"Mécontent de tous et mécontent de moi, je voudrais bien me racheter et m'enorgueillir un peu dans le silence et la solitude de la nuit. âmes de ceux que j'ai aimés, âmes de ceux que j'ai chantés, fortifiez-moi, soutenez-moi, éloignez de moi le mensonge et les vapeurs corruptrices du monde; et vous, mon Dieu! accordez-moi la grâce de produire quelques beaux vers qui me prouvent à moi-même que je ne suis pas le dernier des hommes, que je ne suis pas inférieur à ceux que je méprise!"

Seeing lots of people realizing in their forties that they're maybe rich but they're dumb, so they start reading books, self help stuff, then classics, the Romans and Greeks, the Bible, etc. But it's too late, it's something you should do as a teen, and in your early twenties, to learn about culture and history and civilization. Instead most kids adore Star Wars, Instagram, and the new Zelda.

We're working on a post-quantum sig scheme, hash-based, that we hope to submit to NIST. Code name: Gravity. May or may not rely on B2b and github.com/veorq/blabla. The hardest part is to design something simple enough yet fast and stateless. SPHINCS is fast and stateless but incomprehensible. Goldreich is stateless and simpler but inefficient. Looking for a middle ground.

Stop it with the verified check marks. I get it. We all get it.

BlaBla: like ChaCha, but 64-bit instead of 32-bit thanks to BLAKE2b's permutation github.com/veorq/blabla

MastodonCipher, an authenticated cipher whose code fits in a 500-char message, soon on your timelines (or however they call it here, tootlines?)

Guide to new Mastodon users: the furries control the east block, the French control the exercise yard, and the infosec people and gamerdevs have forged an alliance

Hello friends, I'd just like to interject here for a moment.

Eugen needs money to live, and mastodon.social has server expenses, but money doesn't write code by itself. There's still 183 open issues on the Mastodon project github.

Writing a code patch to fix a problem or work in a feature helps not just mastodon.social, but also everyone else running Mastodon, too, and you'll have @Gargron's gratitude, and all the other devs' too.

Love, Trev

mastodon client feature requests:
Color themes
A "back" button
Font size tweak
Fewer bugs

In the year 2017
Everybody wants to be a cryptographer

Entering the US tomorrow, and just got this visa

@veorq how about you drink a bottle of whisky live for each XSS I find? :P

bugbounty: I'll buy a bottle of good whisky to the first who finds an XSS in mastodon

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