With the push for unconstitutional aadhaar-VoterID linking & seeking SC stamp 4 totally unacceptable online voting (for NRIs), the RSS is muddying the election process further as they fear the EVM home run may not last long.

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11 Opposition parties to fight EVM misuse, money power and media


"EVMs can be manipulated everyone knows - but where will you go for justice? The Supreme Court, the institutions are all compromised. Therefore we have to go to the court of people. ...

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Mr. Singh was quoted in a statement as saying that the way the Election Commission is functioning it has become like the Executive Council rather than an independent constitutional body.

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CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said electoral bonds were smuggled in through the Money Bill route. He said despite multiple legal challenges to it, including one that he filed, the Supreme Court had not decided the matter even though more than three years had passed.

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INC leader Digvijay Singh said he did not trust EVMs as people could not be sure where their vote went & due to electoral bonds, people did not know where money was going & by unchecked use of money, the BJP was controlling the media & in fact even funding the spread of fake news

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"Unfortunately, communication technologies and media platforms are creating polarisation through the circulation of disinformation and hate- filled text posts and tweets. Despite guidelines and codes, ECI (Election Commission of India) has not seemed to be taking cognisance of ..

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In the second resolution, the parties stated how massive money power and the criminal muscle-power created thereof is destroying the very integrity of India's elections.

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"... The VVPAT (voter verifiable paper audit trail) system should be re-designed to be fully voter-verified. A voter should be able to get the VVPAT slip and cast it in a chip-free ballot box for the vote to be valid and counted,” the resolution stated.

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The 11 parties are the Congress, CPI(M), SP, BSP, CPI, NCP, TRS, RJD, RLD, Welfare Party and the Swaraj India.
Three resolutions were passed at a conference attended by these parties in Delhi.

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Even without changing constitution & flag ,4 of these r already happening

No one is allowed 2 vote (EVM)
Gruesome physical punishments
Caste as the law of the land
Training for RSS hooligans
Attacks on multiple SA nations - Never going to happen as enemies 4 RSS r Indians only
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What might India look like under a constitution?

Christians and Muslims not allowed to vote
Gruesome physical punishments

Day to commemorate freedom struggle & Independence has been turned into a celebration of heinousness, injustice, lawlessness and criminal behaviour.

At least reclaim your vote.

"The attackers descended on the truck and in next one hour or so, 14 people were killed. Among the deceased was the two-year-old Saleha, the daughter of Bilkis. Saleha's head had been smashed."
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Government bailing out convicted rapists. Never heard it happen in any civilised society. Why was our Indep…

It's a long fight for the civil society and the opposition. The opposition must decide to stay far away from EVM "elections" including upcoming state elections. Machines should be fully kept out of election process.


Machines must be removed at bare minimum.

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Challenges to India’s Electoral Democracy- 3M (Machine, Money, and Media) twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1rmxP

Seems there is more to this Nitish-BJP plan than just perception management.
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Too smooth a changeover in . No intervention by the praetorian guards of this government- ED, CBI and IT. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

Rahul G should stop blaming nonexistent things like Democracy.

The guy is still cooperating with EVM rejection-
1) even after demand by entire opposition for meaningful audit/paper ballots were blocked
2) even after polled & counted votes didn't match in most seats in GE2019
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Stop Blaming Indian Democracy For People's Rejection: BJP To Rahul Gandhi ndtv.com/india-news/stop-blami

Surveys must be on EVMs' concerns rather than useless voters concerns.

The surveys conducted by you, before significant elections were mostly focusing on EVMs' concerns , don't spoil it by meaninglessly focusing on voters.
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In 28 out of 30 state assembly election surveys which @LoknitiCSDS @csdsdelhi conducted during last few years, voters expressed concern and anxiety about Price Rise. It is a real concern of common…

Any amount of denial , injustice or lawlessness is possible when you have EVM & Totally captured Institutions.

Keeping the radicalised support base , vocal and well advertised will even make people forget , how demand by entire opposition for PaperBallots in GE2019 was blocked.
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Every single claim is a transparent lie. You can do that easily when you've got a radicalised voter base, and you've captured every inst…

Getting bail with a compromised Judiciary is like winning a lottery.
The lawlessness is flaunted by RSS/BJP to force people into silence.

We can restore the Judiciary, at least partially -
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Lucknow High Court dismisses the bail application of Siddique Kappan, the journalist who has spent 22 months in jail. He was arrested in Oct.2020 while on his way to Hathras in UP, to cover the rape…

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