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This is precious. On his dead blog, Karl Fogel wrote:

"Most programmers are instructed to consciously avoid looking at patents at all. This is because when you knowingly infringe on a patent, you are liable for triple damages as compared to accidental infringement. [...] We now have the paradox of a system whose supposed purpose is to spread knowledge, yet which those capable of using take pains to avoid, for fear of increased legal liability."

Seriously thinking of asking my wife to binge-watch Orange is the New Black while wearing headphones. The last several episodes have consisted of 80% yelling, screaming, screechy voices.

Who can watch this show for so long? As an introvert, it's having the *exact* *same* *response* as if I were in the middle of a large group of screaming people. Even spending time alone in my office, I just *cannot* recharge with that show going on.


Ireland to be the world’s first country to divest public money from fossil fuels

NGC 40 is a planetary nebula in the constellation of of Cepheus. According to @ESAGaia measurements it's about 6000 ly away. It's is a dying star that is shedding its outer layers.
More about planetary nebulae? Check out:

Just a reminder to folks: there will be NO Over The Shoulder II video this week, or next week, as I'll be be occupied with family events.

This is something I never would have considered in the past. I remain somewhat skeptical of this, as well; I mean, Intel and ARM both have 64-bit processors with 64-bit virtual address spaces for their processors, yet are doing quite fine in the performance arena

This seems to suggest that, for a truly minimal cost (both capex and opex) processing system, you probably want processors with fewer than 32 bits of program space. That appears to make for the fastest pipelines.

Interesting discussions going on the RISC-V mailing lists about the cost/complexity issues raised by having 64-bit virtual addresses for instructions.

Turns out, some people are having timing issues (e.g., pipelines slower than expected). Proposals seems to be to reduce the number of instruction address bits flowing through the pipeline by creating special caches that holds these upper address bits.

Think about that -- caches for the PC register *itself*, plus the normal i-cache.

Ah, MMidwaidwag Cog company, I remember these guys. They made some cool games.

That awkward moment when a close friend, who helped you move to the state and land your first tech job out here, asks me about blockchain and machine learning stuff, and you have to tell them that you've been proactively avoiding them like the plague for fear of working in a field that most likely will lead to clinical burnout and depression again.

Thanks, friendo, but I'm not the technical whiz-kid I once was, nor will ever be again.

This sucks, because I definitely need more stable employment with higher income levels. Even with my job at Facebook, where I was earning a 6-figure income, we still would (today) qualify as below poverty line here in the Bay Area.

It hurts, really. You're on the outside of the job market looking in, and you realize you have literally everything needed *except* for one: a brain that can handle the stress.

Fuck you, brain. Fuck. You.

Just got an invitation to talk about job opportunities at a big AI/NLP/ML company looking to expand its HQ into San Francisco.

I'm flattered. But I turned the offer down. With utter honesty:

- I burn out quickly.
- I don't understand the math behind it all.
- I can't handle Javascript. I especially can't handle Node.js. I DEFINITELY can't handle front-side UI/UX. (This is why I complain vociferously over UI/UX issues, instead of just fixing them myself.)
- I can't handle senior-level work.

HTTP server now has virtual host support and more reliable request handling. Next up: 404 handling and maybe expanded response headers.

It is rare that I dream anymore. It is even more rare when my dream is a musical.

Goddammit, now I have Xanadu stuck in my head, because the last song of the dream-musical sounded closest to it.

headache continues after gym. Took more pain killer. Hoping it subsides enough for sleep. :(

Meanwhile, wife is watching Orange is the New Black, and the screaming and the theme song both aren't doing me any favors.

what i actually want my durgsona to look like. just gotta color her in. #dragon #durgsona #dragons #art #mastoart

Heading to the gym ... with a headache. >:( Hoping some food and acetominophen will help.