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My other fediverse accounts: my main account, on a community-hosted instance of friendica. Sometimes it has long posts. pixelfed, where I post WIP and just-finished pictures of the crafts I'm currently working on.

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I swear sometimes I feel like when I use Free / Libre Open Source Software it's like getting a hug from an entire community.

From today's wikipedia anniversaries: a ferry called Herald of Free Enterprise capsized because both the ship and the procedures were designed to maximize profit at the expense of safety.

how sadly appropriate…

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After a bit more than one year since I finished, I finally posted the pattern and instructions for my backpack.

This was my first big #MYOG project, and I've been using it almost daily as my “handbag”.… #sewing
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whatever you clever web kids are doing lately to break such esoteric browser features as "the arrow keys make the page go up and down" and "the Home and End keys work", i wish you would kindly reconsider.

TIL there is such a thing as (International Correspondence Writing Month).

Now wondering if I want to participate…

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PSA, alternative 

Please don't use Just don't. Ever!

Instead, for example use the "dudle" (since doodle is a TM I think?) by the technical university of Dresden:

Apart from being a lot more privacy oriented, it has a tonne more features such as non-date polls, the ability to GPG sign votes, etc...

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Only 2 days left to get Conservancy to their fundraising goal and they're SO CLOSE

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Just 4 more days to help us meet our challenge grant and to have your financial support for our work to build a diverse, community-driven, free software future be doubled -- we are so close, thanks everyone!

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random PSA apropos nothing:

it is entirely possible for someone to have been in a shitty situation with toxic people and for that person to also be a toxic person

there is no wrong in getting the fuck away from them

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@clacke As I get older I feel more strongly that one should not idolize people, regardless of how great they seem. Idols seem to always disppoint. Also, it's unfair to require humans to be super-humanly good in every way, just because they're good in one way.

If someone does something excellent, appreciate them for that, but don't assume they're excellent in every other way. If they happen to also do, or have done, something bad, condemn that, in a proportional and just amount.

wildfires (+) 

It would be nice not to be reminded about it, but firefighting aircraft are pretty cool from a technology point of view, especially if you consider how just a few generations ago there were no airplanes at all.

Now that I have an ebook reader I can go through all of the huge backlog of things I've bought from storybundle, right?

Oh, this harry potter fiction I had been reading has been completed, at ~600k words, let's download it on the reader… together with the first part (500+k words) that I have already read, but is nice to read again before the rest…

What can possibly go wrong?

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It has finally happened!… I've been using valentina to draft #sewingPatterns for a while, using the upstream packages inside a virtual machine, and I can recommend it to other people who want to draft their own patterns from measurements (and not just because there are afaik no other free software alternatives).

I've been planning to try and package it for debian for a long time, but ended up spending my #sewing time on sewing-in-a-hurry instead of working on the tools, so I'm quite happy that somebody else had time to do it.
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We're halfway between the Year 2000 bug and the Year 2038 bug.

(Happy New Year everyone!)

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Conservancy makes a choice to be non-creepy, despite the overwhelming piles of spam from non-profit strategists, digital marketing experts and sales pitches for creepy lists. Instead? We rely on YOU to spread the word.

I stumbled on the patent for cutting charts on garment :

“and suggesting uses for ,the scraps or pieces of material remaining after the garment parts have'been cut out”

WHY don't they print that part anymore???

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