connect to 5GHz WiFi. Manajro on the same machine works fine, but Windows 10 is more than 10x slower.

You need to manually force the WIFI adapter to use a different mode, because automatic means 2.4 GHz only. 🤦‍♂️👏🤦‍♀️

I say IRC is not good enough for the modern age and for the average user. Ardour needs an official Rocket.Chat instace!

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