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There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who want to rise above the standard of living and those who want to raise the standard of living. I'm the latter and I don't have anything for the former.

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It's not my fault that most people are wrong most of the time.

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I've just come in from the twitter wars for a moment to see how everyone is doing. The fam probably won't recognize me.

Contrary to popular belief, only being a misogynist dick head in your group of bros where no one can see only makes you a cowardly misogynist dick head.

Is it legal to carry a pistol for self defense in Germany?

Twitter is going to be totally pointless for the next few days.

you ever wonder if you were falling in space, if you'd slow down after a while or go faster and faster

I can't wait until we finally pry the US gov from the filthy hands of these stupid wretched apes so I can live in peace. We will elect real progressives from the actual left in 2020.

I got so much game I don't even need to be a gamer. You can have that controller all long night baby.

While fucking liberals protest a Nazi getting fired for the neocons I'm looking to Mastodon to restore my faith in humanity.

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