Sweet, "rel=me" verification is coming to Mastodon! You can actually get a checkmark next to the links in your profile. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

OK I freely admit that the first concert I ever went to alone with my friends was a KISS show at Madison Square Garden in NYC when I was 13 years old and seeing this excellent second generation Deluxe KISS Burial Casket warms my heart and made me look in the closet for that KISS bathrobe I won on ebay. I say if you are going to buy this excellent KISS casket to rock on in for eternity …. you should really buy it ahead of time .. before you need it. I back this concept with a few good points . To properly enjoy this particular Rockers burial option one might want to properly outfit and customize The Deluxe KISS burial coffin …I was thinking that i would want to have a “stash” of my favorite herbal refreshments close at hand as well as a mini bar stash as well plus i think it would be appropriate to enjoy this most excellent piece of rock and roll expression and maybe even get a piece or two in the casket while i was still kickin. Its the perfect solution and answers the question an every KISS Army soldiers mind .How can I represent KISS properly from the grave? The Answer The Deluxe KISS Burial Casket burial option from memorials.com $3,999 https://shitposter.club/attachment/2398057

Everyone is always so focused on the “super” and “hyper” keys on Lisp keyboards, but I find the 👎 and 👍 keys a lot more fascinating.

@thomasfuchs Amiga 1000. It’s the most well-designed “boring beige” desktop computer ever. I especially love all the nice details like the keyboard goes under the case and the mouse and joystick ports on the side. Also, that angled mouse plug! And the keyboard layout is also neat; compact, but with full numpad.

@thomasfuchs I’m a big fan of the design of Sony’s MSX models, they’re all brilliantly colour-coordinated (photos found here: androidarts.com/Amiga/MSX.htm).

@thomasfuchs oh, apparently they made a model with integrated keyboard too. Picture source (and more pictures): lancelot2.blog.so-net.ne.jp/20

So, Day is tomorrow, 15 September. It's the 23rd anniversary of the release of _Hackers_.

Does anybody want to have an online "Let's Watch Hackers" party tomorrow night?

bookface link, because this is A Thing: facebook.com/events/2198356313

New Orbital album!

Initial thoughts: yep, it's another Orbital album. I'm halfway through (not counting the bonus tracks) and there are really no surprises.

But I still like Orbital and maybe if you like repetitive, slightly goofy electronic music then you'll like it too.


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