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I'm looking for a person who'd want to help me edit videos. For moneh! I am bottlenecked, and I am looking for a way to increase the bandwidth. If anyone here has experience with video editing, prefarably in and would be interested - please message me.

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If you're into music and audio production with Linux and/or open-source software, you could enjoy joining my community chat!
A lot of fantastic people there, sharing ideas, software and helping each other solve issues.

The community chat is bridged between a self-hosted, open-source Rocket.Chat instance at an Discord (proprietary, centralized):

I'll see you around :)

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Currently you can find my videos on PeerTube on two instances:

I am manually mirroring videos there so in case something's missing - let me know.

For a while was useful and by typing in "unfa" you'd find my videos, but not any more.

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You can watch my videos on Odysee:
They are automatically mirrored there.
(I am not manually managing these)

update for :

My player refactor is moving along - thanks to my redesign of the way characters in the game are controlled, I can now have Controllers that are Bots.

The way this is implemented, the Character doesn't really know or care if it's a human sending in commands or an AI. This also means Characters in game can be dynamically switching Controllers (human can take control of an AI character and vice-versa)

Brain hotswapping :D

Windows 11 is an assault on user's ownership of their computers.

If you want to run Windows 11 - you can't run Linux or anything else unless Microsoft explicitly lets you do it. What if they don't let you? Hah!

Castopod is a modern and fully-featured open-source project for publishing podcasts.

Makes we want to start a podcast ;)

Olive Video Editor 0.2 is seeing mighty improvements that make it very close to being able to replace Olive 0.1 in my workflow.
It's recently introduced:
- chroma keying with despill (2 different algorithms)
- basic color correction (no more math node for exposure and gamma, not to mention absolutely crazy node setups to do simple white balance or tint correction)
- WYSIWYG text editing in the video preview (that's something Olive 0.1 never had, and it's a big plus)
- Audio recording is back

Expressing explicit opinions on current events / politics & war 

Commenting on today's incident with Russian ambassador getting painted red in Warsaw.

BTW - I've put up a content warning, so if you don't want to get such content from me - this should let you filter that out easily.

Player refactor development update!
Basic player aiming and movement replays are working now!

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A YouTube channel with over 1.2M subscribers is regularly using a sound effect I've made with ZynAddSubFX and LMMS 9 years ago. Proof in the attached screenshot.

Video in question:

My SFX: (last sound in the sequence)

Yup. My CC0-licensed work is going places :) And that's ok! I love Kyle's videos.

is an not4profit open-source multiplayer FPS game built with a fully open-source toolchain, starting with Godot 4 game engine.

We're looking for Godot programmers, who'd like to help create a modern, crazy fun and inviting multiplayer FPS game that's also fully open-source.

More on

Here's how the game plays in it's current state:

If you want to learn about the long term goals for Liblast:

Me and the bois (unfatarians) are going live on the SvS festival right now! You'll hear our new EP and see a live chat with us. This is a charity challenge that we've been invited to take part in.

I'm working on a player/character control refactoring in Liblast. So far I've got simple game replay feature working and a lot of data
structures in place :)

Protect your hearing!
And if you have hearing loss and hearing damage - you can still make music!

My community has completed an EP and submitted to the SvS challenge. We'll be played live and interviewed on day 2 of the online SvS festival - this Saturday!

Here's an EP that the unfa community has been making for the past 5 weeks for the SvS charity event. Enjoy!

To all parents: if your child plays Roblox, you absolutely need to watch this report on what's going on in there:

TL;DW: Roblox is exposing children to gambling, stock trading, poor working conditions and (sexual) abuse from other child employers with lack of any kind of supervision.

The company gives 0 fscks about the children and makes bank off of their labor, addiction and abuse.

Comparing how realtime Godot lighting options work. Reflection Probe is used for reflections. SSR is currently broken an has no effect. I'm enabling SSIL, then SSAO and finally SDFGI.
Game is Liblast: (open source online FPS made with Godot 4).

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