Had a dream last night that I was unable to write the word "search" correctly. Got the "s" and the "e" correct, but I always messed up the rest.

Also, today is not Friday.

Let's make a colour together! <3


Selv den lengste natt har en ende, og til slutt står solen opp.

Last year, we spent 51 days at sea during the passage from Japan to Canada, it was the hardest thing we had ever done. We kept a physical logbook of daily happenings onboard. This is that logbook, revised, and with a ton of extra notes.


I finally grew tired of gaming. Never really thought it would happen, but it seems like it did. GGWP.


sex toys 

Pretty high up on the list of "Things That Should Not Be Connected To The Internet": Chastity cages. vice.com/en/article/4ad5xp/we-


Ah, yes, just remembered why is a fucking nightmare to use as a development platform.

.. og om den digitale hagen, en måte å utforme egne tanker og notater på i full offentlighet som minner om de kaotiske hypertekstprosjektene du fant i webbens barndom: bearstrong.net/tech/2021/01/di

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To nye innlegg i dag om teknologiideer jeg blir glad av: Først, det lille nettet, @aral's visjon om en nettinfrastruktur som eies og kontrolleres av enkeltpersoner. bearstrong.net/tech/2021/01/li

How To Enable Hibernation in . Manjaro is great, but sometimes you have to let your computer take a break.


@resist1984 I'd like to add: you don't need to be perfect with the boycott, reducing the amount of support for amazon (i.e. buying something) by 90%-99% will help enabling alternatives. Un-Default Amazon! Look for alternatives!

wow this looks really cool. It's a decentralised libre version of some of the features of keybase.


Keyoxide allows you to link accounts on various online services and platforms together, prove they belong to you and establish an online identity. This puts you, the internet citizen, in charge when it comes to defining who you are on the internet instead of large corporations.

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