It’s no longer climate change we’re living through. It’s environmental breakdown.

seen ad by ChampionsLeague on RTE : "out there, on the pitch, we are all the same" - really? after commercialising the hell out of the game? with top clubs wanting a super league? - I think I stop watching this now.

Use your money to create memories, not buying 'stuff'.

@ShippersUnbound@twitter on BBC: UK has negotiated like 27 countries and the EU has negotiated like 1.

2016, the year everybody made their own mind, and some major votes went an unpredicted way: Trump, Brexit.

btw: delay by Art. 50 extension collides with next EU elections in May (the month!). Just because this isn't complicated enough alread.

Little is known what the meaningful vote will actually means. Neither what MPs mean by their vote. Or how to get meaningful discussions on . Lots of missing means to understand meaning.

: one calls it "insurance policy", one calls it "trap", others simply say "backstop". But how bad did _everyone_ manage negotiations to get to this point?

The Real Cost of Cheap Groceries -

Important to educate consumers on the impact of their choices! Cheap food has almost no positive consequences, for no one. Yet it exists only because we buy it!

Most important vote of a decade on , so why are most seats in the UK parliarment right now empty? Strange, no? Seeing the same in Germany as well...

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