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OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN your joul (jean soul)!

@bizbot Puedes darme un trabajo por favor?

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Nice touch that they offer Klingon subtitles... 🖖

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It remains one of Mastodon's bigger selling points for me that I can post about Taco Bell and Taco Bell won't post back like a bad episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Yes Fragile is very good wandering aimlessly music.

Just discovered this gem and thought I would share.

The double-nostril thing.. why?

WTF did they do to the Klingons??

I'm visiting Mexico City and I just noticed that you can watch the new Star Trek on Netflix here. Haha, maybe I'll finally watch it!

I use supervisord to manage my bots that use the streaming API and it works well, but I never know when a script crashes repeatedly past the retry limit...
TIL - there is a plugin called superlance which can email you when a process exits. Cool!

or the simulacra from “We can build you” as bots...

An Abe Lincoln bot and a John Wilkes Booth bot that talk to each other.

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9th circuit affirms that it's legal to write a web scraper to download data that you have permission to access, even if the website's terms of service says you can't:

Thinking about splitting the @chest_bot text adventure into a seperate bot. It started out as a bot I was working on for birsdsite over the last year off and on. I think the early bugs discouraged people, I mean, it was barely playable...

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for a geriatric soldier who finds herself the owner of a remarkable Victorian shoe-horn... in The Twilight Zone.