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programming is fine, you nerds. it's implicitly nullable types that aren't fine. i've been saying this for years

…the odd thing about having no facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, or other Mainstream social media is…

What if I'm traveling internationally and some customs agent wants to see my social media accounts? Should I just point them at my blog and Vulpine Club? ("'s social media…for foxes. Oh, yes. I'm a fox. I might not look like one at the moment, but I assure you, Mr. Customs Officer, I am.")

Nice. It's actually raining and hailing in San Francisco bay area. While it's sunny out. Now that's a combination I never thought I'd see in my lifetime, at this location.

What you explicitly should NOT do, EVER!, is respond like this:

:blobugh: NOBODY WILL TELL ME! :blobugh:

followed by:

:blobugh: I will not apologize for my behavior! :blobugh:

Sorry, you are on your own, and on my block-list after that infantile bullshit.

If I ever offer to take time out of my schedule to help, and I mistakenly assume a level of familiarity you do not have, the appropriate response is to message me back with something to the effect of, "Hey, thanks for taking the time; but, I already know this. I'm having a specific problem with X, Y, and Z." This will give me more context on the problem, allowing me to alter my explanations accordingly.

Unbelievable how incredibly ungrateful people can be.

Pro-tip: if you're asking for help on a topic, and you're obviously experienced (from context) on said topic, and someone responds with a mistaken assumption giving a strategy on how to solve your specific problem, do NOT fucking behave like a spoiled 5-year old brat in response.

I have **zero** patience for brats.

"Miss Jackson's Fur Store is going out of business FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!"


Also reading ; this is a fascinating book to read, even if you have zero intentions of implementing an APL-like programming language. It's always fascinating to see what tricks the authors used and why they used them.

I better get crackin' on my Forth presentation for this week's SVFIG. I present on this-coming Saturday!

wagon, a WebAssembly-based Go interpreter, for Go.

wagon doesn't concern itself with the production of the wasm binary files; these files should be produced with another tool (such as wabt or binaryen.)

The primary goal of wagon is to provide the building blocks to be able to build an interpreter for Go code, that could be embedded in Jupyter or any Go program.

#golang #wasm #wagon

RISC-V Go Port

Home of the RISC-V port of the Go programming language

I don't know what's the maturity, coverage, or completeness of this project, but it's already great news that it exists at all.

cc: @jjg @vertigo

#golang #risc-v #riscv

Today in "let's make fun of corporate design choices" Show more

I miss second-hand shops.

I used to have multiple used-book stores, a military surplus store, and about half a dozen consignment and junk shops within a few minutes' drive.

The used-book stores are gone. Sunny's Surplus went bankrupt in 2007. All the junk stores are now Antique Shoppes, attempting to attract the "upcycling" Etsy customer base.

Hell, I can't even go to Radio Shack anymore.

When the Kestrel-2DX slide presentation tells you how to boot DX-Forth.

Note the lines. I've looked to be able to do that for years, as far back as the original Kestrel-2, back in 2010-2014 time frame, but could never do because of memory constraints.

LOL!!! I can't get enough of this.

Facebook just laid me off for non-disciplinary reasons, and *already* I'm getting Facebook recruiters looking at my profile on LinkedIn.

Oh, the irony!!

The only problem I have, after having listened to the album named Squackett, is how to file this music.

Does it go under my Steve Hackett albums? Or under my Yes/Squire albums?

Why must life be so complicated/

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't've stuck to my druthers and continued to use a 64-bit stack architecture CPU instead of RISC-V.