Jeg har ikke skrevet en anmeldelse av Fairphone 3+. Jeg skulle gjerne gjort det, men min Fairphone 2 fungerer greit fremdeles.

Weather today? Blizzard.
Weather tomorrow? Blizzard.
Weather on Sunday? Blizzard and Blowing Snow.

🌬 🌨

Well, I guess they call it for a reason.

11 months ago I cancelled my amazon account. And it worked for me. It saved me about 40% on things I didn't really need, but had bought If they would have been just a click away. And I found a handfull of local shops, where I now buy stuff like printer ink, or basic clothing. Yes amazon is easy, and often cheaper, but then you have to pay your unemployed local shopkeeper with your taxes anyway, because amazon won't do that.

YouTube was down. And for a short time, the world was a better place.

#Lineage 16.0 is now official for the #Fairphone3 😀
Builds of LOS 16 are weekly, so you have to be a little patient for the first install images to arrive at some point next week.

One week has passed since I ordered my Planck from ZSA. Two weeks left on their average lead time. Exciting!

@TheGibson These two things paralyzed me for a long time. Failure meant lost time, I didn't want to do anything I wasn't sure I could succeed at. I learned to avoid risk, and that invaded all of my life. Took a lot of effort to overcome. To avoid the risk of failure is to avoid learning and growing.

The Ultimate Keyboard - Part IV: Conclusion

After way too many hours watching videos and reading articles, reviews, and blogs, I've finally managed to decide which mechanical keyboard and switches to buy.

The Ultimate Keyboard - Part III: Sizes & Layout

Welcome to a surprising complicated world of percentages, ergonomics, and orthogonality.

I just swapped out the earpads of my headphones. So glad I didn't have to throw the whole thing out, plus feeling pretty good about the 5 minutes of labor. Repairability is such an important thing that people don't appreciate enough.

Linear, tactile or clicky? , or ? So many questions, so few answers. This is the second post in my journey to find The Ultimate Keyboard. The topic this time is switches.

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