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Fun fact: Processors I've either read or hand-crafted assembly language for include (but isn't limited to) the following:


- Z80A
- 6510 / 8502
- 68000
- 80x86 16-bit
- 80x86 32-bit
- PowerPC
- MIPS R3000
- RISC-V (obviously)
- S16X4 (my own CPU design)
- SEAforth 24
- GreenArrays GA144
- Offete, Inc's P32


(All of the above plus...)

- RCA 1802
- TMS9900
- PDP-11
- MuP21
- Novix RC4000
- Harris RTX2000

Yeah, I think I know a thing or two about assembly language. ;)

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If you're the type of person who posts memes or wishes of ill-intent upon people's homes and livelihoods, just block me now; for, if I find out you post that kind of shit, I will without warning or concern block you immediately upon seeing it. If I deem it severe enough, I'll also report you for hate speech.

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supremacism adjacent 

"If you are not a ________, fuck off." (Insert your favorite adjective in the blank provided.)

When I read this, especially on the Fediverse, I get pissed. What did I do to warrant fucking off for, when I never met or interacted with you in the first place?

Shit like this results in an instantaneous block from me. I don't need supremacism, however unintentional or jocular, in my life.

"It's just a joke!" Yeah, that's what the nazis said too, remember? Go pound sand!

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Since this was such a huge problem on Twitter recently, I thought I'd make a similar announcement here on the Fediverse.

I'm just going to put this out there loud and clear right now.

If you are the kind of person who thinks that Dennis Ritchie is a somehow GOD, who can do no wrong, who has made no mistakes ever, including wrt your beloved C programming language, BLOCK ME NOW.

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Hey fediverse bot authors, this is for you.

Instead of having a bot that blindly follows someone, then having a pinned toot or description that reads, "DM me "unfollow" if you don't want me to follow you any more", how about you do something sensible like looking at a user's profile and discovering whether or not they have in it first?

Because if you write bots that don't respect , you're no better than a spammer.

Don't @-me.

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The hat on this dragon is whatever you want it to be. Follow your dreams

pontifical, Avignon ca. 1330-1340

Tours, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. Diocèse 8, fol. 59r


#art #Mastoart #creativetoot #dragon

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A bridge built in the 90s over the Choluteca River, Honduras was hit by Hurricane Mitch and whilst the bridge survived, the river below it was rerouted and no longer flowed under the bridge.

Original tweet :

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I know I would be excited about a computer like @vertigo 's future Kestrel 3 or even the new ZX Spectrum, or a Hacktari.

But this industrial thing by a massive evil corporation turns me off a lot.

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Jetstream is the Walmart brand name for a line of cheap Chinese wifi base-station/routers; other popular, cheap brands like Wavlink and Winstars appear to come from the same manufacturer and they all share a grave security vulnerability: a powerful back-door.


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Fuckings to:


Do not charge to read standards
Do not charge to write standards

Open standards or kindly GTFO

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@dadegroot @piggo oh, and : , the common word for , is derived from 's unpurified form: :

<<potassium (n.)
metallic element, 1807, coined by English chemist Sir Humphry Davy from Modern Latin potassa, Latinized form of potash (q.v.). Davy first isolated it from potash. The chemical symbol K is from Latin kalium "potash," from Arabic al-qaliy "the ashes, burnt ashes" (see alkali).>>

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RE: Is a billion-dollar worth of server lying on the ground?

Re-posting an old fedi post of mine:

So, SourceHut is not hosted in anyone’s cloud. I own all of the hardware outright and colocate most of it in a local datacenter.

I just built a new server for, and boy is she a beaut. It cost me about $5.5K as a one-time upfront cost, and now I just pay for power, bandwidth, and space, which runs about $650/mo for all of my servers (10+).

Ran back of the napkin numbers with AWS’s price estimator for a server of equivalent specs, and without even considering bandwidth usage it’d cost me almost TEN GRAND PER MONTH to host JUST that server alone on AWS.

AWS is how techbro startups pile up and BURN their investor money.

I will give myself four hours; then I'll need to move on to other things.

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OK. I'd like to write some nMigen code to formally verify my ancient KCP53000 ALU design. The one that takes up a full 1/5th the capacity of the LP8K FPGA? Yeah, that one.

Let's see how far I get.

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How to identify the features that a system needs:

1. Use the system as-is
2. Notice over time that the lack of a feature is a conspicuous limitation
3. Implement the feature

How NOT to identify the features that a system needs:

1. Skim a blog post about the system
2. "It doesn't support $FEATURE? Ridiculous!"
3. Dismiss it outhand

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If you like programming for the compile times and off-by-one errors, you'll love FPGA development

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Here's some follows that spring into mind:

@alcinnz makes web browsers because the ones we have lost their way

@xj9 is a solarpunk doer princess building a non-empire empire in the wilderness

@neauoire lives on a boat and tinkers with computers that once were and computers that never were as an artform

@cwebber is building our decentralized future by putting new ideas together with ideas from the 80s that were never lost but somehow never quite came to fruition for the masses either

@enkiv2 knows more than any other person on fedi about pre-web hypertext

@vertigo is really into Forth and makes RISC-V machines
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Globular clusters such as M13 (shown) contain older stars than the disk of our Galaxy. We know this because the stars in the cluster contain less metal (elements heavier than helium) than the stars in the Galactic disk.

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FINALLY!! Spotify finally found a Pink Floyd song that caters to my warped sense of musical tastes. (See Emily Play, if you're wondering.)

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Hmm, I'm getting 400 and 503 errors when accessing ; is this instance still alive, or is this a temporary failure?

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The word "bear" is thought to be the oldest known euphemism. It originated as as alternative to saying the true, taboo name of the animal, when it was thought that saying this name could summon the creature's wrath. The leading theory about the word's origin is that it derived from the proto-indo-european ǵʰwḗr, meaning wild animal.

The real word for bear derives from the proto-indo-european h₂ŕ̥tḱos. From this, we get the ancient greek ἄρκτος (árktos). Because Ursa Major (the bear-like constellation) is towards the north, it's from this root that we get "arctic", which basically means "land of the bears".

Speaking of Ursa, that's also derived from the proto-indo-european word for bear, h₂ŕ̥tḱos. It became orssos in proto-italic and ursus in Latin.

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