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“Planned Obsolescence Sucks” – Lunduke Weekly Rant – Jan 8, 2018

(And, yes, there will be much bashing of Apple in this episode.)


The #LundukeShow is brought to you by PogoLinux, System76, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

I'm preparing to create a video series teaching the leading open-source DAW - Ardour. I'm so excited I can hardly sleep!

Making music or sound effects? Learn synthesizers!

A new video in which I talk about the importance of understanding and programming sound synthesizers:

I have interviewed Mark McCurry, the main developer of ZynAddSubFX!


If you want to learn , or other open-source music production software, feel free to check out my YouTube channel:

Linux rocks!
I'm making electronic music exclusively with Linux and open-source software. Here's my newest album: unfa.bandcamp.com/album/suppre

I'm teaching my craft on YouTube.com/unfa000

Let me know if you'd like to get a FLAC download :)

My first ever Mastonon Toot, yay!