My new discovered bands today. They awesome.

RAGE OF LIGHT - I Can, I Will -

FROZEN CROWN - Everwinter -

There's this subreddit r/KeanuBeingAwesome which is lovely.

And now I want to believe in the possibility of him playing Constantine again in that movie world.

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relevant stuff i wanna use it for:
contributing to Guix and Plan 9

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It's kinda ridiculous that there's nothing easy and that actually works fine as an editor/IDE for .
Can't install merlin in latest version. With previous one seems kinda work, but most plugins for editors are marked as deprecated/not in development.
The thing said to use is one that has reason stuff in it but doesn't work with any two latest versions...

Not looking good.

Seems the errors is about a problem in the packaging of package.

Creating a new switch "opam switch create ocaml-base-compiler" and using a combination of switch export, editing the export file to change the root and the installed ocaml there, importing to the new switch, seems to kinda be working.

Still this all sounds too troublesome and should be more straightforward.

A warning in unistall script of ocamlfind...?
An error compiling utop...

I guess at least the outputs are really beautiful and detailed, which is nice.

"opam switch" stops saying that is using the system thing, just blank now...

Now says to to a switch import from old state file, or opam reinstall --restore...

Let's see what the later command does.

Oh says it wants to restore utop, but that is not compiling at all. Lol. This is not fun.

Really weird that I can't find any info about this. I'd assume this would be kind the default basic way to use it for starters. Hitting such a thing this early is sad.

Trying upgrade --fixup it says to use "'opam list --base' and 'opam switch set-base'".

Let's try the later one, not sure what this does. But appears to want to recompile and move to the 4.09. So strange. No idea why it's removing merlin.

Quick help needed here:

So I had the default opam switch using the systems installed ocaml version - 4.08 - on archlinux, and had a bunch of things installted like utop and merlin, etc. Since a few days ago the system was updated to 4.09, so I assume everything is kind broken in the switch because it was compiled for previous version.

opam switch reinstall or opam upgrade don't fix anything.

Any ideas for the newbie here?

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I feel the newer Discoverin to be much more polished. The screenshots are clickable, they zoom correctly, font looks good, I'm not sure if the text was with a white background, but it looks good. It's more colourful which is nice. One thing I still hate a lot is that the first appearance immediately changes once you click on a list item, which I find very annoying. It should always be in a "3 columns" view.

Now if only all the other "Get new..." dialogs had the same love as this.

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