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The elevator doesn’t work in the new apartment building I’m staying in and I’m on the fourth floor so I get a real variety of smells on the way up and down:
FL1: dusty books and musky urine.
FL2: soup and B.O.
FL3: incense and rotting corpse.
FL4: beer and cologne.

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Just happened to arrive in Bratislava on the day celebrating the Slovak National Uprising (SNP). Free show in the park, vegan food and wine, good times!

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Your fannypack preferences will reveal which breed of dog you are

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Funky Snax 

Traditional mid-august Kino/ Viktor Tsoi celebration in the park.

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Just a general warning to anyone who uses -- never keep a balance in your account. They terminated the account I was using for @TShirtsBot and also for consulting work. They froze the money in my account for 3 months and refused to give me any reason why even after talking to someone on the phone. :yikes:

I thought about getting a geiger counter considering I’ve been relatively close to this next potential HBO series, but honestly I fly like every other week and that’s gonna be worse than background radiation just about anywhere I go... 🤷‍♂️

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