Audioslave - Be Yourself (Album Version, Closed Captioned) - YouTube -

If you are looking for a very nice manhwa I just discovered "The Beginning After The End". here -

It's a typical isekai with hints of chinese martial arts.

US Senators introduce bill to FORCE all device and software providers in the US to build backdoors into their products. Bill would make encryption illegal unless it had a backdoor for the US government. -

TIL: Rollercoaster Tycoon was mostly programmed in assembly.

My mind is fucking blown. But that probably explains why it run so well on a pentium 2 windows 98.

How's hdmi wireless streaming going on nowadays? Is miracast working properly or not?

Remember to always listen to.

Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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Looks like #hikari is on Call me uninformed but I'm not quite sure what that site is… something like reddit? #AmIGettingOld? #Wayland

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