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My friend's shop is hiring Sr. Software Engineers (and other positions).

Please boost. I'm tired of hearing him complain about no available talent.

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#lisp #clojure #gentoo

Clojure people! Clojure has a "maintainer-needed" status in Gentoo (and a new version is available).

I won't help here since I'm mostly into scheme, not clojure and/or JVM

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Ĉu iu ĉi tie uzas je Gemini? Mi kreis spacon por e-blogoj listiĝi tie: gemini://

This is what i think really is, but i've yet to see it in real life. So sad.

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new release (0.5.1) of tinmop TUI client for gemini and pleroma 


I have released a new version (0.5.1) of tinmop a distraction-free
terminal client for gemini and pleroma.

This is mostly a bugfix release but with a nice feature added, i
guess! :)

From The NEWS file:

- New features
- [gemini] added support for favicon.txt more or less as specified in
(it does render the first character of the file instead of checking
for emoji characters);
- made the text for toot's visibility level (as rendered in main window)
- Bugfix
- fixed many problems in gemlog subscriptions;
- fixed regression: using client certificate for gemini capsules
works again;
For other bugfix, please check the changelog.
- Misc
- removed dependency form libidn2.

Tinmop is free software released under GPLv3 or later.


#gemini #pleroma #lisp #TUI
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Fun fact: In communist Eastern Germany, state-owned #DeutscheReichsbahn operated more than 100 snowploughs on its small railway system. After the German reunification, most of these were scrapped.

Today, the whole country of Germany has 43 ploughs for 34.000 kilometres of railways.

As a result, hundreds of trains are cancelled every time it snows, because the #DeutscheBahn doesn't have enough ploughs. 🤡

(photo: GDR snow plough | author: Störfix @ Wikimedia Commons | license: CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Prezento de la projekto de Stela pri intervjuado de denaskuloj kaj ties spertoj kreski kun Esperanto kiel familia lingvo Eventa Servo:


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There is no such thing as a backdoor that only lets the good guys in. Together with Tresorit, @threemaapp and Tutanota, we are calling on EU policy makers to rethink anti-encryption proposals that would introduce backdoors in encryption platforms:

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The debate about hate speech on #p2p what is barely mentioned is the absolutely key feature of P2P:

In P2P network *you* route other people's messages. If you don't like them, you don't route them and they're no longer propagating through the network through your node.

In case of the 2020 report that focuses on #ssb there's a single barely visible mention of this fundamental feature ("refusing to propagate their messages"):

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We are testing our Fdroid repo so that you can get our beta releases.

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Using @peertube?

Then maybe checkout TubeLab!

It obviously works with your #Peertube account, but you can now even login with your Mastodon or Pleroma account to like, share and comment

Available on @fdroidorg or the #Google Playstore

TubeLab (App for all Peertube instances) -

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🇺🇸 After Indian Point #nuclear power station was closed, the 1 GW deficit was replaced entirely by fossil fuels. Good job, #greenpeace

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