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PeerTube 1.0 released.

PeerTube is a free, decentralized, federated video platform that uses peer-to-peer technology, developed by Framasoft.

To provide an alternative to centralized, now censorship infested platforms such as YouTube.


Sailfish OS: Sail2Play gitlab.com/fabrixxm/harbour-sa +Jolla Store

Android: P2Play gitlab.com/agosto182/p2play/

==> framablog.org/2018/10/15/peert
#PeerTube #decentralized #federated #fediverse #deleteYouTube #Framasoft #Android #SailfishOS #Linux #Sail2Play #P2Play

Have another security talk. This time about special modes of operation of elevators. I find these absolutely fascinating:

I absolutely love security nerd talks. Here's a one about problems in airport security hardware:

If you want to learn compositing and VFX with open-source software, check out Natron:

Here's a video about using motion tracking in Natron to put an image on a flat physical object in your captured footage (Corner Pin):

Lzip seems to be one of the most robust data compression formats we have - but it's also not widely known. It's a great replacement for XZ, which was proven to be very messy by the Lzip's author.
I'm using Lzip!

I find Skype's emojis to be particularly hideous.

Such a great satire on PewDiePie and the like... and such a great tribute to all the science YouTubers too...
Salutations, Captain!

In this video I dive into mixing with Wolf Shaper - a powerful free and open-source distortion plug-in:

Do you know an internet swag store where I can put my t-shirt designs and they'll produce them only when there are orders?
I'm wondering if ther's a low-upfront cost option to do this kind of thing.
Because it won't make sense for me to order 2000 t-shirts and then send them out myself.

Hre's an emoji I drew in Inkscape for my unfa vlog #28 video.

If I had tons of time to put into waste(land) - I'd play Fallout 3 with no regrets. BTW: does it work on Linux?
But I have other things to do :D

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