I found my challenge for 2018

Meet the woman whose zero-waste life means she doesn't even own a rubbish bin


Home alone with my little star second week now. My home cooking requires improvement. Main lesson learnt: respect single mothers, they do at least two jobs, if not more!
Single dads, too.

freak your neighbours out in the snow (my evil plan if some snow stays tonight) - from birdsite: twitter.com/guystufff/status/9

In other sad news, the Cranberries front-woman Dolores O'Riordan died yesterday, aged 46, in London. Rest in peace! Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam!

Statement by the president of president.ie/en/media-library/

Linger (1994 MTV Most Wanted) youtube.com/watch?v=dEblOB9ae1

"65% of EU citizens separate most of their waste and 24% now avoid buying overpackaged goods." [EU Commision]

Help making it 25%, then 30, 50, until this packaging madness stops!!

EU Commission published their plastic strategy today ec.europa.eu/ireland/news/plas

The good: we do something! The bad: mostly recycling (not avoidance) and only by 2029 (yes, in 12 years).

Though everyone can do something, every little helps. Don't by plastic and excessive packaged stuff, mostly food!! Ask your shop to go plastic free! IT is possible!

I went radical today on birdsite against, against plastic packaging and single use plastics. This is the year to stop this. Iceland (the food company) is now moving towards no plastics, so my frozen food comes now from there.

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