Why do Indian men fail to hit urinal while peeing.

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Around 136 people said that they are interested in the #digitalsecurity office hour. I am doing the first one tomorrow at 8PM IST.

Feel free to ask me questions (mentioning my handle) and #securityofficehour hashtag. I will answer over video + toots tomorrow.

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In case someone is intrested, today @sanjivbhatt appeared in court for his bail app.

No proceedings happened & another date was given.
Hon'ble SC has no time.

Here is the face of truth & courage. Someone is petrified of his freedom. Lets see until when.

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Even if we had fought in twitter it is okay, this is an anti fascism platform so unless you have personally abused me, I am willing to boost you. I came in early that’s all, so my following count will help you reach to larger audience and then nobody cares because only content gets boosted not numbers, so feel free to tag me for a boost. Give some intro else boost will be wasted

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Please boost me in the name of Holy Andaman - the Land where Mercy Petitions originated.

~ Veer Kayarkar


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