I'm always amazed by people who meet someone after decades at a totally random place (holidays) and recognize them immediately. Even if it's a person they only knew from TV. And even when the person wears a mask.

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I tend to have a mild kind of face-blindness. I do recognize faces, e.g., politicians that have disappeared from the public 20 years ago. When I see them in the news 20 years later I recognize them right away. But when I see people that I don't know well or in an unusual place, I'm always very unsure although often right. Sometimes I mix up sisters. It seems that as a child I've learnt subconsciously to stick with behaviour, style, hair, and voices. And I rarely had a reason to recognize faces.

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Somebody on a different platform asked me about face blindness. I thought I'd copy my reply here. Brains are complicated and have fascinating failure modes.
I have a mild case of it, so my experience is probably different from the people who have a full case.

I don't recognize people until I've seen them multiple times. That has all sorts of problems, such as when I start a new job and can't recognize my boss.

#prosopagnosia #FaceBlindness

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Auch hier im ländlichen Raum (Rheinland-Pfalz) war die Beantragung des heute kein Problem. Die Gültigkeitsdauer des alten Persos (noch 1 Jahr) wurde gar nicht geprüft und Fingerabdrücke ließen sich problemlos verneinen. Insgesamt angenehm und die Terminlage ist hier draußen eh entspannter als in vielen Städten.

The temperature deviation this year in our garden is quite huge compared to the average of the same months from 2014 to 2020. Absolute deviation:
March 2021: -0,7 °C
April 2021: -4.6 °C
May 2021: -3.6 °C
June 2021: +1,4 °C

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Service toot: If you feel like the new 89 UI wastes too much space, set browser.uidensity to 1 in about:config
Source (including more Proton styling infos): userchrome.org/firefox-89-styl

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I just helped "normal" computer users accessing a URL. They don't understand the difference between the URL bar and search bar of the browser. One reason might be that the URL bar of their Safari browser is the opposite of eye-catching. And I fear this is intentional 😞

"Evergreen" is a great name for a cargo ship blocking

I fear that as soon as we manage to get the pandemic under control (whatever that means exactly) we'll see a huge neoliberal backlash.

People telling us to catch up what we've »lost«. Politicians demanding to regain economic leadership from China. Entrepreneurs asking for a 48-hour-week. And as always, there are enough people to believe such dangerous bullshit.

I think it's high time to spread the word against these ideologies before this narrative is established by the enemies of humanity.

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Let’s normalize being able to say “Thanks for inviting me but no, I won’t join you because I just want to be alone for a while”

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A fascinating idea. Viewing your browser tabs as part of the filesystem, allowing you to use standard Unix filesystem tools to view and manipulate the tab contents. The Unix "everything is a file" concept is still a powerful one.


Via Hacker News [ news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2 ]

#Unix #Linux #WebBrowsers #Filesystems

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Here you can surf quite anonymously. But we will film you. 🤔

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holy shit, firefox market share is below 5%!?!
the web is not okay

Here's a risk calculator that lets you define a scenario and then tells you how risky it is based on current research. (downside – probably not GDPR compliant and not using SI units)

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