This is the most interesting piece of you'll see today: A client for the terminal written in .

It doesn't happen too often, but after reading through this on Stack Overflow, I actually came back more confused than I was before I started reading...

On the Road Again With Euro Truck Simulator 2

Two years after my Euro Truck Simulator 2 review, it's time to revisit the game to see how it holds up. Spoiler alert: It only got better.


The Screen Time app in seems pretty damn useless to me. I've been running , Outlook, and Finder in the background for the last 4 hours, I've not been looking at them the entire time.

Am I doing it wrong?

How to Install KeePassXC on Windows 10

Good password security is more important than ever. Follow this guide to quickly download and install KeePassXC on Windows 10.

Now that has officially given the middle finger, what's a good alternative I can use as a pledger? Where are the , the creators with big dreams but no money?

Masters of Doom

Few people have been as defining and influential for the gaming industry as the Masters of Doom, John Carmack and John Romero.

Few things make my heart beat faster than "Beep. Low battery, please charge headset."

What is The Best Open Source Password Manager?

In recent posts we've covered what a password manager is, and why you should use one. Now it's time to find the best open source password manager in 2019.

The code on is open source. But GitHub is not open source.

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