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Vertigo @ BLFC

So, I hate that I'm up at this hour. I was up at 5AM, but cannot seem to get back to sleep for some reason. And, worse, now I'm hungry.

@bob what's that? i hear something in the distance? is that... the sound of disenfranchised video creators? are they chanting? what are they chanting? it sounds like peer.... peer what? ah, peertube! it's peertube! the people call for #peertube!

@cypnk The best time to start saving is when currency was invented. The second best time is now.

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Saying that you kink shame furries is a great way of getting yourself unconditionally blocked by me. I really don't care how nice of a person you are otherwise.

Seriously. Fuck off if you're really that petty.

Got some new Telegram stickers, courtesy of a gift from my wife. One in particular is good enough to become my profile picture. As soon as I'm done with household chores.

remember: code that doesn't exist has no issues at all! replace bad code with no code!

@ksteimel 3) The wider UX problem is that while Building Effective UI is seen as a valuable art to study, the motivation to do so is often at odds with the user's goals. Often software is now built to drive up engagement when it should be getting out of the user's way. Often software is unnecessarily invasive and intrusive, requiring the user to make an account or hand over their data to a third party. Design isn't being used to enhance the user's experience, but instead to 'extract' something.

If you see ?utm_source and a bunch of other gibberish at the end of a shared URL, go ahead and just take off everything starting with the ?

This is Google Analytics tracking information.

Might just have to write my own file transfer program, just to get some visibility on bit error rates and stuff. This might be elucidating. Transferring data at 1KB blocks would take a while, but the stats it'd build up should be useful. It'll also help isolate whether it's the link that's at issue, or the filesystem. It oughtn't involve a ton of RAM, thus eliminating that from the equation completely.

Scheiße! The hashes don't match again. :(

If this last file transfer doesn't work, so help me and with god as my witness, I *will* install zmodem and use that over a bloody telnet link.

i hate recommending tech products to less technical friends or family now. over the last 5-6 years, every product has started requiring so much time and energy just to work around all the user-hostile design to avoid being screwed over in some way. i feel like the only advice i can offer in good faith anymore is "i'm sorry, you shouldn't get ANY smartphone/tablet/TV media box, because they're all now completely unsuitable for a normal person"