The new Solo Level chapter is just wtf insane. I'm screaming here 😱

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Try the Icaros distribution, which includes a bunch of apps and games that were ported to AROS:

#amiga #aros #retrocomputing

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hmm I've noticed that mangadex is already being updated with more recent stuff after it being on work for so much time. thought I don't like the ui now 😑

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People usually consider IRC an online only medium, so it's nice to see us mentioned in the Real World!
Thanks to @fsf for the mention in this months newsletter.

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starship shell prompt is kinda nice. Was trying some fish shell plugins to configure the prompt but this one shall be the definitive one. All configuration in a toml file is nice, no weird shell weirdness to deal with and bunch of modules to detect things. After some basic configuration I got this in a and project. Unfortunately it seems it is not correctly fetching the scala version from the project 🙄 . scala being scala I guess.

If there's one thing I'm sure in this world is that "ancient astronauts theorists" never say no!

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I've put the following in my

fzf_configure_bindings --directory=\eF --git_log=\eL --git_status=\eS --history=\eH --variables=\eV

which are keybindgs for ALT+SHIFT+ f, l, s, h, and v, correspondingly.

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Just had to change all the default keydings since none make sense in a normal linux kde session 🙄 .

And for others like me, it's actually necessary to install the application fzf, it's not enough to just install the fish plugin from here lol -

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This fzf thing seems kinda interesting. After years of seeing people mentioning it I "accidentally" ended up installing a plugin for it and trying some stuff up. It's interesting, I can see this being useful actually.

Hmm, was reading some fish shell documentation right now and just discovered that there are feature flags that can be checked and turned on or off.

Turning the feature "stderr-nocaret" off, would be a good solution for the init shell initialization that has been broken for a some time already.

Fortunately there's finally a new release of with the fix ready - - and should be enough to reinit the sheel configuration to fix it.

Following the wiki at this point. Finally discovered where to find the remaining Soul Vessel 🙄

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