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dj AnSyn. Host, VAST SELECTION @vastselection

How to promote bracelets that track people? Call it "smart", "health" and "fitness"./. and enough fools will wear these even while asleep.

got a new wet weather jacket for Iceland ... of course I chose the #mastodon

Mastodon exclusive: SDF 3B2 is up in preparation for the Vintage Computer Festival. Wanna play? ssh and login as 'visitor' RT if you want but just posting this on GNU Social

And then it'll be just a matter of letting people for whomst it's been a dealbreaker risk know that it's no longer a problem 🤔

a hot take on hindu nationalism by a commie™ jk it's actually really sad and depressing to think about but read it i spent like 3 hours on it

This week on Intercepted: We speak to radical librarian Alison Macrina of the Library Freedom Project about the fight against digital surveillance. Sam Biddle gives an update on attacks on U.S. voting systems. And, we speak with one of the rising stars of the “dirtbag left,” Felix Biederman of #ChapoTrapHouse

Bon #14juillet 🇫🇷 à toutes et tous ! (Photo prise depuis @ArcDeTriomphe via @Defense_gouv)

Even as All G20 Countries Except U.S. Affirm Paris Deal, Nations Pour $72B a Year into Fossil Fuels #democracynow #news

I want to implement something like this but I don't want to overload users with information they normally shouldn't care about 🤔

@santosbullshit people are posting more on here due to twitter's mass shadowban

Rand Paul may be signalling he'll become the 3rd #gop Senator to vote no on #healthcare bill, rendering its passage improbable

Amilcar Cabral on the importance of anti-imperialist solidarity in the imperial core

@NewEnglandite See show calling out Jacobin 4 being pro-RegimeChange .. FFS!

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