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Hey fediverse bot authors, this is for you.

Instead of having a bot that blindly follows someone, then having a pinned toot or description that reads, "DM me "unfollow" if you don't want me to follow you any more", how about you do something sensible like looking at a user's profile and discovering whether or not they have in it first?

Because if you write bots that don't respect , you're no better than a spammer.

Don't @-me.

There's still work to do, but a working computer with add/sub instructions is in sight. After that, the next obvious step is conditional jumps/turing completeness. After that, there are many possibilities and I'm not sure where to go to continue learning. #homebrewcomputer

#homebrewcomputer is an excellent idea,

You'll find a few like-minded people over on the AnyCpu forums.

And pointers within, I think, to retrobrewcomputers and some projects on

Playing with vertex transformations and procedural generation again, this time it's Ada Lovelace's turn. I think this algorithm works well with the right picture.

I feel bad for the word avatar. It has gone from meaning “living incarnation of a god” to “teeny square of pixels representing some rando.”

After having once misheard "Spendin' Gs" as "Spankin' cheese" in a song…I prefer it.

I have no idea what spanking cheese is, but I'm sure it's at least mildly enjoyable for people to be singing about it.

@alcinnz And by goodness we need more literate programming; especially for low-level stuff.

My AT&T / Teletype DMD 5620 emulator is working well enough to call it an alpha quality release. I wrote a little something about it here on my blog.

Maybe Not by Rich Hickey:

Makes an interesting point on Maybe/Either: they require updating the call site, even for compatible changes! E.g. from returning a Maybe Foo to returning a Foo. Argues for *union* types.

I do not want to go to bed. But, I have literally nothing else I can do right now. Uugh. Guess I'll make myself a salad, and then watch some more Youtube.

I derived an unreasonable amount of warm and fuzzies when my wife called me Dragon today.

Seriously, I can't stop thinking and grinning about it.

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Things I like about include, but aren't limited to, the ability to not run a distribution update in quite a while, having it download over 1GB worth of updates (while I'm using the computer for other things), and the system still just works after I reboot.

It truly is refreshing.

(I'm sure the more formally defined packaging systems can make similar claims, but regardless, Void is doing a fantastic job at managing packages so far.)

$ sudo xbps-install -Suv

(an hour later, still unpacking files)

Yeah, I think ... I *think*, but I can't be totally sure ... that I'm a little behind on keeping my Linux install up to date.

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