With the app, when you sign up, it asks you for your phone number. It does not give you a checkbox or anything similar to say "Text only" - because if they're constantly ringing a deaf person they're gonna be confused. Remember is super important...

This was taken from Instagram. My mate who works and lives in Bahrain sometimes rides with this group. The cyclists are scared to go back on the road. It's absolutely sickening what is happening to in .

Please read more about the tragic death of the cyclist. I've added it to Pixelfed in case of Federated users not wanting to use Instagram.


really needs to come down on this guy. They need to enforce the rules and tighten them.

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I've spent the past week getting to know myself better and doing some self care.

I am proud to come out as a gay man.

I never thought I'd have the courage to do this and I really want to thank the fediverse for helping me be comfortable with who I really am.

I love you guys ❤️

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The Home Timeline will soon support text-only posts from remote mastodon + pleroma accounts you follow!

We have no plans to support text-only posts in Pixelfed itself, we remain committed to photo sharing.

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Going to try take a photo a day while working from home to keep things interesting, starting tomorrow! pixelfed.nz/idanoo

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It's been way too long since I've picked up the camera and spent time messing around. With 4 weeks in lockdown, I'm going to start posting a picture a day to try improve my photography

Day 1 - Attempting flash w/ long exposures

30" f/4.0 19mm ISO200

#LockdownChallenge #800D
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The letter that will be awaiting my son when he wakes up for Easter tomorrow...
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I'm really proud of my prime minister. I have so much respect for how she's handled the tragedy in Christchurch. She showed so respect and bent to the traditions that are enforced in the Muslim parts of our beautiful country by wearing this hijab.

She didn't have to, but she's shown love, she's shown courage and above all she's shown what it is to be a true leader of #NewZealand
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Fuck the arsehole who thought it was a good idea to come to my fucking country and walk into a peaceful mosque and kill people. Fuck you, you're the scum of the earth and you don't deserve to be called Human. You're an evil fuckwit who has robbed people of their loved ones.

RIP to those who met their untimely end today in Christchurch, New Zealand. ☠️

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As our instance grows, we will need to find more moderators to help us moderate the site.

We currently have 822 Monthly Active Users and two mods @dansup and @veb.

We will post more information, including how to apply in the next few days.


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I decided to call this UI "micro" and the existing UI is "classic" and will remain the default.

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