What really need is a simple tui package configuration system like the one in . Or at least support for .config-files or so

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Yes! I've won. Now I have sound in my . The long story short: I recompiled the kernel, installed vlc and 3 times rebuilt firefox just to realize that I had sound all the time just ff was built without pulseaudio support

with on my old laptop. It took pretty much time to make everything work and a lot still to be done (build 88XXau driver, make sound work, install prettier cursors).

Wallpaper source pixiv.net/en/artworks/77904508

Now I'm going to rebuild the kernel to remove the modules I don't need and get rid of initrd

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I've spent several days to figure out why I can't boot on my old Roverbook. Even tried to install Gentoo but somehow they fucked up all the portages. Then I installed serveral *bsd systems: BIOS with FreeBSD (I used it for several years on this laptop though) and OpenBSD memstick plugged don't run, NetBSD works but is kinda weird. And you know what? RTFM. It appears that the kernel with default settings just don't see an ssd. Made localmodconfig + initrd and it did the trick

After LFS I began to dislike Ubuntu. A couple of days ago I installed Manjaro on my laptop, but it appears that it's even worse. And it's died today. :pika: I kinda like gentoo but no way I'm installing it here. Current options are Elementary and OpenSuSE

(Russian Facebook) continue to go down. I've been using it since it was a small local social network, nice and comfy. Everything changed when its founder left the company. Today it's owned by Mail.ru - the bigest piece of shit company in Russia. They increased amount of ads, implemented tons of useless features from fb and insta and so on. Today they've shown me ad with sex doll from aliexpress. It was the last drop of my patience

Have you ever turned your tv on after and saw one of those pathetic shows for adults? You know, about sex and women things. Usually I don't watch tv but that time I was sad and bored so I turned on a random channel. It was a classic music channel. And know what? In the adult time they broadcast concerts. I think I'm getting old because I liked it.

makes pretty good impression. I like that simplicity, it feels like freebsd in many ways. But sysup lasts forever. As far as I understand the guys are preparing the next release so it's not a big problem. There is only one thing that should be better: prt-get and pkgmk don't check dev dependencies. I've spent all day to figure out why I cannot compile libjpeg-turbo (old llvm and cmake)

I need some time to think about what I learned from lfs. When I was looking for a theme for icewm I found one in a long forgotten style... Crux. Never tryed it but it looks like something in between lsf and gentoo. I'm going to check it out.

The odds were against me but I've made it. The trick was in building , drm and xkeyboard-config with proper prefixes. Here is my diff for util/modular/build.sh: termbin.com/pyav. And, yeah, I should've commented all the video drivers out.

The third day I'm trying to build x11. I've already defeated mesa but now errors become even more weird.

I think I've made it. Now is being compiled properly. All I had to do is to take a look at blfs docs about compiling and set a flag to build libLLVM.so. That's it. Than I've had another short adventure trying to disable wayland support (-Dplatforms=x11,drm) in an x11 build script. If everything goes well I'll have a basic desktop environment soon.

Friendly reminder: RTFM before you try to compile anything.

Well, at least now it's the same error as when I try to build mesa separately

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I think I've understood why the fuck I cannot build mesa with a x11 build script. It appears that if a package has a `builddir` folder it runs ninja instead of meson. The moment of truth.

Trying to build and it's failing on mesa. The logs say that I don't have a fortran compiler. Wtf? I guess I'm rebuilding gcc again.

I've spent all day to realise that doesn't load a theme because there was no font. I don't know where it comes from just downloaded from the first link in the search.

Theme source: github.com/vinceliuice/grub2-t

I continue playing with . Today I've configured bash, found out how to install vboxguestadditions and now preparing to build x11

Here we go! Now I'm officially a user. ID: 28429.

Next I'm going to make some customization, install zsh, x11 and desktop env, probably , etc. But first I have to briefly take a look at BLFS. An then maybe I'll pack my vm and upload it to a cloud so everyone watching me invading the linuxfromscratch tag could understand what an asshole I really am. :patcat:

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