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Where did I hear that last? On my primetime news. twitter.com/BrynnTannehill/sta

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Hauz Rani, Delhi: Right now women have assembled to address the gathering, talking about last night’s experience where Police had tried to get them to stop their protest.

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Does @UN@twitter.com @UNICEFIndia@twitter.com @UNHumanRights@twitter.com only issue such 'adhere to basic civil rights' commands AFTER genocide against Muslims has occurred? Bc it sure factually seems so, given current atrocities in India. @ashoswai@twitter.com @cjwerleman@twitter.com @FriedrichPieter@twitter.com @Shudraism@twitter.com @kavita_krishnan@twitter.com twitter.com/realchrissyg/statu

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Karnataka is showing India how the poor & migrants will face the brunt of the . Yesterday 5000 working in Kodagu's coffee plantations--mostly Assamese, Bengalis--were herded to 3 centres for all-day "identity verfication". 1/2 newindianexpress.com/states/ka

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I study genocide. It's been a theme in my academic endeavours for nearly 30 years. More accurately, I study the conditions in the lead up to genocide, be they cultural, social, political, economic, etc... 1/n

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Early warning signs of an upcoming genocide.

Modi’s fits in perfectly

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Puducherry's five year long struggle to keep food instead of cash. CM has approached the Madras High court against LG's insistence on cash

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The majority among this landless community, which is on the bottom-most rung of the caste hierarchy, lacks documents and even money to get papers made. newsclick.in/NRC-Will-Deal-Hea

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Here is the updated thread for all 24x7 Sit-in Protests from all over INDIA 🇮🇳

50+ Shaheen Bagh type 24x7 Sit-in Protests Across 34 towns/cities.

13 - 24x7 Sit-in Protests in Delhi

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Hauz Rani, Delhi: Both detained have been released. Tents are up, ensure high participation so the sit-in can continue.

Inquilab Zindabad!

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When you vandalize library in the university the library comes to the road. With jamia students at their brand new street library.

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Hauz Rani, Delhi: Police has now confirmed that it has detained two people - Sanoj & Masood at Malviya nagar Police Station. Lawyer has reached.

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41 sit in protests here on map. Add one more in Kolkata and one in Bangalore. The women of India doing India proud. If there were 90% women in politics, India would be a good place.

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Police are not allowing outsiders to enter the protest area. Huge crowd have gathered.

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"Mil k bolo Jai Hind!
Jai Hind, Jai Hind!"

The environment today at Shaheen Bagh was filled with passionate chants throughout.
Here is another glimpse into how it feels to be part of the avaam!

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Students, in solidarity with the North East Society are boycotting classes on 24, Jan 2020 & a Protest has been called by the Student's Federation of India at 12 noon outside gate number 3 of SRCC.

Pls spread the word and reach in large numbers outside SRCC gate 3 against ABVP.

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The NorthEast Society of , DU was to organise an event on 24 Jan to raise awareness about the protests happening in the northeastern states.
However, event was abruptly called off allegedly after ABVP led DUSU threatened the administration with violence.

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DELHI: Hauz Rani, lawyers are there no one detained at Malviya Nagar PS. People are pitching a tent to start the indefinite sit-in until the roll back of CAA-NRC!

Zulmi jab jab zulm karega satta ke hathiyaaro se, chappa chappa goonj uthega inquilab ke naaron se!

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Midnight protest at Moghalpura in Hyderabad. 10 persons detained.

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