so was anyone going to tell me you can go temporarily deaf to the common cold or was i supposed to just find this out on my own

propheting off of a meme you werent really around for is kind of a dick move imo

but not like corner prophets, a project which organizes hip-hop concerts with israeli and palestinian rappers with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts

bet you didnt expect to see me on this account again? huh? huh?

i do not hate users but you are all so annoying. God bless

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imagining julius caesar being like "veni, vidi, vici" and there's a guy in the back going "yeah! go off!" and another guy is like "WORLDSTAR"

*looks at a straight couple* ok so which one of you is the home and which is the stuck

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NOW I HAVE THE POWER................. TO VALIDATE ......... HOMESTUCK KINNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[reaches out to you] hold my hand :)
[enters a live minefield]

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post building decay that showcases plants reclaiming human destruction

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Tonight we kin the most dangerous game, tonight, we kin a human.

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