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While we raise our voices to say that and , we should also remember that Sudha ji continues to be in prison unlawfully. This brute use of power against activists has to stop.

If the courts have an iota of shame or humanity left , they must release Amulya, BhimaKoregaon9 , Dr Kafeel Khan , Sanjiv Bhatt & other innocents immediately.
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As India's pandemic unfolds & govt considers releasing thousands jailed for lesser offences, a young woman has been in a jail on untenable charges for over a month, another on bail after 33 days. …

'The country must rethink its strategy of epidemic management to be more inclusive of the marginalised sections of the society.'
scroll.in/article/956980/india via @scroll_in@twitter.com

"But the manufacturers allege that these docs were not available on the website earlier. They say they did not know about the tender at all. They blame HLL & the govt for concealing an important doc in the middle of a nationwide health crisis.'


RSS's fulfilled Bucket list.
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Pogrom, lynchings and a completely torn social fabric; a ravaged economy with failing banks and mounting job losses; damaged international standing & prestige; subverted institutions; fallen democratic norms... What a giant list of achievements!

The Supreme Court!
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CAA Protests : SC Stays Karnataka HC Order Granting Bail To 22 Persons Arrested For Alleged Violence [Read Order] livelaw.in/top-stories/caa-pro

The Government!
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जनपद लखनऊ में विगत 19 दिसंबर 2019 को हुई हिंसा में शासकीय व निजी संपत्तियों को क्षति पहुंचाने वाले व्यक्तियों से वसूली हेतु सूचना को होर्डिंग के माध्यम से सार्वजनिक किया गया।

We still have to call these criminals, The Government!
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Two Indian news channels banned temporarily for critical coverage of the . The government's position is clear. Either go with propaganda and indifference or go out of circulation.

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Asianet News is back on air. I was told that the Board made a representation to MHA last night.

A mere look at the bail order by anyone with a sense of justice will ensure the order is thrown out and the dangerous criminal & rapist with huge influence is put back in jail.

Instead SC upholds bail order destroying the Law student and family with moronic quid pro quo allegtn.
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[Breaking] SC Refuses To Interfere With Bail Granted To Chinmayanand In Sexual Exploitation Case https://www.livel…

The pogrom has everything to do with NPR-NRC-CAA and nothing to do with elections. Problem is people still dont understand elections mean nothing.
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"...the Delhi massacre happened just days after an election, after the BJP-RSS suffered a humiliating defeat. It is a punishment for Delhi and an announcement for the coming elections in Bihar."

~ Arundhati Roy


Read this to understand.

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Nine years ago Caravan magazine had captured this man in a way no piece of journalism did. His own closest aides, who were later thrown out by Kejriwal, called us names for this piece. Brilliant timeless evergreen longform by @JeelaniReports Link: caravanmagazine.in/reportage/i

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India against corruption was always Indians against constitution. The organisers had scant respect for democracy & was aiming for an autocracy of RSS.
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From India Against Corruption to Indians Against Constitution @SanjayAzadSln
@AamAadmiParty @Incindia @SalmanNizami_ @SubhashiniAli @Dipankar_cpiml @dalitwomenfight @DalitOnLine @Jayati1609 @Prksh_Ambedkar

There seems to be good coordination between RSS's walrus Bhagat & Imran khan.
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Today in India we are seeing the Nazi-inspired RSS ideology take over a nuclear-armed state of over a billion people. Whenever a racist ideology based on hatred takes over, it leads to bloodshed.

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