Once in a while I've visited 's website and found out that they released 3.7 yesterday. Interesting coincidence. And now I realized that 3.6 was almost 3 years ago. :aaaa:

Why is it so hard to find a theme that doesn't look like shit, has dark window borders and a light background, and doesn't make MATE's panels look white? It took a couple of hours to find this one github.com/vinceliuice/Matcha-

Thanks to MATE I finally realized that my headset worked in mono all along. I don't use it for anything but voice so I couldn't tell the difference. The good thing is that people made a proper pulse profile for it

I've remembered why I came from xfce to kde: my second monitor is vertical and on xfce the area outside of the main display's vertical borders was not interactible for unknown reason. Now I'm going to give a try to Devuan with MATE because on kde I have to do `setxkbmap us` every time I try to play something using wine

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You know that feel when you see from behind a girl walking in front of you, her violin body shape, wonderful long hair, and an awesome butt and then you catch up with her and see her face... and it's like in that story where a man found a horseshoe in a field, brought it home, flipped over it and found a whole horse on the other side

Hm, this is weird. I've shot this video vertically, on pc it was rotated 90 degrees left and now it's 90 degrees right. :aaaa:

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Found a bug in my noname xbox one remote. The LED turn on only when there is a signal from the gyro sensor on the positive axis

Despite the fact that JS is very unhappy language perverted by hipsters it's still not that bad. At least there are a lot of more or less proper tutorials. TIL sucks. Almost every fucking manual I found was for v1. Who need those ES 3.0 shaders, right? Oh, and 2 docs... you don't need them 'cause you already have WebGL 1 docs at home. I'm kinda disappointed.

The long story short. I resurrected my old HTC HD Mini with WM6.5 and prepared a vm with win7 and vs2008. What should I try to make first?

I really should've written how I made this work. Now I can't configure xorg properly because vesa don't want to use 1280x800 and openchrome falls into the effing rainbow screen

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Today I'm giving a try to for my old RoverBook. Good news: it allows me to set mbr amd screen resolution. Bad news: cl-update goes "All ebuilds have been masked" immediately so I can't rebuild the kernel

If you feel bad after having your wifi6/5G chip implanted, you have probably got an sql-injection instead

I'm making an http-server in from scratch so I could have my own ip detection service (like Dyndns's checkip). Why should I invent a wheel? Because I can.

The current "naive" implementation makes a response in 2ms, which is pretty good, I think. No router, a middleware pipeline and other bells and whistles yet

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