If you feel bad after having your wifi6/5G chip implanted, you have probably got an sql-injection instead

I'm making an http-server in from scratch so I could have my own ip detection service (like Dyndns's checkip). Why should I invent a wheel? Because I can.

The current "naive" implementation makes a response in 2ms, which is pretty good, I think. No router, a middleware pipeline and other bells and whistles yet

Wolfwalkers movie is actually Avatar: Best Edition

Reported. All I can do now is waiting. At least I don't have any ideas other than building a minimal kernel

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One more attempt to fix my old laptop's backlight. I found a nice article about debugging backlight in wiki. Trying options from it and writing a bug report. Also I've found out that acpi_osi=Linux partially fixes the issue (brightness is fixed on load but isn't saved on shutdown)

I was wondering if this upper icicle could reach the one below so they are connected and became a single one. But no, it's now so long the drops freeze before they go all the way down

This is weird. GhostBSD failed too. And what am I supposed to do? At least this means they have a common 3rd party driver or the one that is broken the same way.

It's 3:30 am and my condition is close to a raging potato.

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I give up. I'm reading the kernel's change logs starting with 3.6 and sloooowly downloading . I hope the fixed an installer (they said it works already)

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12.04.3 is broken. It uses 3.8.* branch of kernel, the same as 13.04. Something happened between 3.5 and 3.8. The problem is official kernels of these versions mysteriously disappeared from the wild and there no ubuntu distros with them. But I see the links to mainline ppa everywhere. :AAAAAA:

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I feel like an idiot. Wrong version, wrong config, wrong diff. Everything is wrong. Need more 12.04 tests

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Blacklisting these modules didn't do much. I've even had an idea that it might be acer_wmi, but it's not. It couldn't be otg, could it? And happiness was so damn close...

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I was wrong. 12.04.1 works fine. Moreover 12.04.2 is fine too. And it uses the same kernel version as 13.04 (3.5.0-17 vs 3.5.0-23). Diff shows not so many changes:

* usb otg unset
* amd_iommu_v2 added as module (virtualization)
* drm_i915_hsw added as module (intel graphics driver)

It's time to build the kernel, I guess

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I think I've found the exact bugfix that broke my backlight. And if I'm right 12.04.1 won't work. But first, testing 12.10. bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sou

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13.10 doesn't work either. I wish there was a different way, other than a damn brutforce

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14.04.0 doesn't work. At least I don't have to check every version up to 16.04. Anyway, I always have FreeBSD as an alternative

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