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Since this was such a huge problem on Twitter recently, I thought I'd make a similar announcement here on the Fediverse.

I'm just going to put this out there loud and clear right now.

If you are the kind of person who thinks that Dennis Ritchie is a somehow GOD, who can do no wrong, who has made no mistakes ever, including wrt your beloved C programming language, BLOCK ME NOW.

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Hey fediverse bot authors, this is for you.

Instead of having a bot that blindly follows someone, then having a pinned toot or description that reads, "DM me "unfollow" if you don't want me to follow you any more", how about you do something sensible like looking at a user's profile and discovering whether or not they have in it first?

Because if you write bots that don't respect , you're no better than a spammer.

Don't @-me.

Commodore Peripheral Bus: Part 5: TCBM
The C16/C116/Plus4/1551 "TCBM" bus was supposed to be faster but as cheap as the C64 Serial Bus. It wasn't much faster, probably not cheaper, and had lots of design issues.

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"Leftists like to talk about "resisting". I hate that word. You shouldn't resist, you should invent. Resisting means you accept domination, because you're just trying to limit it. But you shouldn't accept domination, you should overturn the entire situation."


LISP was a vast improvement on every programming language that has followed it

Newly aquired teletype. A recieve only unit that is similar is to be picked up next week.

ᐡωᐡ - zzzzz

ᐡωᐡ - zzz

ᐡωº -? ☕️

ºωº - what’s this?


People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

Mastodon meetup 2 -- I am beside you.

(Waiting for the room to empty, basically.)

I put the Debian 10 RC on my main workstation, and — knock on wood — it's been rock solid so far. I'm incredibly happy with it. The only major modification I've done has been replacing Gnome with i3wm.

Believe it or not, after 26 years of constant Linux use, this is my first time running Debian. It's a great first impression. If you're on the Debian team, please let me buy you a beer, won't you?

Zero cost abstractions, and what persuades other developers to use our abstractions:

ONE wolf inside you, ah ah ah!!
TWWOO wolves inside you! Ah! Ah! Ah!

OK, I'll contribute.

Look to your right.
There's a wolf.
Now look to your left.
There's another wolf.
Now look at me.
You might think this is a commercial for Old Spice Wolfthorne scented deoderant.
You'd be right.
Except you'd be wrong.
Now look over there.
Now back to me.

people sometimes ask 'why GNU? Why free software?'

because it was only 29 years ago that people could be thrown in jail for most of their life for sharing the source code to the operating system they used, for what was basically an academic discussion of how it functioned. It would be another ~1-3 years before GNU/free versions of BSD(eg FreeBSD) were available/free and worked at all. That was what life in a proprietary world was like. That is what Microsoft would bring us back to.

So, it's raining here in the Bay Area, and once again, my internet quality has dropped to levels where TCP just straight-up breaks.

Today I learned that the reason we mostly encode [CARRIAGE RETURN + LINE FEED] and not [LINE FEED + CARRIAGE RETURN] has to do with teletype machines (these were typewriters hooked up to computers that supported input and output). Because CR is moving the print head about 8 inches right-to-left, and LF is scrolling the paper down ~1/4", LF took less time. If you sent CR/LF to certain models of teletype it could do the LF *during* the CR, saving a little time.


I had spent all my life enamored by the myths of mermaids and sought every avenue I could to prove they were real.

They had to be real, the world and the tales made no sense otherwise.
It couldn't simply have been the fancies of lonely sailors unable to differentiate maiden from dugong.

Then one day my persistence paid off - my vessel was almost capsized as she climbed aboard.

At first I was confused by what I saw.

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