Have you ever wondered why you see "gray" spelled two different ways? ow.ly/zTPJ30mBsoa

Last night's #FridayFilm was:
Margin Call (2011)

A drama focused on one fictitious trading company at the start of the 2008 financial crisis.

A stagey production with lots of talking heads, but with mostly powerful performances, from a stellar cast.

If you enjoy courtroom dramas, you will probably enjoy this. I would recommend this film, with reservations.

The film didn't do a good job of explaining its core premise, nor did it convey the wider implications.

#movies #film #cinema

The most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Flat UI Design, in two acts.

"Art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" - David Foster Wallace

not having a great day at jurassic park :blobfrown:

Sent from inside a dinosaur's tummy

I publised 1.20.0 in the beta channel.

What's new:

- See who boosted or favorited a toot (from the menu in toots)

- Previews of URLs in toots

- Previews for URLs: Videos directly displayed and played in timelines (loaded manually with a click)

- Previews in toots can be disabled in settings

- Previews for videos also work with   

- Bug fixes

So I realize I've been thinking of social networks as graph-based and set-based.

Graph-based means you follow other users and get a feed of their posts. (E.g. Facebook, Goople, birdsite, here).

Set-based means you are either in or out and if you're in, your feed is the same as everyone else who's in. (E.g. subreddits, mailing lists, USENET groups, web fora.)

I'm finding this to be a useful distinction.


If you are an American, please remember to vore on Tuesday.

Eat the entire polling place.

To me, the thing that exemplifies "work smarter, not harder" is the Fallout 3 train hat - instead of creating an entirely new system for a train, they just have an NPC wearing a hat which is an entire train, hidden under the floor and running very quickly.

It's absurd, and someone could have spent a lot of time and effort on a new system to get the the same result in a less absurd way. But this works, so why not?

So my new motto is, "don't be afraid to wear a train as a hat."

It's midnight! Which means it's time for #nanowrimo to commence!

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