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Steve Cvar @vgan

I just found a little teddy bear time capsule in one of my walls.
"Dearest people of the future -
2005 is not that great.
I hope you have hover cars. We don't. I made this wall. Our gov't is terrible and capitalism is not working. OK! See you!
- Teddy Walls"

Y'all are gluttons for gluten

@mogwai_poet better just chop it down, could lead to socialism.

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Orange Monkey Puppet Insurance
"The future of modern puppet insurance..."

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@vgan Enjoy your new occupation!

Mega-Partridge Brand Management Logistics
"The authority on brand management."

*cue migratory flocking from birdsite*

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Five Pugs Patio Furniture
"Just buy the damn patio furniture."

The season must have just changed because I have a miserable cold.

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Five Krakens board shorts for dogs
"Nothing short of mind-blowing board shorts for dogs."

ive only packed one box and I'm already exhausted. moving is the worst.