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: Scores of Students in boycotted the official Republic Day function organised by varsity administration & chose to celebrate the day at -e-Syed gate with a ceremony. @timesofindia@twitter.com @parasnsingh95@twitter.com @shady2k8@twitter.com

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"State-sanctioned land theft is occurring in India on an almost unfathomable scale. There are up to 8 million forest-dwelling people currently facing eviction from their land; a number roughly equivalent to the population of New York."


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The Dadis of Shaheen Bagh , Rohit Vemula and Junaid's mothers together hoisted the national flag at Shaheen Bagh in the presence of thousands of people . Watch this as I report...

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We are 3000 strong marching to Indian High Commission

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Saddest reminder of the condition of Indian democracy is Jammu & Kashmir tableau at celebrations in New Delhi. Area under a crippling lockdown for past 5 months with internet shutdown, MPs under detention,100s in prisons, loss of livelihood, no basic amenities.

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: - students shouting slogans “Go back”, as VC begins addressing the gathering at the function. @parasnsingh95@twitter.com @shady2k8@twitter.com

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Update: Mobile phone services snapped in Kashmir. Complete shutdown being observed in the valley as India celebrates its 71st Republic Day.

We need to ask questions & We need to answer them.

Indian intelligence agencies/RSS with Pak ISI terrorist group support, was planning to kill a few Indians today.

Parliament attack, red fort attack, killing of non kashmiri truck drivers were few of the "games" played by them.
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कौन सा “ गेम “ देविंदर सिंह खेल रहा था ? इस “ गेम “ के बाक़ी खिलाड़ी और कोच , “ कप्तान “ कौन है ? और देविंदर की गि…

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These 86 words have never been more relevant than on this Republic Day:


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We the people. Hundreds read the preamble of the Indian Constitution at midnight at to mark the country’s 71st Republic Day.

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The Republic belongs to the public - to We The People of India - to the diverse peoples of India!
That public has reclaimed the Republic and given new life to the Constitution, occupying streets, embracing the Constitution.
Long live this Republic!

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If you are planning to read one thing on . Here it is!
Dr Ambedkar's Last Speech In The Constituent Assembly On Adoption Of The Constitution buff.ly/2Gl139m

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Shaheen Bagh will have @vemula_radhika@twitter.com and the Constitution.

Lutyens Delhi will have Bolsonaro and the guns.

This is Republic Day, celebrating the Constitution.

You know where it will be valued and where not.

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Let us resolve to intensify the battle for repeal of CAA and stopping the NRC-NPR-detention camp exercise. The time has come when 'we, the people of India' must decisively assert to defend the Constitution and reclaim the republic.


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: "The truth is, I saw those trigger-happy BSF men piling up human bodies on January 25, 1990 in Handwara Chowk—as if, culling the chickens."

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And thanks to @YouTube@twitter.com behaving like UP Police, our music video talking about love & dissent has been age-restricted EVEN WHEN YouTube itself admits that it doesn't violate community guidelines.

Matlab idhar aur FB pe hi RT maaro ya download karke whatsapp pe ghumaao.

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Sab gaa rahe hain toh humne bhi ek geet bana diya. Suniye!

(Composed and sung by: Rahul Ram)

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