I wonder if it would be possible to open-source an electric bass design?

Google has suspended Element (@matrix) from the Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". Basically same story as with Subway Tooter a while back. Element is to Matrix as Chrome is to the web. Curiously, Chrome is still on the Play Store.

Pleased to announce that the #PinePower desktop (125W) and portable (64W) power supply units are now available in the Pine Store.

Store Link: pine64.com/product-category/pi

by running on the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. This port works on most x86_64 devices that can run Ubuntu 20.04 and have a graphics card supported by Mesa. Disk images/rootfs is coming soon.

via @HengYeDev@twitter.com - twitter.com/HengYeDev/status/1

Hey everybody, I am preparing a talk about mobile Linux in 2020, #PinePhone, #Librem5, GUIs, distributions, mainline support etc. Anything I must not miss? #boostsappreciated

#Anarch is a #retro #publicdomain #FPS #game.

Anarch is a first person 2D raycasted shooter game (like Wolfenstein 3D) where the player fights against a monopolistic technology corporation. The game uses a simple, dependencyless software rendering and game engine supporting levels with steps, many enemies, pickups, and more. Anarch is very cross platform, supporting virtually any system with a C compiler.

Website 🔗️: gitlab.com/drummyfish/anarch

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

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