Pinned post The way I see it, YouTube favors creators with content ID giving them control over the content of other creators, including the power to remove their videos unless they agree to give up revenue.

No accountability.

Show thread They identified the song correctly.

I don't see how YouTube's content ID feature can be legal.

Big labels can register copyright on any video without proof.

Deny disputes unilaterally.

YouTube will take the video down on this basis. No due process/review.

Show thread This is basically never going to be fixed unless someone takes it up as a PIL in courts and manages to create financial deterrents for knowingly claiming copyright on content that does not belong to the claimant.

Because YouTube is happy to hand over the revenue to big labels.

Show thread This is a HUGE problem on YouTube - bogus copyright claims overall. It has been for years.

Small creators are not represented because smaller accounts will invariably earn less revenue that don't make monetary sense to hire lawyers to fight the default of extortion.

Show thread This is basically extortion - if you don't want your video removed, pay Saregama. YouTube will help them extort this money from small creators regardless of law.

Show thread If I refuse to let Saregama have the revenue from a video I made covering a song in the public domain, will take my video down unless I pay far more than any potential ad revenue to a lawyer to fight to get my video reinstated.

Show thread Worth repeating, the song in question was released in 1950 and thus passed into the public domain in 2010.

The video in question does not contain the original song or video in any case.

Saregama will get the revenue from it anyway because YouTube will let them.

Show thread YouTube actively assists this bogus appropriation of revenue from other creators by helping them tag such content regardless of them actually having legal right to it.

You either lose revenue or video (or channel) or you pay for lawyers to fight in court which will cost more.

Show thread All information I can find points to films and the songs in them passing into the public domain 60 years after the release of the film.

Saregama is claiming revenues on such videos of covers made by others claiming copyright.

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Update on the copyright claims. Saregama rejected my dispute of their claim of copyright on this cover.

Song: Ae dil mujhe aisi jagah le chal

Film: Arzoo released in 1950.

Revenues from ads on it will go to Saregama or video will be taken down.

Or if there is a lawyer interested in taking pangas with big music companies and YouTube colluding to pass revenues from small creators to the companies with bogus claims?

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Anyone know if there is a template for requesting reinstatement of videos taken down due to bogus copyright claims if someone can't afford a lawyer?

So seems it isn't just my account having problems hosting spaces.'s space crashed too. Now is hosting Swar Sangam. Join here:

Today's swar Sangam is being hosted by

Swar Sangam - Aao banayein pul koi आओ बनाऐं पुल कोई

It makes a weird kind of sense that people who try to monetize every last note of their music regardless of how casual a use, should only get the promotion they pay for and not free endorsement by common folks.

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YouTube provides free music to replace anything owned by the copyright mafia and I recommend you use it to prevent any unintended promotions of greedy people's content.

God forbid anyone thinks their song is enjoyable because kid endorsed it and checks it out.

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Speaking of copyright claims, replaced the audio in one of Nisarga's videos where he's listening to some barely audible music on the phone and reacting ... typically.

Seems T-series didn't want a cute promo for their song. They prefer to pay to promote.

My logic was we are already in self-isolation with essentials being delivered, etc. Even if it was covid, without anyone needing a hospital, we'd have to do exactly what we were doing, so did that.

Doctor seems a good place to pick up infections while waiting...

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In spite of multiple colds.

Came close once when everyone had a cold. Was asked to go to a local doctor if needed instead of test by the local helpline.

Being allergic to docs, monitored SpO2 for all, decided to go if anyone's dropped badly. Didn't.


How many Covid tests have you taken since it began? Personal best is 9


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