Wanna make music with on (or other -based distros)?

plug-ins with great :

A great GM soundfont (use the General MIDI Synth):

A bunch of great Soundfonts:
To play with that in Ardour you need to use the Carla Rack plug-in - then you can drag'n'drop the SFZ files into it.

That's what I've found after playing with this stuff recently, as you've been asking for it :)

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An amazing speedrunner teaches his ways. How about applying this to making electronic music?

Why some people can't stop lying?
A story of fake speedruns by Henning Blom.

A comparison between Kdenlie and Olive - both open-source nonlinear video editors.

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Wolf Spectrum v1.0.0 released!


Wolf Spectrum is a free spectrogram audio plugin (VST, LV2, Jack). It can be used to analyze the frequency content of signals over time.

Feature requests and bug reports are welcome :)

Look what I've found! Before you ask - no, this is not my laptop!

I'm livestreaming now! Gonna make sume dubstep today :)

Allrigth, looks like I'll be doing something from scratch tomorrow!

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