Remember when Newgrounds stuff actually worked?

It boggles the mind that they still let people upload SWFs.

When someone does use HTML5, it's a total crapshoot whether or not the game will erroneously complain about your browser not supporting WebGL.

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A while back, I wrote an Observer/Subject system in my engine, but didn't use it and didn't even test it. Well, here's a particle emitter that listens for physics collision events and emits a burst of particle every time something hits the ground above a certain speed :D Apparently my Observer code works!

#gamedev #programming

I just closed my Diaspora account. I'm tired of receiving "so-and-so liked your post" e-mails 3 years after the fact, and nothing else. I'm tired of "newhere" hashtags utterly dominating my feed. I'm tired of everything related to it.

Diaspora is a nice idea, and I wish the project well. It clearly wasn't for me.

I find the Fediverse substantially more interactive, both with what I post as well as what other people post.

Keep on being awesome.

Random story idea: A world where humanoids and dragons coexist symbiotically. Most technology the humanoids know wasn't developed by them, but taught to them by the dragons so they could construct and maintain the complex life support machinery needed to keep the oldest and wisest dragons living faaar beyond their natural lifespans.

I got my first real eight-bit /
Bought it at the five-and-dime /
Played it 'til my fingers bled /
Was the summer of eighty-nine

Watched Billy Idol's "Eyes Without a Face" video from way back when, and nearly vomited laughing at the crazy "punk" outfits and hair dos then.

I mean, there's punk, and then there's what I can only call "MTV Punk."

Good music, though.



Other than limited BRAM, the iCE40HX4K could fit quite a few 6502 CPUs in there running at 36 MHz.

Of course, this weekend, I've been wanting to make some progress on the SPI flash controller for the . And, to get back into the groove of making OTS-II videos.

And, of bloody course, I have to go camping this weekend, and I need to present at SVFIG the week after that. And then it'll be off to Maui a bit after *that*.

Le sigh.

someone put a take on here re: "mastodon should be serverless, so we can fart it out onto cloud platforms!"

no. good lord, no.

mastodon should be lightweight and simple to maintain. on the level of 2003-era message boards.

dump it in a folder, click install, go. maybe make a database in the shared host's admin panel and paste the password in, then ftp in and save the config file.

updating should be just as easy.

A man is at a friend's funeral. After the proceedings, he approaches the widow and asks if she minds if he says a word. "No, of course not," she replies. So he grabs a glass and taps a spoon against it to get everyone's attention, and when the muttering dies down, he clears his throat and speaks: "Plethora." He puts the glass back down and everyone continues their conversations. The widow turns to him, with a tear in her eye. "Thank you," she says. Show more

Introducing Gnomit: a simple Git commit message editor for @gnome, inspired by the excellent Komet app on macOS

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M45 - The Pleiades - is an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. The stars in the cluster are running into a dust cloud which is seen as the nebulosity around the stars as a reflection nebula. Rothney Astrophysical Observatory image.

M51 is an spiral galaxy near the end star in the handle of the Big Dipper. It is interacting with a nearby smaller galaxy.

I hate the idea of going to Hawaii. I really do. I hate the turbulent air around the islands, I hate the prep work that needs to be done for it, etc.

But holy cow, I just cannot *WAIT* to be away from our cats for a week and a half.

This vacation, frankly, cannot come soon enough. >:(

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