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Nfc paired with the devices should be a good option. Would work for my phone for example. Not sure how it would be easy for the computer. Maybe a small usb->secure wireless connection that is seamless would be good.

Probably would want a device like this with a small screen and maybe a way to input a 'pin'. I imagine a rotating keyboard over the wrist or ring.

This probably sounds more and more like a specialized smart watch.

The new Purism key is a great thing. Still not what I really desire.

I've imagined this kinds of devices as something that really need to be user friendly, ubiquitous, small and main stream. I have the following in mind:

A device like this needs to be a ring on the finger, necklace or wrist band that can easily be pressed to authorize requests.

It also needs to be paired somehow wirelessly with the devices we wish to protect and needs to easily work with smartphones too.

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@Purism is proud to announce the latest offering in the @Purism line of products - the Librem Key! The first and only key to offer tamper evident protection to laptop users. … Discuss at

I'm tired about people discussing their preferred CoCs. When I invent a reasonable one I'll think of a cool name like "Guide for Public Project Discourse" akka GPPD.

The most relevent and truthness being said in HN in a long time in this thread.

All work is shite. The earlier you understand that the sooner you can manage it.

Am I Happy At Work? Analyzing my entire career -

PL/Lua: Lua as a loadable procedural language for Postgres -

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Does anyone know how to combine makeindex's subentries with sorting?

I want something like


but this produces


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Today is #DayAgainstDRM. Why is #DRM so bad? Find out here: and here:

What can you do against it? Don't buy DRM'd products. Also, find out how to take action:


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