The Stupidity (and Genius) of Removing the Norwegian VAT exempt.

In the series "I write about stuff that is not interesting to anyone but me"; here's a rant about the current Norwegian VAT and customs fees policy.

The new album, , is a surprisingly lackluster experience. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just missing the radiance, liveliness, and enthusiasm found on previous albums by The Midninght.

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"2020 Chrome Extension Performance Report" by DebugBear

This is a great resource. I'm so glad someone is doing this analysis!

US Politics 

Make no mistake, this *is* what will happen. Voter suppression or a claim of a rigged election. This will not end well, no matter what.

If I'm ever shipped off to a deserted island, and I'm only allowed to bring one internet radio station with me, I'd pick Poolside FM.

Hi All,

There will be no new Linux For Everyone content for the foreseeable. @killyourfm is currently unwell and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Jason may not respond to socials during this period so any DM's or mentions will be picked up when we can.


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Altså, ja, men først og fremst er det vanskelig for Norge å kjempe for klimasaken fordi vi kjemper på _feil side_. Er vi the baddies? Ja, det er vi, og har vært det siden vi valgte olje over klima på 1990-tallet.

Det beste med å leie drill på (tidligere er å slippe å tenke på hvor jeg skal finne plass til et verktøy jeg nesten aldri kommer til å bruke. Fin tjeneste som jeg skulle ønske var like utbredt som Finn.

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