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Well here we go.
First release of Ninjas2 sample slicer plugin

more info in the readme :

Ninjas2 has been used in @unfa latest live stream (@ 55:00 in)

and also by Speak in a DnB track

Well , have fun 😉

Should I make some videos about VCV Rack? 🤔

This is an absolute retro-computer nostalgia insanity trip! This is kind of an LGR documentary.

Looks like my portfolio pieces from 3 years ago are gone. Somehow. What's left are renders on Deviant Art. Too bad one of the best never made it there...

Wow. Building on is one of the most smooth processes I've seen. It just works!

Gonna build Unreal Engine 4 from source now on Manjaro.
I'd never imagine it'd come to this, when I played Unreal I as a small kid on my Pentium S 133 MHz w/ 32 MB of RAM. Now I have 32 GB...

And here's how the table looks like when nothing breaks:

Something about the textures broke, and my still life turned into Silent Hill...

1,603 triangles. 2k textures.
Modelled, sculpted, textured and rendered in Blender.

Making procedural wood in Blender:
Still coming back to this amazing talk by Bartek Skorupa (my compatriot):

I caved in and switched to Chromium.
Falkon recently started to consistently fail loading some websites. Waterfox doesn't support YouTube Studio and the address bar seems to be broken. I'm running out of options!

Good news: my ethernet works again. I did nothing. I hope it's not going to break again on it's own...

I've just churned out a quick tutorial video in something like 45 minutes:
Editing MIDI in Ardour - for apreggio sequences!

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