This is matter of taste, I guess, but would you run a minimal dom0 and your regular desktop in a VM? Or would you use the dom0 as your regular desktop?

My smartphone is vendor-locked to google and the cell network provider. I can't root it, can't flash it, can't move most apps to sdcard.

Yet @signalapp thinks it's ok to impose on me an upgrade – since I couldn't 'cos the phone is "out of space" (perhaps 'cos of all the junk I can't delete) it has BLOCKED me from sending SMS.

I don't agree an app should be allowed to block such a basic service, so fuck you @signalapp I'm back to the default SMS app.

Does anyone know if a blog can be connected to the via ? Is there a plugin I missed?

Decided to replace my laptop's with , to force myself to try . Let's see how that goes. Hardware support doesn't look any better but I wasn't expecting that: even in linux the software radio switch won't work. Sound, however, does – cool.

If you want to your instance while using a preexisting server, bare in mind you'll only be able to use local ports as writefreely does not support connecting to *nix sockets.

"Grow a thicker skin" was a common retort in internet whenever someone came whimpering about something over . I miss that.

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Our ProtonMail Android app is now open source! Starting today, every app you use to access Proton services are open source and have passed an independent security audit. You can find all the details here.

I'm curious about the and what federation actually means. It's not quite the "login to one, connect to all" i see touted about.

Same-purpose networks seem to federate (think mastodon and pleroma), but that's about it.

All hail ActivityPub but it doesn't seem likely you can see photos from your µblogging account on your photosharing account.

With that said, what type(s) of social networks do you use? µblogging? Blogging? Photos? Audio? Video? Generic?

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The ProtonMail Bridge app is now open source! It has also passed an independent security audit. You can find the full details and links to the code and audit report here.

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You’ll have to determine the best instant messenger for connecting with friends, family, and coworkers for yourself. But if you need guidance, @danarel’s guide “Choosing The Right Messenger” can help you out! Check it out on the #PrivacyTools blog:

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⚠️ ------- PSA ------- ⚠️

If you run an instance with a postgres database, you should update as we've shipped many bug fixes.

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(1/2) The Russian government has blocked ProtonMail and ProtonVPN within Russia. We are reaching out to the appropriate authorities to get the block lifted as soon as possible.

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