I think I'll go as far as to say that the new layout makes it more likely for me to use Mastodon more. @Gargron

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Mastodon's new simple interface is so much better than the "advanced" version. Just centering everything on the screen is a great step forward. 👍

The Rebirth of Webrings

Will the rebirth of webrings save your personal website from the corporate web? Back in the 1990s social media was still a distant nightmare. If you wanted people to know about your personal website, you couldn’t just tweet about it to your loyal Twitter followers, or post to Facebook. Instead, you had to manually add […]


Norlan Presents: The Vawe Highball Glass

The geniuses at Norlan take another profound stab at redefining the whisky drinking experience with the Vawe highball glass.


Would you enjoy differently-sized headings, blockquotes, code blocks, bullet point lists and other rich text features in toots on your home feed?

(Screenshot follows in next toot)

Ten years ago this week, I started a project to free my Canon DSLR camera's firmware and there are still improvements being made today thanks to @autoexec_bin@twitter.com and other developers who turned my reverse engineered hack into a useful tool for film makers: magiclantern.fm/

The Oil Fund: How Norway’s Dirty Money Should be Used

The Oil Fund: Let me tell you how Norway should use it's big pile of dirty oil money.


Early Access: UNDER The SAND

UNDER the SAND takes you on a beautiful, low-poly, 1980's post-apocalyptic desert road trip in search of the sea.


Early Access: UNDER The SAND

UNDER the SAND takes you on a beautiful, low-poly, 1980’s post-apocalyptic desert road trip in search for the sea. I usually don’t throw myself at Steam Early Access titles. While many turn into finished games, there are piles of examples of titles that never made it out of Early Access. For various reasons, the developers […]


The Rise of Springwood

The Rise of Springwood: Whether you like it or not, I'm continuing my narrative let's play Cities: Skylines series.


“The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin

When was the last time you read a Chinese science-fiction novel? Probably never. I just did. Here's my The Three-Body Problem Review.


Tropico 6

Is Tropico 6 the same thing all over again, or does the sixth installment in the series actually bring something new to the table?


Q: How do you shoot a blue elephant? A: With a blue-elephant gun. Q: How do you shoot a pink elephant? A: Twist its trunk until it turns blue, then shoot it with a blue-elephant gun.

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