Starting a new series on my blog with on ActivityPub:

It's a fun exercise that I've been planning for a while now, and hopefully can spend a couple more weekends on it.

Facepalm of the day: started a serious Zoom call with a vendor with this background.

1. Figured out how remote account searches are done on Mastodon

2. Built a Starlette starter kit for my subsequent projects:

Me, at 12am: "Cool, let's check out this new Python asyncio-based web framework before I go sleep."

Me, at 4am: "Let me read up on uvloop.. before I go sleep..."

Long weekend goals:
[ ] Ride ~100km on Zwift
[ ] Move 1 service usage away from Google (Email? Drive?)
[ ] Get a minimal ActivityPub implementation up and going

Quick TLDR summary:
- @krispHQ
for software-based noise cancellation
- Grid view for Hangouts Meet for that Zoom experience:
- Working Async:
- Rectangle for window management on macOS:
- Notion for writing and TODOs:
- Pinafore if you use Mastodon:

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Compiled a couple of WFH tips that worked for me. Hope you find something useful!


Finally out from the cave after beating the boss named "Advanced OS assignment 4" within. Time to study for exams!


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