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Fun fact: Processors I've either read or hand-crafted assembly language for include (but isn't limited to) the following:


- Z80A
- 6510 / 8502
- 68000
- 80x86 16-bit
- 80x86 32-bit
- PowerPC
- MIPS R3000
- RISC-V (obviously)
- S16X4 (my own CPU design)
- SEAforth 24
- GreenArrays GA144
- Offete, Inc's P32


(All of the above plus...)

- RCA 1802
- TMS9900
- PDP-11
- MuP21
- Novix RC4000
- Harris RTX2000

Yeah, I think I know a thing or two about assembly language. ;)

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If you're the type of person who posts memes or wishes of ill-intent upon people's homes and livelihoods, just block me now; for, if I find out you post that kind of shit, I will without warning or concern block you immediately upon seeing it. If I deem it severe enough, I'll also report you for hate speech.

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supremacism adjacent 

"If you are not a ________, fuck off." (Insert your favorite adjective in the blank provided.)

When I read this, especially on the Fediverse, I get pissed. What did I do to warrant fucking off for, when I never met or interacted with you in the first place?

Shit like this results in an instantaneous block from me. I don't need supremacism, however unintentional or jocular, in my life.

"It's just a joke!" Yeah, that's what the nazis said too, remember? Go pound sand!

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Since this was such a huge problem on Twitter recently, I thought I'd make a similar announcement here on the Fediverse.

I'm just going to put this out there loud and clear right now.

If you are the kind of person who thinks that Dennis Ritchie is a somehow GOD, who can do no wrong, who has made no mistakes ever, including wrt your beloved C programming language, BLOCK ME NOW.

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Hey fediverse bot authors, this is for you.

Instead of having a bot that blindly follows someone, then having a pinned toot or description that reads, "DM me "unfollow" if you don't want me to follow you any more", how about you do something sensible like looking at a user's profile and discovering whether or not they have in it first?

Because if you write bots that don't respect , you're no better than a spammer.

Don't @-me.

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Grey fox short clip. 

When gravity is too strong and energy levels are dropping.... Flop!
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So, today, I took a chunk of Z80 code that I'd written to satisfy a unit test and rewrote it to a more optimized form (read: hits memory less often, making better use of registers).

I did this by hand-decompiling the code into a pseudo-functional program, then hand-re-compiled it into SSA form. I did liveness analysis and whole-procedure register allocation.

I'm damn proud of what I came up with.

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M108 is a nearly edge on spiral galaxy located about 46 million ly away in the constellation of Ursa Major.

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today i learned that the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs was so catastrophically bad that when it hit, you would've not even seen it coming, and it punched a hole into the atmosphere which is extremely likely to have shot dinosaurs literally into space

not only are there likely dino bones on the moon, but there could be preserved dinosaur carcasses IN SPACE

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Someone photographed these longbois at the Alsea River in Oregon

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Random link from the archives: "Truths programmers should know about case" originally posted Mon Dec 3 10:19:58 EST 2018

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Nearly 40% of homes on Navajo reservations don't have running water or access to basic sanitation

Feeding America works with the Native American Heritage Association to provide healthy food to Sioux Reservation residents because poverty and lack of infrastructure or access to transportation makes grocery shopping impossible

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I appreciate sighted fediverse users concern about image descriptions and ways to be "screenreader friendly." Mostly I agree with you, maybe with quibbles but they're not worth trying to nitpick and I'm aware I'm not the sole authority, just one visually impaired person.

But sometimes you all end up talking to each other and I worry that some of the advice that makes me wince is getting solidified into prescriptivism. Please make sure visually impaired people are part of these conversations.

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Look at this guy, apparently the closest living relative to the dodo.

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woohoo! I switched to mobian on my pinephone and its finally stable enough to become my daily driver!

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Presentation translators of the COMPLETION presentation type (equivalent of the Common Lisp type MEMBER).

Hooray for blind spot in my left eye, with all manner of geometrical and crystalline shapes and colors.

Migrane in 3...2...

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Also, if y'all are still looking for black creators to support... I'm still here 👀

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Other people can delete your forks on #GitHub (including all changes you made!). STOP USING GITHUB NOW! Friends don’t let friends use GitHub!

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racism, violence 

There was an attempted lynching in Bloomington, IN. In broad fucking daylight. And the prosecutor is failing to act on it. You can tell her what you think at:

For future reference: the only appropriate response by victims *AND* allies to an attempted lynching is to IMMEDIATELY USE LETHAL FORCE AGAINST THE ATTACKERS. Lynching is PREMEDITATED MURDER and requires persistence and effort.


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